[I’ve never felt lonely, because I had everyone, because I had Mikleo]


We’re back with Zestiria now!
Two weeks, Lady Lake facing a new crisis:a giant Sand storm was menacing the city.

vlcsnap-2016-08-22-13h29m53s685There was actually a dragon  inside the storm, but he didn’t do anything, he watched Sorey and left. Because of that everyone thinks Sorey saved them all when he didn’t do anything. This misunderstanding is also used by the dick Chancellor Bartlow who invites Sorey to have lunch. He says he wants to be his friend, yeaaaah sure, I’m not buying it, nobody is buying it, not even Sorey who casually roasts the chancellor with his innocent smile. Sorey then, announces his goal: it is to pursue the dragon in order to find a way to solve all the shit happening lately. Right after their dinner we learn that the Chancellor is still a dick, not that I’ve hoped him to change but yeah.., and he announces that they are going to continue the preparations for war. You know, the sub plot introduced in episode 3? I had completely forgot about it to be honest…

Mikleo wants to help Sorey with his mission but doesn’t know how. Right now he has the feeling that he might become a burden for him but he refuses to leave him travelling alone and wants to find a way to be useful. Lailah offers him the answer he was looking for. He needs to go to the Galahad Ruins to find a divine Artifact and with this Artifact he’ll be able to armatize with Sorey like Lailah. Problem = solved.

vlcsnap-2016-08-22-13h31m13s777Alisha has to go to another city since she was order by the king to investigate the causes of the epidemic while Sorey is heading to a mountain in order to find more about that dragon thing. They tag along for a little bit which allows Alisha to get more screen time than she ever had in the games. During their trip they are attacked by Magical spaghetti noodles who get crazy and turn into a giant spermatozoon that Sorey OS in a few seconds. After that, and for the rest of the trip, the two of them give us more background information about the relation between humans and Seraphims hinting the fact that if there’s malevolence all around it might be because the humans ceased to believe in the Seraphims.
In the meantime, Mikleo is heading towards the ruins and aside from being awesome he doesn’t really do anything. But he’s still super cool, I just wanted to point that out.

Even the translators are adding substance to the ship, I swear.

I remember that part being different in the game. Here the anime chose to focus on showing how Mikleo and Sorey’s bond is strong, how well they can understand and in a sense complete each other. By alternating sequences telling Sorey and Mikleo’s different journey and at the same time showing with two similar shots that they are still thinking about each other, the anime definitely chose to emphasize their relationship. We also got Mikleo’s little flashback seeing the happy moments he spent with Sorey and Sorey saying :

I’ve never felt lonely, because I had everyone, because I had Mikleo“.


So the Bromance was so freaking hard in this episode. I swear If they had named this episode Sorey x Mikleo I wouldn’t have been surprised at all. Overall I’m okay with that choice, it leaves more screen time for my favorite water seraph and Sorey x Mikleo is pretty canon. I mean… at least for me… and for the producers too. If this episode isn’t shouting ” HEY YOU CAN SHIP US YOU KNOW!” I don’t know what it’s saying… See that Gif over there?


That’s how you give shipping material. So sorry not sorry but Sorey x Mikleo is now canon  to me.

Aside from developing Mikleo’s and Sorey’s relationship even more, the choice to make Mikleo go alone to the water ruins while Sorey goes to the mountains allows the story to progress more quickly. So I guess it was a clever choice, at least for the moment, we’ll see later how they’ll tie everything together…Moreover, next episode looks great, we are going to get Mikleo exploring the ruins and EDNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.



She made just a little cameo in this episode’s skit but it was enough for me to get hyped.

However, were are still missing some technical informations, especially on Armatization [that must be at least the 4th time I’m talking about it. Will I ever shit up about those armatizations? Probably not].  Lailah quickly mentioned the utility of the artifact but that’s it and nothing was explained about the Sub lords thing, looks like the anime decided to left that aside. But oh well, after all, less technical stuff means less chances to get inconsistencies and to screw things up right?

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  1. aramire77

    It’s nice to watch the bond between Sorey and Mikleo. The game didn’t show it this nice. That whatever-his-name chancellor is really an eyesore. In the game, he died near the end, and I hope the anime will be the same.

    1. Charibo

      Oh? I thought Mikleo and Sorey relationship was pretty strong in the game too. Actually, it was the only one that felt a bit developed for me. But again, I haven’t played the game for myself and I’m a bit biased towards Mikleo some I might have perceived it differently.
      And regarding the Chancellor’s death I don’t see why they’d want to change that :3 At least I hope they won’t.

      1. Miriki Takato

        Tbh I prefer this part in the game, although I also love this ep since they show Sorey and Mikleo’s bond pretty well. In the game these two fight because Sorey doesnt want Mikleo to become his sublord and in danger, while Mikleo wants to help Sorey, so they go apart in the ruin and Mikleo found the thing. To me it is just more…dramatic? LOL ughh I so wanted to see Mikleo punched Sorey on screen.

        They also changed lots of events just to save time and it is expected since they spent 2 eps on Berseria. They going 2 ruins in the anime is one. The anime also cuts the part where Sorey helps to purify the water in LadyLake and the people praise him for that, not because he fights dragon in anime.

        1. Charibo

          I actually remember Sorey and Mikleo fighting but I wasn’t sure if it was before the water temple or after. So I chose not to mention it just in case it was a spoiler. Thank you for clarifying this for me 🙂

          And yes, now that you mention it, I too would have wanted to see them fight a bit, just because… I like a bit of drama? X)

          But yes, it is rather clear the anime is rushing things a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised it they did the same thing for the other temples, just in order to gain some time. Which is something I’m still salty about… having to rush one story because you spent two episodes promoting your upcoming game, that’s some genius marketing but I don’t like it :/

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