Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu – Episodes 8 & 9

Episode 8

Rumi recounts for Ryo and Toshiaki a conversation she had with one of their classmates regarding whether she and Ryo were going out. Ryo tells Rumi that he doesn’t see her as anything other than part of the same “fu cluster” – he sees her as a fujoshi. Rumi says she too sees him as a fudanshi, and not as a potential boyfriend.

Then Ryo confesses: he has a crush on a girl he’s seen after school. She’s got long, wavy pink hair and she “seems cool and mature.” He doesn’t have more information vlcsnap-00003about her though.

Later Toshiaki walks into a classroom and sees Yujiro with a pink wig. Yujiro says that it’s his monthly crossdressing day and he puts the wig on. Toshiaki mentally runs Ryo’s description of his mysterious romantic interest through his mind, and realizes that Yujiro dressed up as a female is the person Ryo’s attracted to. Twist time!

Toshiaki confesses that Ryo has a crush on Yujiro when he’s dressed up in female clothing, and Yujiro makes him promise not to tell Ryo. Toshiaki reluctantly decides to play along.

So a plan is hatched wherein Ryo comes upon his dream girl in a classroom alone. He approaches her in awe of her beauty, but from out in the hallway Toshiaki is warily watching. He peeks around the classroom door to find Yujiro about to kiss Ryo, so he jumps in and breaks up the couple.

Akira also shows up, and an awkward scene ensures where everyone except Ryo knows that the pink-haired girl is really Yujiro.




Episode 9

Ryo, Rumi and Toshiaki are sharing with each other their excitement for Halloween, which is coming up, and all the reasons why they enjoy the holiday so much. Ryo really likes all the boys love stories, and dressing up in a costume.

Toshiaki suggests that they try wearing a costume, and Rumi likes the idea. Then she gets an evil look on her face and suggests that the guys try dressing up as females. Toshiaki immediately shoots down the idea, while Ryo says that guys cross-dressing is the one thing he doesn’t understand about fujoshi. Rumi pretends to cry and make a big fuss, so the guys cave in and agree.

Later their new looks are revealed, and they are… interesting. Rumi’s not super talented at applying make-up or creating hairstyles, so Ryo and Toshiaki both vlcsnap-00011look a little garish.

Just then Yujiro and Akira walk in, and Yujiro’s horrified by Toshiaki’s appearance. He quickly fixes Toshiaki’s hair and make-up, so Toshiaki’s second makeover makes him look much more natural.

Rumi’s a little upset that Yujiro outclassed her even though she’s the female (and therefore gender roles typically dictate that all women are automatically expected to be good at applying make-up and creating hairstyles  *eye roll*). Yujiro sees Rumi’s despair and offers to give her a makeover too.

The end result makes her look much older and more sophisticated. Ryo’s fascinated by her transformation and Toshiaki even says that she looks cute. However Rumi’s still a little bent out of shape because Yujiro gave Akira a makeover as well (using a wig apparently) and Rumi feels that Akira looks prettier than she does.

Ryo asks Yujiro if he makes Halloween-type food in the cooking club, and Yujiro offers to try making something, but their entire group ends up carving pumpkins instead.

Akira and Toshiaki muse that scooping out the insides is more difficult than it looks. Ryo also says something innocent-yet-sounds-totally-sexual, and to his great embarrassment Rumi overhears him. XD

vlcsnap-00001 (6)

My thoughts:
The end of the scene in the second episode was priceless, and the expression on Ryo’s face as he realizes how what he said could be interpreted as sexual was hilarious! Maybe we’ll get a romantic relationship out of these two yet?

I really liked these two episodes. Cross-dressing seemed to be the theme, and the show wasn’t stupid or immature about it. Even outside the realm of boys love, it’s just accepted that Yujiro likes to wear female clothing and wigs. There’s a little resistance to the idea of two guys kissing, but one can defend Toshiaki’s reaction by figuring that Ryo would be upset if he found out he kissed a guy (since he’s straight) and thus Toshiaki is just looking out for his friend.

I have a little more appreciation for Yujiro’s character too, now that he’s being less of a dick to other characters and we’re getting to see him fleshed out a little. We know now that Yujiro’s rather effeminate, he likes to cook and cross-dress, and he’s skilled at makeovers. Actually, out of the entire cast of Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu, he might even be the most well developed character. Go figure.


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