Holy shit it’s been so chaotic around me that I actually forgot about this week’s episode! Sorry about that folks! And in case people are confused about it, I AM STILL COVERING YGO ARC-V. I intend to finish it. It just means YGO ARC-V is the only and last show I will be covering until I choose to participate in future seasons. With that all hopefully cleared up, let’s go go go!

Well shit, I knew wasn’t going to be sun sunshine and rainbows if Yuuya won, but YIKES. What one of my many feared had happened. While taking control of Clear Wing, Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon, he made it look as if he ‘rescued’ Yuugo and Yuuto, but in reality that wasn’t the case at all. We already saw Yuuya struggling to keep Zarc’s soul at bay with Yuuto, and the promise he made with Yuuto only involve the two of them, not Yuugo as well. Once you threw Yuugo into the mix, Yuuya was officially a goner,and had lost the battle the very moment he put Smile World in the graveyard. Reiji’s motivation speech came back to haunt him in tenfold by triggering what had set Zarc on the path of destruction. This seems to imply that it was not Yuuri, but in fact Yuuya’s fragment who had harbored that sentiment all along. Reiji had no idea that he was the one to pull the final trigger.

ygo-arc-v-ep-135-img-0014This episode gave me a lot of heartache because I could feel the pain Yuuya was going through. And I was just as devastated as he was when he sent Smile World to the graveyard. While his fate was already set into stone, keeping Smile World by his side would have at least been a source of comfort, instead of having to throw it away to save himself and fall into despair and experience the amount of guilt he did. By throwing away Smile World, was to Yuuya, equivalent of throwing away his father, and no longer being watched over by him.

ygo-arc-v-ep-135-img-0022Yuuri was pretty confident he had this in the bag, and to be honest, I thought he had it too- but the outcome of Yuuya becoming Zarc even before he absorbs Yuuri was icing on the cake. The inevitable revival of the Supreme King was quite a flashy one too. Having had broken out of the dome Leo prepared in attempt to contain the King while he searches for Ray and the cards to seal Zarc with, now ALL of the worlds that are in the process of being merged into one is about to experience the doom and fury that will follow. And who is it to blame? Akaba Leo. Had he not even initiated this Arc-V Project, and Revival Zero NONE of this probably would have happened. All the souls would have been in their separate worlds, and would have had no reason to seek each other out so as long their guardian angels were by their side.

With Zarc having been revived, one has to wonder about Yuuya himself, and how he will be able to fight back from within. In the end it looks like it may be up to Ray- that is so as long everything went according to plan. Currently Leo is trying to locate her, and figure out where she went and what may have possibly went wrong. Actually I think I would like it more if the merging was not successful and see the girls each as their own.

The only thing I didn’t in the final outcome of this is the fact our cameos of the past are STILL AROUND, and I would really like to see the main characters from the beginning of the series step back into the limelight (like, I don’t know, SAWATARI! THE GUY WITH NINE LIVES!). Who knows though, with Zarc roaming about, whoever crosses his path is likely to meet a grim fate, be it friend, or foe.

A/N: No ARC-V January 1st, episode 137 will air on January 8th.
I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays and New Years!!!


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  1. aramire77

    Once Arc-V is over, I’m sure I’m going to miss you. It would be different reading this website without you around. (TTvTT)
    It is ironic that Reiji and the others’ attempt to encourage Yuya was precisely the trigger to Zarc’s revival. I’m sure that Reiji and the others won’t take this well once Zarc revealed the reason to them. I’ve been wondering how they’ll save Yuya, and I remembered there’s one more thing that has yet to be explained: Yuya’s Pendulum Pendant. It hasn’t been explained what exactly that Pendant is, right? And in the PV, Sora is seen holding it most likely to snap out Yuya. Maybe that Pendant will play a role in saving Yuya and the others?
    By the by, I’m actually quite surprised that you didn’t comment about the Duel between Yuya and Yuri. I know Zarc’s revival and all is the biggest spotlight of this episode, but I thought you’ll still comment about their Duel.
    Lastly, I can assure you that Sawatari and Gongenzaka will appear again later to fight Zarc 😀

    1. Eva

      <3 Thank you! I know it's going to be so weird, even for me ahahahaha. Hopefully when everything settles down and I have more time and my passion reignites I will be able to return as a full time writer again.
      Oh the irony indeed! I took think the Pendulum Pendent will be an important piece, it kind of slipped under the radar, so I do wonder if it had any unique role of its own during Zarc's lifetime, just as it had for Yuuya.
      There were a couple of things in regards of the duel I wanted to say, it was in my notes but I was so flustered by the apparent misunderstanding that I wasn't going to cover YGO ARC-V anymore, and how late I was that I was under the pressure to get it out ASAP!!!! I wrote up the hiatus post three weeks ago so with how busy I've been, I hadn't had the time to touch it up to make clarifications for the misunderstandings that seemed to have followed.
      The dynamic with Yuuri negating Yuuya's action cards was actually quite interesting because it's Yuuya's bad habit when he is pushed into a corner (and old habits die hard). The final pieces that brought Yuuya to victory however I wasn't entirely convinced, or maybe it was because I could feel it in my gut something bad was going to happen. I'm not sure, but it was a weird feeling. XDDD
      OH THANK GOD, I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear those two will be back.
      Actually now that I think of it, I wonder if we’re going to get a new opening soon… Once we are in January, it’s the final leg of the race.

