91 Days Episode 10 [Revenge is the Call]

Episode 10 of 91 Days cements finally who the true hero is. All along we have been given the image of someone screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-1-27-02-pmcruel who is willing to destroy everyone he loves. Finally in episode 10 we see the man who used to be Angelo: we see Avilio sacrifice things he actually loves in order to survive and obtain his revenge. Though he is cold, ruthless, and seemingly unfeeling throughout the previous 9 episodes we finally see Angelo as who he is. Finally, I can say the only character I am rooting for in 91 Days is Angelo. 91 Days is a powerful anime because it spent so many episodes humanizing the person we know is meant to be killed. If we had simply hated Nero from the beginning then this episode would not have turned into what it was.

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-1-20-19-pmThe episode begins with Avilio managing to escape with Corteo. He is on a mission for the Vanettis and so has an excuse to be missing, so he sets Corteo up in his old apartment. What proceeds is the happiest portion of the series so far. We see Angelo as who he really is: he goes shopping with Corteo and shows his camaraderie with him. We finally know that he was going to save Corteo that day when he had the knife. All of his silent determined scenes held from us the truth, that he was truly on Corteo’s side and did care for him. He threw him that money to help him get away from the Vanettis and crime and now he did his best to get him out of Lawless all together.

The fact that 91 Days made Avilio a silent protagonist in terms of inner monologue has made this anime screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-1-23-16-pmincredible. How would we have felt if Avilio had been thinking positive things this whole time? He told Corteo in this episode that living in that room he was an empty shell until he received that letter. Now we see him for who he is. We also see everyone else for who they are: Vincent is the entire reason Avilio is here because he sent Ganzo to find Testa’s living son. Ganzo’s selfishness is why he is still alive. Nero left him alive because he couldn’t kill anyone that night. The two most innocent people (left alive) in the show are Nero and Angelo. Both have done evil to right some wrong. Nero feels guilt he could not kill Angelo, and Angelo wants his revenge.

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-1-24-23-pmNero did not kill Angelo’s family, but he has killed many more people in the process. Angelo has destroyed even
the most innocent of the Vanettis, Fio in particular, in order to obtain his revenge. Yet in this same episode we see how destroyed inside the deaths of his family made him. His little brother always wanted to go to the zoo and so he took Corteo there and said it was his favorite place even though he had never been. Angelo has been living in that dead past since he was a little boy. .  .and he deserves his revenge.

Simply put, none of the Vanettis deserve to be spared. Vincent killed Avilio’s whole family, Ganzo is a petty screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-1-28-05-pm
womanizing fratricidal egomaniac, and Barbero influenced Nero to make Angelo kill his own best friend. I finally feel no sympathy for Nero. Had he trusted Avilio and never forced him to kill anyone I would feel differently. He didn’t kill any of Avilio’s family before this. But now he is responsible for killing Corteo and has blood on his hands just like everyone else. Now he HAS killed a member of Avilio’s family.

It has been 3 months within the story according to Corteo. . . it has almost come to the end of 91 days.



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