Episode 11: The War

vlcsnap-2016-09-27-08h39m16s434The whole crew goes to the battlefield. Alisha’s plan is to stop the two enemy armies to clash and thus, to avoid war. On their way they meet with a girl named Ian, who is as useless as unbearable, she wants to hold the hand of the shepherd, only seeing the Shepherd in Sorey, and not the human being that is behind the function. I guess it follows the idea that now, Sorey might be overwhelmed by his duty, the burden of the Shepherd becoming to heavy for one person to carry.

Everyone worries about Sorey and wonder how he will be able to handle this conflict. Mikleo also feels Sorey’s duty as a shepherd is starting to become a very heavy burden and tries to ease his mind by reminding him of the good old times in Elysia. He also offers him to go exploring ruins again with him, after all this shit is over.

Now that war has finally begun, malevolence everywhere. Therefore Sorey tries desperately to stop them but ends up being affected by the malevolence. He manages to purify everyone in the battlefield but sadly the war isn’t over and there’s still some fights all around the place. Then, Sorey and the Seraphs see a human hellion who Lailah calls the lord of calamity.

vlcsnap-2016-09-27-08h40m49s575In the meantime, Alisha tries to discuss the situation with the general but he refuses to stop war (as expected) and tries to capture her. With Rose they fight against the soldiers, but Alisha refuses to kill anyone and gets stab. They are about to get killed but are saved by some magical wind, work of a wind Seraph. OHOHOHO Finally I want to say, too bad there’s only one episode left heh.

So this episode had nice visuals during the war scenes, the battle scene was clearly my favorite one in this episode. The succession of bloody images in close ups and transitions with that distortion effect, made the scene quite oppressing and depressing at the same time. However, The downside of the episode is clearly the animation which although, remains great was sometimes a bit inconsistent. It also looked like they sometimes used some 3D images since it’s cheaper during some sequences, without any warning so it caught me off guard. It’s like the whole budget of the episode went in the battle scene or for the final episode, and if so, I cannot blame them about it.

 Ep 12: The Lord of Calamity

vlcsnap-2016-09-26-22h12m21s033Sorey decides to go and confront the Lord of Calamity, of course he’s too strong and rekts Sorey. But why is the Lord of Calamity evil you may ask? Well, for the moment, we don’t really know, he did not talk much. He had only one argument, which was: “Men are the source of malevolence so purifying them is useless, you can’t save them, so better kill everyone”. Whereas Sorey responds, with: “No I will save them., cuz this ain’t the way things work, I will save everyone”. Basically the bad guy’s only line of dialogue was : “ooooou feel the malevolence, oouh, I’m very evil and bad, ooouu”  and then he goes away. That’s it, yup, nothing else, that was almost just a cameo… Like Fox guy, the foxy fox that attacked the Seraph village in the first episodes… he came to say one line he went away, a bit useless if you ask me.

Rose comes to get Sorey cuz Alisha is supposedly dying. They have a little talk telling each other that they are happy they’ve met. And then, they do a squire contract because… I-I-I don’t know… they want to be together? Maybe they should explain how a human can become the Shepherd quire? Also I thought Alisha was hurt and about to die? How is she miraculously cured? Also, why did the war stopped? A messenger came to say something and the war suddenly stopped? Why? I don’t know, maybe they’ve explained it, but I forgot, it doesn’t seem clear to me…

vlcsnap-2016-09-26-22h12m14s814But anyway so now she can see the Seraphs… I don’t know what else being Sorey’s squire brings her but heh… Everything seems fine until the General who wanted to kill Alisha and who is now a hellion, comes and wants to kill her again. So Sorey goes all yandere mode cuz this dude is not going to touch his grill. He’s about to lose it but magically manages to purify the general because… I don’t know, let’s say he came back to his senses hearing his friends’ voices, at least that’s how it works in YU-GI-OH!

vlcsnap-2016-09-26-22h13m59s045Rose asks Sorey to come to Rolance with her and he accepts, so now they’re heading to Rolance with Dezel, whose name hasn’t been pronounced even once if I’m not mistaken… that is some good character introduction… He just appeared last episode, did some magical things, enough for us to understand that he is Rose’s personal stalker. Other than that… Nothing… cool.

