Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 9: Notice of New Rules

It’s better to just not have favorites in this show. ;_;


I should taken the hint when Top Speed helped the woman with the baby, and the whole 6 months thing. I should have put two and two together but I didn’t realize it. This series is cruel. It’s cruel and unfair. It’s evil. I don’t even know what to call it anymore. All I know is that Top Speed and her baby deserved to live a fun and cute life. This is simply much too cruel, even for me. I’m just so depressed.

But I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t too crazy about this episode. I don’t know if it was just me but I felt like the deaths were a little…anticlimactic? Mainly on Calamity Mary’s death, because I was looking forward to her death so much. I hated her so much that I was looking forward to it only to feel…oh, she’s dead.

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-09-1080p-mkv0037The fight itself was fine, but I’m not sure how Ripple and Top Speed got the glass shards? I guess they crashed into one of the hotel’s windows and collected them into Top Speed’s hat? I just wish Mary’s actual death had more impact because it happened so fast. I was hoping for more emotion or something, but it just kind of happened and then we move on. And then we got Swim coming out of nowhere, killing Top Speed, and then disappearing. While I was raging and screaming at my laptop, again, I also felt like Top Speed’s death happened a little too fast and out of nowhere. And that’s mainly because Swim came out of nowhere. The show could have hinted that Swim was there so there would have been more tension. Swim just disappeared with that stupid emotionless face of hers, but I did appreciate Ripple’s reaction. It was pretty much my reaction.

Also, concerning Tsubame/Top Speed’s death…well, nothing is crueler than killing off a pregnant woman. Mary’s death and Nana’s (who I’ll mention in a bit) lacked a bit of emotion, there was plenty for Top Speed just revealing she was pregnant. And it broke my heart to see her hand on her belly even in death, like it was a last attempt to save her growing baby, or at least show comfort and care as they join death together. This is a small thing, but wasn’t her belly a little too big for three months? Sure at three months she would be showing but not that much. :/

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-09-1080p-mkv0054I was hoping Snow White and Alice would join in the fray, but it actually made more sense that they helped the innocent people that got hurt from Mary’s rampage. Snow’s magic being able to hear people scream for help, she and Alice did their best to help as many injured people as possible, and there were plenty. My worry for Snow increase as she was way too nice towards Minael. She should know by now that she can’t trust any magical girl so easily because there have been deaths left and right around her. She knows La Pucelle was killed by one of the magical girls, and Magicaloid tried killing her so her guard should always be up. She can’t be this naive. It’s actually a little frustrating. Also, I’m surprised that Alice didn’t go all out and try to break Minael in half. You know the same strength she showed Calamity Mary. I’m just glad she’s smart enough to read Minael’s game. Tama is not the smartest of the bunch, and I still can’t believe she’s still alive. I don’t even know why she bothers working with Swim because she doesn’t seem to like her decisions. Why is a meek girl like her hanging out with these crazy people?

And then we get Nana. I knew she wasn’t going to go out and fight, but I wasn’t expecting suicide at first. But when we saw her in the beginning with booze and pills, crying with Winterprison’s scarf wrapped around her, I had a horrible feeling. And her reaction made sense to me. Nana was too naive and innocent, and to see the person she loved the most get killed by people she trusted broke her to pieces, and she couldn’t take it anymore. To see her hang herself was terrible, but again it was a little sudden. I wanted to hear her last words, or her inner monologue saying how much she loved Shizuku and that she couldn’t live much longer, or anything like that to give it more of an emotional impact.


Deaths (in order):

  1. Nemurin
  2. Ruler
  3. La Pucelle
  4. Magicaloid 44
  5. Yunael
  6. Weiss Winterprison
  7. Calamity Mary
  8. Top Speed
  9. Sister Nana

Two girls I loved and a bitch died this episode, so now they’ve gone under the amount Fav wanted. But now this little crap is lowering the number of magical girls to four because they used up so much of the city’s magic through the magical items. AND REMIND ME WHO DISTRIBUTED THESE ITEMS? I hate him.

If four really is going to be the last, then I hope it’s Snow, Alice, Ripple, and Tama. Of course, that’s wishful thinking.

Of course, I hope this show actually explains why this is happening and what the point of the Magical Girl Raising Project is. Because as much as I love this show, I don’t want it to be just senseless killing.


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3 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 9: Notice of New Rules

  1. Weiss Winterprison hurt. Top Speed absolutely crushed me. I promised myself to not care about the characters and just watch the body count rise…but really, Top Speed? She wasn’t just my favorite character on this show. I think she was an objectively great character no matter what. She had style, was well-written, and her seiyuu was perfect. In a just world she could star in a full series. I definitely hope this show pays off big because (a) Top Speed, and (b) I agree that this episode was too fast-paced and I don’t know that I care enough about the remaining characters to commit anything more. I worry that we’re just going to get a fairly predictable set of final showdowns and blah. If Ripple gets axed next then I am done.

  2. I don’t know which death made my heart wrench more: Top Speed or Sister Nana. Yes, I did have the theory about Sister Nana being evil, and after seeing what happened to Winterprison, I was really hoping she would go hardcore revenge. Instead, her suicide made me scream at my TV, something I haven’t done with a show in years.

    I agree: you can’t have favorites in this series. Like Carlos pointed out, all the likable characters are getting offed in the same way as the Akame ga Kill! cast. With that being said, how they’re handling this show has been mesmerizing. I loved Madoka Magica (and consider it one of the best anime in the last decade), but this takes the major shoujo route to a far darker level than anything I’ve ever witnessed. Hopefully, we’ll see in these final three episodes what this mass carnage has been leading towards.

    And yes, fuck Fav. Even /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ would smack him across the face!

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