      1. aramire77

        Yeah. Another irony, Yuya’s and Lancers’ supposed main weapon backfires at this Duel.
        Maybe the opening song and video will stay the same, but I’m wondering will they change the intro since Zarc has already been resurrected now? It feels weird if they’re still using the current intro about Yuya and his counterparts and their dragons now that Zarc has been revived.

        1. Eva

          LMAO! It’s always more fun to see the “power of friendship” backfire for an exchange! XD

          1. 75chaosflare

            The thing is the “friendship” was forced as hell since they never once had any actual interaction.

            1. Eva

              Damn straight. I never considered Reiji or anyone else besides Gongenzaka and Yuzu and Yuuto to be “friends”.

            2. aramire77

              Rather than “friends” (not including Yuzu and those who are truly close with Yuya), they’re more like “comrade-in-arms”, or in other words, people who fight together for the same cause. They fight together and are on good terms, but far from being close friends.

              1. Yugioh Fan

                Well I wouldn’t say they are all close friends, but most of the people Yuya meets and duels he becomes friends with, it’s just the level of friendship depends on many things:
                Level 1: People he’s friendly with, but hasn’t interacted with too much(ex. the Tyler Sisters, BB, the kids from Synchro, Shinji, Tony, Damon and Lulu(Ruri)).
                Level 2: People he’s spent a little time with and has gotten to know somewhat(ex. the cook(Reed), Allen, Sayaka and Chojiro)
                Level 3: People who he’s spent a good amount of time with, has gotten to know a decent amount, and has fought along side(ex. Shay(Shun), Silvio(Shingo), Crow, Moon Shadow(Tsukikage), Aster(Edo), Kite(Katio), Celina(Serena), Riley(Reira) and Jack).
                Level 4: People he’s know for a very long time, or has gotten to know them extremely well in the short time he’s spent with them(ex. Gong, Sora, the kids from Standard, Yuto and Zuzu(Yuzu)).
                Now people he’s barley talked to are hasn’t met like Yugo, Rin and Alexis(Asuka) aren’t even level one he’d need to spend a little more time with them, or anytime at all in some cases to become friends with them.

  2. WilliamAllen222

    We’re nearly finished Arc-V and I literally have no idea how this all will end. One of the things I love about this series is that it is excellent at keeping us on our toes and subverting the standard Yu-Gi-Oh tropes, you could normally tell what was going to happen towards the end of the previous series, but the outcome of this one completely eludes me. Will Ray defeat Zarc? Will Yuya and/or his counterparts be separated from Zarc and defeat him? Who will Yuya face in the ‘Ceremonial Duel’ at the end of this series: Yuzu, Reiji, Yusho?
    All will be revealed in due course, in the meantime I wish you all a Merry Zarcmas and a Supreme King New Year.

    1. Yugioh Fan

      Nice Zarc Christmas pun, I actually rewrote some Christmas songs to make them Zarc themed after I learned from the spoilers he was going to be in episode 136, which airs on Christmas.
      Jingle Bells:
      Jingle Bells. Zarc’s here, hell. Gonna card us all. The Lancers are done for. Zarc’s unbeatable, hey. Jingle Bells. Zarc’s here, hell. Run for your lives. Before he cards us all, today.
      12 Days of Zarcmas:
      On the 12th day of Christmas Zarc killed us with: 12 different dragons, 11 trap cards, 10 spells of darkness, 9 wicked smiles, 8 evil glares, 7 high speed monsters, 6 deadly plants, 5 phantom knights, 4 evil plays, 3 dark tricks, 2 preformal pals, and a Supreme King Dragon he fused with.

    2. Eva

      All hail the Zarc Christmas Puns! XD

    3. aramire77

      Well I once heard that according to an interview with the Director, Yuya and Yuto will be separated eventually, so this may mean that most likely Yuya and his counterparts will be separated from Zarc.

