The day of the qualifiers has finally arrived and Kazu seems to have partially recovered from last episode’s drama. He actually pranked Haru and can laugh again with him again. However, seems like this week it’s Haru’s turn to be involved in some drama. His sister is actually on a losing streak and avoids any contact with her brother. This somehow affects him and even  if he tells the contrary to the rest of the team,  part of his stress comes from the fact that his sister is losing those Judo matches. I don’t really know if he blames himself for that but  yeah, this is clearly distracting him.

vlcsnap-2016-09-14-15h39m13s179So the team needs 80 pints to pass, coach Takagi thinks they are capable of doing this. Everyone is a bit stressed but the one who’s panicking the most is definitely Haru who looked adorable while depressing in a dark corner. When he was outside, trying to calm down, his love interest (I don’t know her name… sorry) showed up and tried to give him more confidence. It’s funny to see how she acts all friendly with him and how the two of them look so close when you know they’ve probably talked twice…  But yo, there’s not even enough time to develop the guys in the cheerleading team so I did not expect the show to give substance to Haru x the girl, which is why I believe the girl shouldn’t exist in the first place.vlcsnap-2016-09-14-15h39m35s659

NOW IT’S TIME FOR HAIRBAND-KUN TO SHOW UP!  I love how he acts all mighty and shit like this is some super serious business. He kind of reminds me of Kaiba from Yu-gi-Oh asking Yugi to duel him in a children cards’ game, pointing his finger at him and saying he’s the best. So Hairband-kun wants to prove Sho that he’s the best and shit, like always, this isn’t surprising.  But anyway, their performance is about to start and I’m happy because I’ll finally get my long awaited cheerleading sequences with the funky music and bright colors and…



vlcsnap-2016-09-14-15h41m07s047But nope. No cheerleading sequence for you charibo, take the frustrating  power of the ellipse right in your face. This is so disappointing, I don’t even know what to say…
So they passed and are basically telling us everything we did not see but I don’t care, cuz I wanted to see it.

Then, Domoto the captain of the Sparks arrives and for a moment it looked like the was about to congratulate them but nope, he tells them their cheerleading is like a circus performance and that they don’t understand the true meaning of cheerleading. THEY DON’T BELIEVE IN THE SOUL OF CHEERLEADING ENOUGH! THE POWER OF THE STUNTS! THE FORCE OF THE BACK FLIPS! So after Cheer Kaiba telling them he wants to duel them, now we have Domoto, great master of the stunts, being some sort of spiritual leader, owning all the secrets of the Art of cheerleading…  and of course, who’s not telling them anything… no! They have to figure out everything on their own because… hum… that’s how you become a Cheerleading Master! That’s the only way!

vlcsnap-2016-09-14-15h41m47s387But anyway, thanks to the great cheerleading master, Sho is worried about the team’s performance and Haru is still preoccupied by his sister’s losing streak. In the meantime, the Coach meets with Cheerleading master and Cheer Kaiba who were out, shopping to decorate their new married couple flat.  Great Master is so gay for Sho he’s worried about him and his mental state. He also reveals the accident Sho was involved wasn’t only Sho’s fault but also his since he told Sho and the girl he dropped, their cheerleading was a circus. Therefore they’ve tried to improve so much they ended up hurting themselves.  So great master apologizes and… wait a minute. If you think it’s your fault Sho dropped the girl, because you told him the circus thing, why did you just tell him that again after the qualifiers? AHN! IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE! YOU DON’T MAKE ANY SENSE GREAT MASTER! I AM DISAPPOINTED! I THOUGHT BETTER OF YOU!

Cheer Kaiba comes to the Cafe where Sho works and tells him everything, Kazu also tells Sho, that Sakura ( the girl he dropped) is cheering on him and has been watching his progress all along thanks to the Coach’s videos, so now all his has to do is go talk to her, overcome his fear of stunts and understand doing dangerous things isn’t always the best thing if you want to offer a pleasant performance. Easy peasy.

vlcsnap-2016-09-14-15h44m24s805I must say, I like Sakura more than Haru’s girl… Her and Sho actually look like they share something and they look good together. Sakura is definitely a strong willed girl and doesn’t hold any grudge against Sho. She also knows how to handle him and to make him understand things. Looks like we’ll see more of her next episode so I’m looking forward to it! I’m still salty about about the missed cheerleading sequence though… Maybe we’ll get some actual cheerleading in the last episode since next week is the “Valentines Day” episode… Oh boi… At least I hope it’s going to be funny… I can’t deal with romance very well… it makes me cringe.