vlcsnap-2016-09-06-15h05m43s263So after another unnecessary recap, the Alma Arc comes to an end with the rest of the Third Exorcists getting abducted by the Noah and Allen being restrained by Link. So while Allen is put in jail, casual Tykki in a jeans tries to learn more about the 14th and the Earl complicated relationship. What marked me the most in that scene was what Tykki said at some point ” We do have feelings, we want to understand him better”. Which probably explains why I like the Noah so much. Even though they are straight up assholes, they are somehow “human” and might even be more “human” than the people on the “good guy’s side”. Yes, I did put everything in parenthesis because I’m not so sure “good guys” fits the Black Order anymore.  So yes, the Noah don’t understand why the Earl wants to be with the 14th, and not only them, on the Black Order’s side it’s the same. But the ones who are the most irritated by those unknown reasons are of course the Noah, who are close to the Earl and not understanding someone you are close to, must be horrible.

So it’s in order to learn more about the 14th that the Noah have captured Bookman and Lavi. Apparently Bookman knew things vlcsnap-2016-09-06-15h06m29s060that everyone else ignored about the 14th, thus, Desiras plans to torture them, to get some infos.  In the meantime the people in the Black Order continue to be dicks and want to torture Allen to get some information on the 14th. Then we got a funny scene with the rest of named characters discussing the situation, saying how unfair it is and showing their resolve to save Allen, since they trust him. I also feel bad for Lenanlee since everyone is gone, she must feel a bit alone now, hopefully the rest of the named cast is here to help her cheer up.

The final scene shows Link trying to speak with Allen and to understand him because you know, if he manages to understand him maybe he’ll stop fearing him. And if he stops fearing Allen, he’ll eventually start trusting him. But as always Allen doesn’t really let people near him. He wants Link to trust him but doesn’t let him close to him. It’s quite a strange thing to obverse, Allen wants to protect everyone but doesn’t let people protect him, as he might maybe be afraid of hurting them. It’s called the hedgehog dilemma right? I don’t really know anymore… but anyway, I think someone should force Allen to watch the complete Evangelion Series to understand the importance of connecting with people, maybe then he’ll understand.

vlcsnap-2016-09-06-15h07m03s567But that was a nice scene, Link opening to Allen and showing he cared about those third exorcists more than everyone thought and that unlike the rest of the Order, he did not see them as tools, but as a family, therefore he blames himself for what happened to them. Allen blames himself too, and regrets not knowing them better since he thinks, by knowing them, maybe he would have been able to understand them and to avoid this situation. See the link between everything in this episode?
Allen even goes further and applies this logic to his relation with the 14th. Maybe, if he tries to learn more about the 14th, his past, his reasons to fight and everything, he’ll understand him better and he’ll be able to improve his own situation. So this episode had this global thematic of ” Connecting with people helps you understanding them and avoiding shit situations“. At least, that’s what I understood from it, and I like it.
Aaand the episode ends with the 14th trying to take over Allen’s body and that bitch of a Cardinal appearing to fuck everything up. I hate him. I really hate this guy.


Also that thing written on the porridge? “Be shit Lvellie?” which was supposed to mean “Lvellie is a shit”… hummm…. Okay, I don’t think I have the right to give other people advice on English grammar since mine is pretty horrendous but still… That’s the basics… I don’t even understand how you can make mistakes with such a simple sentence… I like how the staff re-used some old footage from the previous anime for the little flashback, showing Link before he got his bishounen upgrade… Like, everything is normal, nothing has changed at all.

Now we are reaching the end of the series and I must say, I’m a bit sad it’s almost over, I don’t want the anime to end…