  3. Yugioh Fan

    1st NOOOOOOOOO YUYA, WHY? I mean I knew Zarc would be revived because of common story telling and spoilers which said he’d be back by episode 136, but I didn’t think we’d see him at the end of 135, or that he’d be able to brainwash Yuya before his revival.
    I honestly thought Yuri was going to win too, especially after his last turn he had two face downs, and when Yuya had taken back Dark Rebellion and also Clear Wing and all his friends were cheering him on thinking he was going to win, but Yuri still had those two cards I was worried.
    Also I don’t think Zarc took over the minute Yuya got the other two dragons, in fact, some Youtubers who reviewed the episode say if you listen closely to Yuya’s last turn at 1st he sounds like himself, but as the turn progresses as he uses all the dragons effects, his voice slowly starts changing to something more evil, Zarc’s voice.
    Honestly after Yuya won I thought he’d show Yuri the error of his ways, but then Leo’s Arc V would forcibly fuse them, but then something I didn’t expect happened. Here’s my reaction:
    Me: Alright Yuya won, I know Zarc’s coming next episode, but at least Yuya beat back the darkness temporarily and he and all his friends can enjoy this small victory for a few minutes. Isn’t that right Yuy-,
    Yuya: Yuya’s left the building, Zarc’s here now!
    Me: CRAP!
    All we can do now is hope Yuya, Yuto and Yugo can fight Zarc from within, of course with how powerful Zarc is and with Yuri still on his side that may be very difficult. In fact, Yuri won this duel despite losing, even though he lost, his goal was to revive Zarc, either he’d win and absorb Yuya, or he’d lose but in order to beat him Yuya would have to tap into his full power, aka Zarc’s power, and Zarc would overtake him and revive.
    Now a memorial service for Yuya and Yuri. (Even though Yuri was a sick son of a bi-, it wasn’t entirely his fault, because of how Leo messed him up, so I’ll even give a jerk like him a memorial service). Just imagine Yugioh Zexal’s 6th ending Challenge the Game playing in the background.
    Here are the images and clips I would chose in dedication to Yuya and Yuri.
    The first image would be Yuya riding Odd-Eyes in episode 4.
    The second image would be when Yuri getting ready to duel Lulu(Ruri) in the flashback in episode 75.
    The third image would be when Yuya, Yuto and Shay(Shun) just after beating the Tyler Sisters in episode 108.
    The first clip would be Yuri jumping right in front of Sora, Riley(Reira) and Celina(Serena) in episode 91.
    The second clip would be Yuya summoning Odd-Eyes Rebellion against Declan(Reigi) in episode 51.
    The third clip would be Yuri taking down Yugo in episode 131.
    The last clip would be when Yuya hugging Zuzu(Yuzu) in episode 99.
    The last image would be a split screen between 2 images, on the left would be when Yuya activated Smile World against Aster(Edo) in episode 111, and on the right would be when Yuri was laughing hysterically in this episode 135 after attacking Yuya with Clear Wing. These 2 images would turn grey to symbolize Yuya and Yuri demise.

    1. aramire77

      I also agree that Yuya wasn’t possessed by Zarc the moment he got the two dragons. I think Zarc possessed him right after the Duel. When Yuya approached Yuri, he didn’t emit that black aura until Zarc spoke.

  4. Sanokal

    I do have a theory on what has happened to the girls, but I’ll keep that to myself and for now just enjoy the legacy charcters’ last hurrah.
    Fantastic episode by Ebina-sama as per usual, hopefully we’ll see that animator return in the near future.
    And ARC-V turns yet another series staple on its head again, before hopefully re-orienting it later. Gah! I just don’t know. But poor poor Yuya, even without becoming Zarc this episode would have utterly broken him. I didn’t realize until he brought it up just what Declan had done. That being said, it was a fantastic win for him.

