“Did you fully enjoy the story of love and tragedy created by the Order’s disgusting act?


Episode 6: Friend

vlcsnap-2016-08-16-16h41m09s331Because the Noah are trying to wake up Alma, Allen is sent in Kanda’s memories where he witnesses Kanda’s “childhood” and the development of his relationship with Alma. Despite being the only two second exorcist Alma and Kanda can’t stand each other. They are fighting every day and can’t seem to understand each other. On top of that they are basically getting rekt everyday trying to synchronize with the innocence. For 90 years the Black Order has been trying to create exorcists this way but none of the test subjects managed to synchronized with the innocence.

At some point and when his relation with Alma is getting better, Kanda stars to see the ghost/ apparition of women who talks to him a bit. She’s wearing the Black Order clothes and Kanda has the feeling he knew her before. Because Kanda is starting to remember his old memories, the Black Order fears he might become crazy and uncontrollable so they plan on freezing him. Alma hears that and decides to try to escape the Order with Kanda but is captured by the Crows while Kanda falls into the canal. Kanda then, meets with Bak and Marie but he’s captured back by the Crows and forced into sleep by the scientists.

vlcsnap-2016-08-16-16h25m25s750However, he finally got back his old memories and had some little flashbacks of the time when he was an exorcist and was killed on a mission. He also remembers he was in love with the girl he often saw during those flashbacks and who appeared in front of him as some sort of ghost.
In the meantime, Alma trying to save Kanda, manages to synchronize with the innocence and discovers the bodies of all the artificial apostles that couldn’t synchronize. Then he understands, like Kanda, the truth behind the second exorcist project: It is to implant the soul of fallen exorcists into new bodies and to have them synchronize with the innocence in order to create new exorcists to fight the Millennium Earl and his Akuma army.


Episode 7: The truth about a Sterile Flower:

vlcsnap-2016-08-16-16h29m22s510After synchronizing with his innocence and discovering the truth about that second exorcist project, Alma becomes even more bananas and starts killing everyone in the research lab. He also remembers, like Kanda, his old memories. So while Kanda was the exorcist dude we saw getting killed in the opening sequence, Alma was the lady Kanda sees in his flashbacks. In the meantime, Kanda, moved by the desire to see that grill again manages to synchronize with his innocence and to escape the forced sleep he was put under. On his way to get revenge he meets with Marie who was almost killed in a battle and brought to this place to become like them, a second exorcist.

So while trying to escape with Marie on his back Kanda is reunited with Alma who has killed almost everyone, including the nice research lab guy who’s Bak’s father if I’m not mistaken.
Then, they fight a bit and Alma reveals he tried to kill himself quite a few times without vlcsnap-2016-08-16-16h31m19s661any success. His goal is now to kill Kanda then himself in order to stop this second exorcist project. He wants the Order to realize what they’ve done and to never try this again (which did not work out very well because, you know, the third exorcists). But Kanda wants to live and kills Alma after calling him his “only”.
While hearing the sound of Kanda probably slicing and stabbing Alma in order to prevent him for regenerating, Fou carries the body of Edgar, crying at the same time. We then learn Edgar and his wife asked her to not intervene and to not protect them if they were in danger, meaning they knew what was coming  but they still accepted their fate, maybe as a just punishment for the atrocities they’ve committed.


Remember that Allen was watching everything all along? Yeah me neither. So of course, he’s so freaking done with everything, mad at everyone and punches Kanda in order to wake up from Wisely Spell… Which works but sadly it’s too late since Alma has started is awakening and is about to turn into an Akuma.  And it’s what happens while the Millennium Earl and the Noah are laughing in the background “hehehehe, all went well just according to Keikaku”. So Alma awakes and instantly recognizes Kanda when he sees him, calling him by his first name like he used to.



Well, that was fun.
I don’t know about you but those two episodes were without any doubt the most fun I had in a while…
Just kidding, it was horrible.
“Watch D.Gray-Man” they say, “It’ll be fun” they say…

vlcsnap-2016-08-16-16h42m17s107I don’t know what’s the most horrible thing here. The atrocities the Order committed ? Alma and Kanda suffering? The nice scientist couple willing to die to protect their secret and to prevent people from making the same mistake? Alma and Kanda being in love in their previous life and still caring about each other while not being able to be together in their current life? Alma being brought back to life as Kanda’s enemy? The fact that they cannot BE together?
So yeah, I felt like my heart was getting rekt quite a few times during episode 7. Especially those scenes where Kanda says stuff like “I will love you forever” and then we he decides he’ll run away with Alma while remembering all the time when he was here for him … I’ts just… I’ts sad… okay? It’s really horrible and I’m a sucker for love stories where people aren’t happy ( I’m not entirely sure I can label this as a love story but still)…
Honestly Alma’s little monologue almost made me cry, here I’ll write it again for you, because I think it’s freaking good:

Alma: “Let’s die together;
As long as we’re alive humans will never repent,
In order to win the crusade they’ll use us as instruments forever”

Kanda: “They just want to protect the world,
They just want to protect their loved ones”

Alma: “The ones I should protect are all gone”

My heeeaaart, the paiiin. It’s painful… Why does it has to be soo sad? Well actually, the Millenium Earl did warn us this was a tragedy. So I guess it was to be expected… Hey! Is that a tear running down my cheek?


Also, all the research lab scarifying themselves? SAD! And I think the worst thing is the fact that even if they all died, even if one girl escaped and told everyone the project was a mistake, even if everybody knew it was a mistake even before starting the project, THEY STILL CONTINUE TO PRODUCE EXORCISTS THIS WAY! Thinking that maybe this time it would be different.

” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So yeah, between the second and the third exorcist project I’m starting to see a pattern here. Could it be that both projects are a huuuuge mistake? Naaaaaahhh… I must be the one who’s insane. Heh, I think I ranted a bit too much here aha, sorry about that.

Overall I honestly think those episodes were greatly adapted. It was a nice addition to show how past Kanda was, it doesn’t add much to the actual story but I think it makes things more easy to understand for only anime watchers.
Also, I’m currently too lazy to pick up all my D. Gray-man manga and try to compare every panel with each animated scene but seems to me that they did not make any major change here. Everything stayed fairly true to the original while skipping some stuff a bit.  But yeah, I’m used to it now. Although if they could stop putting 2 minutes recaps at the start of each episodes that ‘ll be great. I don’t think we need those recaps, if you have to put recaps, then adapt more scenes instead aha!

Next week is the fated battle between Alma and Kanda… gosh I’m excited!