Show this screenshot to someone who has never seen Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and ask them what they think the hell is going on here, I bet it’ll be hilarious. Jojo out of context is the best.

Honestly, I don’t really care about the transmission tower guy, I don’t even remember his name. I don’t care about his ridiculously huge calluses that somehow hid a knife. So I don’t have really much to say here, except for the different direction the anime is taking.

horriblesubs-jojos-bizarre-adventure-diamond-is-unbreakable-31-1080p-mkv0017For some reason they made this episode seem like a thriller story with a murder case with all the different locations and times. They’re fusing three different arcs together, which I find really odd because I don’t think any of these events happened at the same time in the same day. Especially not with Cheap Trick (Right?) and Enigma Boy because Koichi is part of Rohan’s arc. The fact that they’re doing this really does mean that they’re going to finish Diamond is Unbreakable in these last few episodes, and they really want to follow the final fight and the events prior to it to a T. But that just makes me wonder just how they’re going to mesh all of these events together. Some things are going to have to be changed, and right now they’re already changed because of what the anime team did. So now I don’t know?

horriblesubs-jojos-bizarre-adventure-diamond-is-unbreakable-31-1080p-mkv0046I thought they could have handled transmission tower dude in one episode, but it looks like they really just want to finish Part 4 in these last 8 episodes. I’m mostly looking forward to the final fight and the chapters before it since they were very entertaining, so I’ll be happy if the anime team really takes its time to make it grand. But…it will be a little weird to have these next episodes with the next couple arcs be a little halfhearted. So obviously I’m pretty conflicted with what they’re doing here. I’ll admit, the next couple arcs don’t do too much to the main plot, which is finding Kira again, so I guess this might be a pretty smart move. The stuff with Kira in the end is fantastic.

Also, Mikitaka is awesome. Just saying.


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