  5. 75chaosflare

    I’m going to miss Yuri(even if it was predictable I’m still sad they made him lose), my last favorite character of this series. Yuri in the end, makes this episode epic as well as worthwhile for me, especially when they have him take his first onscreen loss pretty basically because he technically didn’t lose to anybody but “himself”(A Yuya counterpart and both voiced by Kensho Ono) The faces are insanely decent especially since its by Ebina(sadly based on a recent Twitter post from him he won’t be doing ARC-V anymore but will likely do at least the last episode or some other well known animator).
    Well, not only we learned that Leo is a moron who started a disaster but now he’s so much of a failure he arguably makes Jean a more credible villain than him. Yuri was basically evil due to the fact that he was so strong kids didn’t want to play with him and he got pissed other strong people at that time were getting attention(Asuka). Then he met Leo and Serena(which the two never act like they’ve met each other whatsoever) where him getting the authority to card people whenever he wants instantly made him a psychopath. In short, Leo made things even worse especially when he realizes things now in 123 after sitting on his chair for so long.
    Arguably, Serena would have been the right person to act as an actual friend because she won’t really care if he was too strong but with the lack of any actual interaction between them or with any character that pointless. With how things are, it’s pretty much likely the two will be paired as friends but just so long as its done right like starting anew I won’t care. Serena’s more of a character that believes it’s a noble cause and stuff like that until running into Yuzu when the latter told her to try to get confirmation from Shun. She pretty much had a decent partnership with Barret and first could have could a number of decent routes until one was written out/entirely forgotten for dumb reasons.
    From what I can make of it, Leo probably didn’t know much about Zarc’s counterparts until seeing Yuya switch with Yuto and his berserk state which was even dumber since he could have at least you that memory machine he used on Sora and young Serena on young Yuri to see memories of Zarc. Even dumber when he said that the only wait to beat Zarc for good is in a duel when Yugo lost to Brainwashed Rin and they ignored the idea of carding him once he was unconscious. Could mean that he all cared about getting the bracelet girls and nothing else or he’s even more of a bias of Zarc especially with Yushou can explain more than him in a matter of minutes. It’s more with the fact that he cares about his actual daughter more than 4 random girls that manifested from her. I honestly, would side with Zarc based on him being a monster created by society.
    It’s even more hilarious with people kissing up to Yuya became the highlight of Zarc’s resurrection. Even funnier when Yoko wanted Yuya to focus more on EGAO and he ended up becoming a Messiah figure. In short, people really should stop telling Yuya or any of his counterparts/incarnations what to do because it just backfires on people.

  6. elior1

    eva i know you might wont be covering the next yugioh but did you see the little bit of information about it? i mean duals on hoverboards

    1. Eva

      I haven’t yet, I have been too busy to do anything. I will be keeping my eyes out though.
      Dueling on Hoverboards though… *strokes chin* Sounds right up my alley…

  7. firestorm

    Eva what do you think about the disign of the new yugioh hero from the futur new serie?

    1. elior1

      for me it not bad and from the bit of his info personality we got he might be intresting

    2. Eva

      Just got a chance to take a look, my reaction…
      “Hot damn, he is looking mighty FINEEEEEE~”
      Also the first thing I thought of when I saw him was actually Yuzu (ROFLMFAO), he has her eyes. XD
      The whole hoverboard thing though I REALLY dig because I absolutely loved the dynamics used in 5DS with the D-Wheels and how the players have been way more physically active in this series with the Action Cards. I think I always found it more fun seeing them move around than standing face to face. I am definitely curious how the hoverboards will be used. * v *
      The only thing I am not entirely sure about is the setting of the series. I also need to know who the director and main cast of writers will be (though as we know the writers being switched around later in the series can make or break a series). The main character’s bio sounds interesting to me. I like that he is the opposite of Yuuya, not a flashy dude, doesn’t want to attract attention to himself. I also noticeably found his character design to look more mature, so I am curious to find out what his age will be.

      1. aramire77

        Yusaku is apparently a high school student, so I won’t be surprised if he is as mature as he looks like.

  8. Virginia

    Ebina isn’t coming back. Idk what happened but that is what I heard.
    So Arc V is going to be known as the spinoff with one of the worst overall animation.

    1. Eva

      Imo, I don’t think YGO ARC-V had the worst overall animation. For me the most important times for the animation quality to be top notch is during the plot-relevant and groundbreaking episodes. There’s a couple of time when the animation dipped below average standards, but it was never so bad for me that I remember more of the the worst days of animations than its good ones.

  9. rladls716

    Until the end, Yuya really tried his best not to fall in to darkness.
    Out of all of the Yugioh series protagonists, Yuya had the biggest struggle fighting with his darkness.
    Yuya had better control over himself in the middle of Synchro Dimension arc.
    But Roger made things harder, torturing his head like that.
    In the Fusion Dimension arc, as you can see, Doctor and Leo are supposed to be genius.
    Yugi didn’t have one, but Atem had this darkness in anime-fillers.
    Judai had it around season 3, but able to overcome it through his friends’s duels.
    Yusei just had a curse of his past.
    Yuma was not the one, but it was Astral who dealt with it around for only two episodes.
    Yuya, I mean this is Zarc the final boss we are talking about, he had it ever since he was born except he started to get influenced by Zarc since episode 39.
    New Yugioh series is going to air next year.
    The name is Fujiki Yusaku.
    Will Yusaku’s situation going to be depressing as Yuya’s?

    1. Eva

      AHAHA IKR? I think it all depends on the director and writers. I can see the dark elements and more mature themes YGO ARC-V has that 5DS had (which is what I had hoped for since both were led by the same director, and it’s the reason why I knew in my gut I would love this series as much as I did).
      Yes, Yuuya probably has it worst among all the protagonists. If this trend were to really continue though, LMFAO Yusaku’s is in for a bumpy ride. 😛

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