I don’t really know how I feel about this episode, the whole second part of the episode felt a bit pointless to me, and to be completely honest, the first part too. To me, the show could have ended when Sorey and his cool gang encountered the Lord of Calamity. They also could have killed Alisha, giving Sorey more reasons to become tainted by malevolence. But nope, they chose the easy way and ended on a generic ” OUR ADVENTURES CONTINUE IN SEASON 2!”. They just saw a war, thought on a battlefield, just witnessed Sorey becoming bananas but no one is worried? I’m not saying they aren’t concerned by that and maybe they’ll show how the war affected them in the second season, but that was a clumsy way to end this season.

Final Impression :

Tales of Zestiria the X was along, with D.Gray-man my most anticipated show for the Summer 2016 seasons. I am by no means a Tales of  fan since the only opus I know is Tales of Zestiria. So coming to this show, I was just hoping to witness a pleasing adaptation of a game that I quite liked.

Starting by the positives, the show is beautiful, in every aspect. The animation is stellar and the soundtrack is like honey to my ears. The little fight scenes we got were nicely choreographed and thrilling.  The characters are attaching and I find their character design appealing. As for the story, I especially liked how the show focused more on Sorey and on his dilemma as a Shepherd during the last episodes.

vlcsnap-2016-09-26-22h13m15s133However, like mentioned earlier, I had some problems with the last couple of episodes, that went a bit crazy. It’s like Zestiria has no real plot and is just a succession of scenes, about different things happening in this fucked up world, giving almost the impression of an episodic type of show. Of course the thing about the bad guy not being brought up earlier is also present in the game but I do believe it is a flaw. Not every game can be well adapted on screen but hopefully Tales of Zestiria the X isn’t a bad anime. At least not as bad as Ace Attorney, oh boi, this one was horrible.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah! The true villain of the show is introduced in the last episode and we only heard his name once. Furthermore,  Sorey’s goal to make humans and Seraph live together was abandoned during the most part of the show and only brought in the final episode to give Sorey some determination. Finally, the war drama was back again just before the end, and it wasn’t enough for me to get involved in the war and to clearly see and understand the points the anime was trying to made. And it’s the same thing for that “final battle” between the Lord of Calamity and Sorey. Because everyone basically forgot about the Lord of Calamatiy, nobody was expecting him to be on this field, thus, there was no tension, I wasn’t thrilled nor excited about this fight, nor was I waiting for it. So not only I was disappointed but I also did not give many fucks about it.

As for the characters, like I expected, I liked them all, but only because I already knew them from the game. The only characters that I felt had a real connection in the anime were Sorey and Mikleo, and maybe Sorey and Alisha. The rest of the cast was a bit bland and even their interactions did not make me believe those guys were “friends” or even getting along. Which is a shame, since in a team, chemistry between all the members is important. Even Rose and Alisha, did not seem close to me, or at least, I just couldn’t believe that they could be such good friends in such a short time, and after what happened between them.

vlcsnap-2016-09-26-22h12m51s675Also, I did not get much Mikleo during the last couple of episodes… I’m disappointed… I’m really disappointed, where’s my Meebo? Nah, I’m joking, however I’m quite angry Dezel did not get any proper introduction, he just appears and that’s it. It’s like the show assumes you already know who he is. Of course, not everyone knows who he is, since not everyone played the game. The fact the show is produced by Ufotable gives it enough hype and fame for non game players to be interested in it. Therefore, you have to explain things. And that’s another problem of Tozx. Little things were truly explained. Sorry to bring that up again but the Amartization thing? They’ve never explained what it was. It’s just Sorey merging with the Seraphs because… he can?

