For some reason this episode of Bananya felt way shorter than normal and the reasons are difficult to explain. Normally the show begins by establishing the scenario very calmly but this episode [HorribleSubs] Bananya - 09 [720p].mkv_20160830_234733.687instead jumped right into the hilarious hijinks of allowing the Bananyas to completely destroy the bathroom. Everyone gets into wars with soap, and the most confusing part is that the water washes the soap away? I’m guessing the sink wasn’t stopped up, but they used a whole lot of soap and I felt like this was a prime opportunity for them to get to you know kind of destroy the floor with a bath of bubbles. Come on. Banana cats in a bubble bath boat throughout the house. Okay, the owners might have figured it out then but I’m still pretty sore on missing out on even more hijinks than what we got. Also, it’s super dangerous that they escaped by pulling on a plug in water. Soooo. . .a show for kids?

We learned about Bananyas siblings today and all I want is a whole bunch of bananya buddies to cuddle with. This show has succeeded in making me want to raise them all, and then pretend they’re going toy story in my house. Look, some of us just get happy when we pretend that tiny banana cats inhabit our homes and live there. It’s just a really adorable life to lead.

[HorribleSubs] Bananya - 09 [720p].mkv_20160830_234541.937

Why must you give me impossible dreams Japan?!