vlcsnap-2016-08-28-21h21m57s035On the mountain, Sorey meets first with Edna, who is a earth Seraph and then Zaveid a wind Seraph ( if I’m not mistaken). Both of them help Sorey getting rid of an hellion with the only exception that Zaveid, who gave the last shot, actually killed the hellion instead of purifying it. And that’s bad, that’s really bad, because when you are a good guy, you don’t kill people, even if they are bad. So Sorey is not very happy and says things like “ bouh, that’s not cool Zaveid” and Zaveid is like “ lmao I don’t care, I just want to kill that dragon”. Sentence which subtlety summons the beast.
Soon the identity of the dragon is revealed, it is Eizen aka Edna’s big brother aka a member of Velvet’s crew in Berseria. Apparently he can’t be saved anymore and everybody, even Edna think it’s useless to try. However, Edna doesn’t want to abandon him even though she ignores how to save him and how he became a dragon. She talks about killing her brother a bit but quickly stops when she realizes Sorey is determined to find a way to save Eizen ( even if he doesn’t know how). So I guess like Lailah mentioned, Sorey’s straightforwardness is a quality, since it gave a bit of hope to Edna.

vlcsnap-2016-08-28-21h24m31s893The second part of the episode focused on explaining how Zaveid and Edna are related to Eizen and why they care about him. Well, it’s rather obvious for Edna since it’s her brother but I found her flashback quite touching and now I have some sympathy for the guy, even though I don’t really know him… but he’s hot and that’s all that matters.

But Zaveid’s part was the most interesting in my opinion, when his resolve to kill the dragon turned into some rage, letting us know the reasons of his anger against Eizen. Apparently, they knew each other before and used to be good friends. Now Zaveid is angry at Eizen for forgetting everything, for turning into an hellion and maybe for letting him behind, all alone. I don’t really know, those are pure suppositions from me but I’m interested and wish to learn more.

Sans-titre---20But anyway, Sorey armatizes with Lailah and gets rekt. What is important to note however,  is the fact that Eizen did recognize his sister and stopped his fire before hurting her. So I guess not everything is lost heh, there’s still a chance to turn him back into a hot dude. Then Edna becomes a sub lord because Sorey said he’ll look for a way to turn her brother back so following him is the best opportunity she has.
Finally, Mikleo manages to get the artifact quite easily so I guess there’s no water trial? Again, Mikleo doesn’t really do anything this episode but just seeing him on screen makes me happy. Also seems like he gets prettier every episode… oh well.


vlcsnap-2016-08-28-21h24m47s514 So this episode introduced two new characters,  part of the main cast: Edna and Zaveid. I know I was the first one to shout ” I WANT TO SEE THE REST OF THE CAST!” but I can’t help to feel like things are a bit rushed. As expected since, you know, we got a two episode commercial. But on the other hand, I’m glad things are finally starting to move a bit.
If I remember correctly, Edna’s introduction is the same than in the game, however they changed things a bit for Zaveid but telling the differences is not in my capacity. So yeah, I’m a bit lost here and I think, since my memory is a bit fuzzy, I’ll stop making comparisons with the game since I’m not sure about the exactitude of my sayings.

But anyway, I was happy to see Edna again! She’s awesome. Now I just want the party to interact with each other a bit. Especially Meebo and Edna, those were my favorite interactions in the game, the comic duo Edna x Mikleo is just amazing.

vlcsnap-2016-08-28-21h18m56s703I’d like to give a special mention to the soundtrack this episode for offering us quite a large panel of songs with some interesting musical choices. I think my favorite one was the one they played when Zaveid was introduced. Man, this rocking guitar and harmonica was awesome, it did contribute to make Zaveid’s character even more bad ass. I think my initial reaction when they started playing the song and showing Zaveid’s face was something along the lines of :

” Oh my! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), he sure is working those tights pants”

I also want to know more about Eizen and how he became a dragon. If it is explained in the game, I’ve forgot, but in any case that’s something I won’t be able to spoil by inadvertence. Maybe if we get some other Berseria episodes we’ll learn more about Eizen and his past, but I doubt it. If it’s not revealed in Zestiria it means it’s an important part of Berseria, thus, they probably won’t adapt it, at least not for the moment.