So overall Tales of Zestiria the X remained a bit generic and was flawed with his pacing, plot and sub plots getting out of hand. However, the animation, sound and characters did save the show for me. It was a pleasure to listening to those beautiful soundtracks and watch the show in 1080P. As for the characters, I just can’t help but to like them, especially Mikleo. So of course I came to this show knowing I would be biased but heh, as much as I’d like to be objectivity’s spokesman, we are influenced by our personal experiences and in my case, by the game. Since I already knew the cast and was attached to it, I had no problem getting in the story and loving the shepherd crew.

TOZX is by no means a bad show.
To me it is just a bit clumsy and like it or not, a bit generic.
The idea to make Sorey becoming more and more tainted by Malevolence is a really good one, so I sincerely hope they will develop this in the second Season.

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  1. Carlos Ramírez Espinoza

    The problem with the series is the source material.
    Tales of Zestiria The Game is not good, so making the anime series interesting was a true challenge for ufotable.

  2. Miriki Takato

    I have nothing to say about the last ep and cant agree with you more, I honestly feel the last ep feel rush, feel all over the place, and so on.

    Not to mention they made Sorey being OOC when he got angry over da guy because he attacked Alisha. Since in the game, not even killing certain someone makes him fall into that anger. I cant find a good reason for him to get mad over Alisha when she was not even dead and already recovered around that time.

    I…totally sure now that Ufo is making the game for fans. The character’s line even refer to the game. When Alisha made Squire contract with Sorey and she asked “Would I be the burden for your if I do this?”. Like….duh, you did not even mention the contract in the anime until now, what burden IS THAT? Only gamers know Alisha is refering to the time when she did the contract with Sorey in the game and made Sorey blind.

    And…they cut the most important part of Sorey’s development in the game when he facing Heldalf…I just…cant…Maybe they put it in later but…this ep feels so bland, I dont know???

    For your question, probably the Seraph was healing Alisha, since Mikleo and Edna can heal. But I dont think the anime actually made clear about that?

    1. elhienn

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the anime different from the game about Human’s purification?

      I mean, in the game, purifying a hellion human was the same as purifying a seraph while in the anime Sorey needs to take their malice/pain with him right? It could be that Anime!Sorey has higher chances of falling due to absorbing miasma.

      That or they wanted to make Sorey more “Human”(forgive the pun) than his Game counterpart by giving him more flaws? To show he isn’t above all?

    2. Charibo

      Well I’m glad I’m not the only who felt disappointed by the last couple of episodes. Tales of Zestiria the X began like a great adaptation but I don’t know what happened near the end… It’s like the directors decided to erase all progress to make the ending, the most confusing, generic and boring ending possible.

      Yeah, I too dislike Sorey going berserk because that dude threatens Alisha. After all the shit he went through losing his composure over this, seems a bit… not like Sorey? Also, I don’t like in anime when a guy goes yandere style to protect a grill ( the contrary works too). Alisha is perfectly able to defend herself and this part just felt unnecessary and I dare to say it, a bit cringy. But maybe it’s just because I absolutely hate those shoujo clichés and this part, felt like one.

      Like you, I think one of this anime biggest problem is that it doesn’t explain anything. And the way it does it is confusing… Since I know some stuff about the game I’m not even sure if the anime did mention those things.. Like Dezel name… I’m not sure the anime mentioned it… or the armatization concept, they didn’t explain it and it just appeared like that. Of course if they don’t mention things the people who did not play the game have no way to find out some information was missing at the time, but in the end, there must be things that they don’t understand, which is a shame.
      Considering Toz is one of the least liked Tales of Game, ufotable should have tried to make this anime, an anime watchable by everyone, to maybe give the envy to some people to buy the game. Don’t make this a “game fans only” kind of anime since there’s only a few people that are fan of the game… I don’t know if I’m being very clear here.

      And nope, the anime did not make Alisha’s recovery clear. To me it just looked like she healed all alone, magically. I, personally, did not understand how she healed… maybe it’s because I’m dumb, or because I was really bored, but I couldn’t understand how she healed.

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