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Rewrite 9 Img042What the fuck, Gil and Pani?! I thought they were cool! I mean, Gil is annoying as fuck, but I still haven’t forgotten how they chose to stay with Kotarou to the bitter end when he became a tree – yet here they are, ratting him and the barrier out to Sakuya. I know he hasn’t exactly been treating them well, but doesn’t he have a contract with Gil? And they were the ones who raided his house to begin with! Sakuya arriving to take custody of the Key is honestly the last thing Kotarou needs right now – no-one except possibly Kagari will be able to do anything to the strongest familiar. On top of that, Gaia are preparing the Earth Dragon and rehearsing the song of destruction. With Midou also around, the cumulative result is that Gaia should be the biggest threat to Kagari in the coming episodes, the irony being that Guardian actually want to kill her outright instead of using her for their ends. It’s also interesting that Akane seemed a little unsatisfied at the end there when she was watching the Earth Dragon being nurtured with Shimako, although as much as I want to see more of her I doubt anything will come of it. As her route proves, she’s never been one to let her personal feelings sway her from her allegiance or the role she has to fulfil as the next holy woman. What I do really hope to see is the Earth Dragon talking. Maybe even in a fight against Kotarou where it agrees to wait patiently whilst Kotarou rewrites himself?

Rewrite 9 Img046

Creamy Kagarin is too lewd. I definitely wasn’t expecting a naked Kagari-chan, but if Romeo knows what’s good for him he’ll have that scene as a Rewrite+ CG. Maybe even a lewd expression for her character sprite when she begs Kotarou to hurry and give her it. In fact, coffee (and horrible reproductive acts) might be the good memories Kagari uses to decide that salvation isn’t worth triggering. Coffee will literally have saved the world.

Rewrite 9 Img004

Rewrite 9 Img022The fact that she has a defence mechanism that activates whenever she’s in serious danger all but confirms that her amnesia was Moon Kagari’s doing – it’s probably something she built into the current Kagari so that she wasn’t inadvertently killed. It actually would have been easier if Kagari had taken out both Midou and Fuego right there – she’s easily capable of doing so, and it’d avoid Midou being a pain in the ass in the future. In fact, Kotarou alone could take on Midou himself just fine, given how a lack of physical ability isn’t unusual for summoners, at least in relative comparison to both the familiars they control and Guardian superhumans. Exceptions including Chihaya and Takasago, though I think the latter ended up reinforcing himself with familiars anyway. Kagari then deals with Fuego, and that’s one threat gone. Of course, neither of them know anywhere near enough to do what’s best for them – it’s hilarious how he literally brings the Key to Guardian’s doorstep through looking for Esaka and meeting Lucia, and at the end of the episode both of them prepare themselves to hunt the very thing that’s been under their noses just moments earlier. I’m wondering whether Midou knows what Kagari is, though. He can sense her – but as what? As a familiar not affiliated with Gaia?

Rewrite 9 Img034I have to say though, I enjoyed the Kotori scenes the best this episode. The remix of Soft Windflower was amazing. It’s probably where there’s the most overlap between the Kagari and Kotori routes (most of the other scenes were all original) but I was waiting to see how much they would reveal of Kotori and Kotarou’s past. In particular, I wonder whether it raised any alarm bells for Kotarou to realise that he hadn’t previously heard of such a major incident like Kotori being in a classic Key bus accident (that may or may not have killed her parents – just like Kotarou himself, my memories are little fuzzy on this). His most painful memory involving Kotori is probably her rejecting his confession during middle school, which of course is because of her fear that he only confessed to her because she does in fact like him, and thus as her familiar she thinks he’s doing what she wants him to do. Which turned out to not be the case. Who wouldn’t fall in love with someone as sweet and precious as Kotori?

Rewrite 9 Img039

What I’m worried about is what Kotarou and Kotori plan to do from now on. It can’t possibly be the same as what they did during the Kotori route (because that’s not what this is supposed to be adapting) but if Kagari doesn’t get her memories back, that’s effectively what it’ll be since Kagari will be just as useful as the relatively mute version that was dragged around by Kotori during her route. Midou, Sakuya and the Earth Dragon will make a huge difference, as Kotarou is now more involved in the Gaia-Guardian conflict than he ever was during Kotori’s route – and there’s also the song of destruction to contend with, although I’m not sure how far away it has to be before it starts having an effect on Kagari. This’ll be exciting! It’s been a bumpy ride, but I think we’re finally getting there.

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  1. nanaya

    Gil and Pani can make independent decisions but their nature are somewhat familiar in the end. They want to be useful to someone generally. I think they just choose Sakuya this time. I am also surprised that their physical strength is higher than I expected.

    Koutarou and Kagari tour of the city is funny, I mean they passed both Guardian and Gaia HQ lol, all the while getting chased by a not so serious Guardian agent, a dog and two special familiars that lack any threat that would alarmed any superhumans.
    Imamiya in this age should be terrifying in a real fight, I mean this guy killed Chibi-moth with a tree branch of all thing.
    Other than that I am disappointed by Kotori reaction to Kagari then again she had nearly a day to adjust and prepare her face. I have no idea what Sakuya is planning to do though. Akane in the Opening is confronting? Sakura, perhaps there might be some conflicts in there.

    I am definitely looking forward to next episode, Bayern Knights, Midou, Sakuya, Earth Dragon in one giant conflict? Sign me up.
    In the VN, in various other route I always end up wondering where some of the characters end up if they disappear into thin air.
    At least anime is bringing all of the characters of Rewrite into the story.

    1. Vantage

      I guess they were actually asked to do something by Sakuya (whereas Kotarou just locked them up) and so they complied. As he’s the previous rewriter, Sakuya is most likely aware (or at least has a hunch) that Kotarou is heavily involved with Kagari. Looking for Kotarou would increase the chances of Gaia getting their hands on the Key.

      Akane is confronting Kashima Sakura in the OP! I completely forgot! It would be great if she opposed Gaia somehow (maybe for Shimako’s sake) but that’s mostly because I love her to bits. As I said in the post, I can’t think of any possible scenario in which she’d do that. Even during her route, she still triggered salvation even though she loved Kotarou.

      In the non-Kotori routes I’m always most worried for Kotori. Everyone else can largely take care of themselves, but it’s really sad to imagine her all by herself in the forest, making familiars and doing her best to protect the Key.

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