Based on the preview I get the feeling that we might see Sorey armatize with Mikleo, so yeah! I can’t wait!

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  1. Miriki Takato

    I like this ep a lots, contribute to Edna and Eizen’s relationship better than in the game. We did not get an in deep flashback like this, and anime makes it hurt more TwT.

    I watched the whole walkthrough for ToB…and no, they did not mention why and how Eizen become dragon even in there and also in Zestiria, of course. But like Edna said, “Eizen loves to involve himself with human”, so for him become influenced by mavolence is not weird. However, in ToB, Eizen already being dragonizing and fought it off the whole game by his willpower alone.

    1. Charibo

      Yeah, It was nice to get a bit of development for Zaveid. If I recall correctly he’s not really present in the game so giving him an hint of a past is a good thing,Also, I wonder if Zaveid, like Alisha, is going to get more screen time in the anime, than he had in the game…

      Oh? Even in TOB they did not explain it? That’s a bit sad. I was also planning to watch a walkthrough of ToB (because I can’t play the game :/) but I sadly do not have the time. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the story though 🙂

      1. Miriki Takato

        Late reply, sorry, haha. Zaveid did get some screentime after certain someone died, but mostly, eh, for comic relief. The Saving Eizen is actually a side request (which I cried because I had hoped so much), not in the main story, so I wonder how will the anime handle it or will it include the event at all, since it doesnt affect the main story. If it is included it will be really great in showing Sorey’s character development.

        Hmmm, for Berseria story and with my limited Japanese, I actually like it better than Zestiria in some aspects, like the villains. The villains in Berseria are really…not villains at all and some are pretty pitiful. Velvet is awesome, people in party are unique, and some get pretty good development. In Berseria the most focused relationship is between Velvet and Laphicet, and it is really touching because Laphicet is a humanoid Seraphim. Seeing him grows is just really touching.

        Eizen meets Zaveid for first time in Berseria too, and Zaveid’s ideal of “killing is a salvation” actually comes from…Eizen. So you can see how close they are as friends. Zaveid went through terrible things in Berseria too.

  2. Yithar

    if I’m not mistaken

    Nope you’re right about their elements.

    because when you are a good guy you don’t kill people

    Yeah, I’m sort of wondering about Zaveid, though I haven’t played the game.

    there’s still a chance to turn him back into a hot dude

    I’m not so sure, because both Lailah and Zaveid said it was impossible, and I think Zaveid is the oldest out of them. But if they are right, it’s really messed up because they basically have to be killed then.

    we got a two episode commercial

    Yeah, that was annoying. I’m like stop advertising I want to see more of the cast not advertisements for your new game.

    I also want to know more about Eizen and how he became a dragon

    I don’t think it’s explained in ToZ but it’s probably explained in ToB, but my guess is it has something to do with teaming up with Velvet

    1. Charibo

      Well actually I’m kind of wondering if Zaveid had no other choice but to kill the hellions instead of purifying them. Since he’s not Sorey’s sub lord he doesn’t have that power, thus, in order to fight the hellions, he had to kill them. But I don’t think he’ll use that as an excuse, seems like he also believes Hellions can’t be saved so heh.
      This purifying thing reminds me of D.Gray-man a bit actually, where Allen can save the souls of the Akuma and wants to help them find peace while some other people ( Kanda at the beginning, for example) do not understand why he’d do such a thing. So Sorey is quite similar to Allen in that aspect ( the, I want to save everyone even if they are my enemies).

      And about turning Eizen back, yeah, I’m not so sure either. I think we’re going to get some bitter-sweet ending where Eizen’s soul is purified and free from malevolence but that’s it. Goodbye Eizen.

      1. Yithar

        Well, yeah, I think he had no choice but he did also say “Maybe some are saved by killing them.” It probably can be attributed to his experience as he has traveled all over the world.

        Yeah, they’re pretty similar. I can respect their ideals, but in general ideals are ideals and reality is reality. Like in D. Gray-man everyone else is fighting to win the war, not to save the souls trapped within the Akuma.

        Probably. Besides if they were able to turn him back into a Seraph, Edna might leave the party, since her reason for joining was because Sorey was going to find a way to turn him back to normal.

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