vlcsnap-2016-09-13-20h28m47s887After ANOTHER little recap of what happened a week ago, we see Church guy who is about to rekt Link while the latter tries to defend Allen. Then, Allen tries to defend Link and attacks church guy. For a short moment they think they’ve killed him but nope, he’s still alive and more importantly, a flashback reveals he might be the one who killed Cross Marian at the very beginning of the season.

At this point Tyki  arrives,  saves Allen and starts fighting with the Church guy who doesn’t look human anymore. Tyki knows this guy and reveals that in reality he’s not human but a thing created to protect the heart of the innocence. This thing is called the Hidden one or Apocryphos (for friends). So the Noah have been looking for him for 700 years now since he’s a clue to get the heart, thing that the Noah seek and want to destroy. Tyki fights ninja style while shooting some violet lasers but gets owned by Apocryphos. vlcsnap-2016-09-13-20h30m52s558Apparently Apocryphos’s goal is to merge with Allen and by doing so he’ll erase the memories of the 14th. But Allen doesn’t want to, and is even pissed off by this guy so much that he defends Tyki when the latter is about to get killed. Road also defends Allen when it’s his turn to get rekt, and then, it’s Link’s turn to defend everyone. By releasing Timcanpy, Allen Road and Tyki are able to escape the Black Order’s jail. Heh, Looks like they’ve found a common enemy and are finally able to work together. That was quite a funny first part to summarize, since it resulted in everyone defending each other in turns, attacking Apocryphos but not managing to win over him.

The rest of the living exorcists and the side characters want Allen to be free so they ask the chief to do something about it but heh, he can’t do anything. In the meantime, the third exorcists who have been brainwashed are securing the Black Order to help the Noah. And when the information that Allen escaped with the Noah is released, Allen’s rights as an exorcists are suspended and now he’s considered as a Noah. So that sucks, since now, he doesn’t have anywhere to go. He still can go with the Noah but heh, I’m not sure this is the best option.


vlcsnap-2016-09-13-20h28m37s982This episode wasn’t really good in my opinion. I’m not so fond of all the Flashbacks they used since I don’t think they were really necessary or relevant. It felt to me like the anime had planned to stop at a certain point and had to fill the episode with some flashbacks in order to still provide 20 minutes of content. Sadly, instead of explaining us more things about Apocryphos or making the fight between the latter and Tyki last for a bit longer, they’ve decided to add a lot of flashbacks, which ruined my enjoyment of the episode a bit. I’m not against the idea of flashback though, when they offer new elements to the story that’s fine, like the one showing the dialogue Apocryphos and Cross Marian had before he got killed. This one was interesting and added new element, revealed things we ignored. But yes, overall this episode felt a bit empty to me.

Also the music was almost non existent this episode. It felt like they were playing the same track during tense moments and that’s it, the rest of the time, when characters were talking to each other I couldn’t hear a single thing. The overall quality was very “meh” this week, hopefully all the budget went into the final episodes and I pray for those ones to be good. After all, if we get another season that will be in 50 years so… yeah, better enjoy those final Hallow moments right?