It’s the first competition of the season for our young hero. If Yuuri looked tense at the beginning, thanks to Victor and that young lad, Minami, who reminded him of the young skater he was, he managed to regain his composure during his free program and gave his all. I must say, while wearing his second costume Yuri looked really hot and his performance was really gureito, a performance during which you can’t look away. He even admitted he had fun during his performance which is the most important, you know having at least a little bit of fun.

vlcsnap-2016-11-05-10h33m36s232So this episode introduced some rival for Yuuri: Minami Kenjiro who is so freaking adorable and for some reason I like his voice, I really do like it… I don’t know why… that’s a bit weird. Anyway he’s cute and a real fan of Yuuri, and the least you could say is that he’s really motivated… But I kind of felt bad every time Yuuri kind of ignored him at first. I’m quite sad we probably won’t see him again but heh, that’s the thing about sports series. Anyway next week we’ll meet one of Yuuri’s friends, who looks super cool and funny too so I’m looking forward to it!

vlcsnap-2016-11-05-10h32m25s670What I’m the most relieved about is: NO NAKED FAN SERVICE THIS EPISODE YOUHOUUUU! NO NAKED PEOPLE! YEAH! But we got a lot of physical contact and hugging between Victor and Yuuri. Does this counts as fan- service? I guess it does… but it makes me less cringe than naked people in every episode. So nice, see that wasn’t so hard, no more naked people is possible and the show works fine without them, so let’s continue this way shall we?

vlcsnap-2016-11-05-10h38m04s783Now let’s talk about that “love” declaration which has made a lot of noise when the episode came out. Did Yuuri confirm he’s gay for Victor? I don’t know, I’m not sure… True that Yuuri says he feels some “love” towards Victor but he also mentions he doesn’t really know what kind of love it is, and he decides to call the strong feelings he has for Victor love, but it could also be something else. He also mentions it’s not really romantic love and somehow includes his friends and family into that big melting pot. So ya, I don’t know, I’m not even sure there’s a real answer to that question… but I’m fine with every answer the show could give me.


Furthermore, the show is so gay that wouldn’t surprise me if those two ended up together by the end of the show. Which is nice since it’s one of the few series that depicts a “gay” relationship without making fun of it and acknowledging it almost completely. Here’s a really interesting article that talks about those issues in more detail: ♢♢ 

So now I’m looking foward to some moar figure skating! I also want more Yurio w He did appear a bit during this episode, in a rather funny sequence but yeah, I want to see him a lot more!

Ps: Why are the titles of each episode sooo long?

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