I said Happy New Years a week too early 😛

Sorry for the slight delay! I have been bedridden for the entire week because of severe case of migraines (it’s still on-going). It wasn’t until today I thought to myself, “Wait a minute, shouldn’t there be an episode this week?” so I turned to the calendar, cursed to myself and hopped onto the computer. It was yet another week where I got mixed up with which week was going to be the ‘break’ week, ahahahahaha! Anyhow I hope everyone is having a good and healthy holidays, so without any further ado, let’s get down to it!


Well it’s kind of ironic how i forgot about this week’s episode because let’s be real here: it was boring and forgettable. Much to my relief the episode went by quickly. The problem I had with this episode was how predictable it was. Honestly speaking this fight one way or another had to happen because it ended up serving as the stepping stone to Zarc’s true revival. The miasma dragon and Zarc’s mutant ‘fusion’ of human and dragon form was all just a ruse. He was picking a fighting because it was the only way he would be able to return to his ultimate form, which can only be activated through battle via Unification Summon. So when Sora and Edo decided to go up against him, in hopes to reach Yuuya, they only made the situation even worse (and sadly for them, it was no different than talking to a wall). It would have been better for everyone to simply run and prevent Zarc from dueling anyone for the matter, for as long as they humanly can. By doing so, it would have likely prevented the situation from escalating.

The baton has been passed

But had it not been Edo’s and Sora’s good intentions, it would have been Shun and Kaito to pull the trigger. The real question to bear in mind is whether or not they are capable of increasing his power even more by agreeing to duel. There is no doubt in my mind that they too are going to get their ass kicked, but not before they struggle their way through it like the true warriors of the resistance. With the Fusion duo eliminated, and Shun and Kaito serving as the XYZ duo, I do have to wonder who the Synchro ones will be, varying on who is really left. My guess will be Jack, as the trend right now is match a main character with a cameo character from the past. His partner may perhaps be Gongenzaka as a little bird told me he will be making a return. (But honestly, I would hate to see him come back, only to be defeated once more). The Pendulum Summoning duo will likely be Reiji and Reira, unless Sawatari makes an uncanny return. (Confession: I really want to see Sawatari fight Zarc, I think it would be fun to watch because he is such a goof-ball no matter what situation he is in.) But at the end of the day, it seems clear to me that the only one who will reach the boys or Zarc himself will be Ray or the Queens. I hope for the Queens, because I want to see all my fav girls in action. They have been Damsels in Distress for long enough, and they are ready to kick some ass again. Crack Stradegy: Whack Zarc with Yuzu’s fan, or with Rin’s fist. That will throw him off. (And I think it’s fair to see we all would love to see that for the fun of it!)

And finally, you kind of have to feel for the Academia students who have been duped into this plot of creating an Utopia. No thanks to the Professor and his selfish desire, he was the one who initiated the revival of the Demon Duelist, Supreme Dragon King Zarc. And in the end, his plan to use the life energy was not sufficient enough to revive Ray (whose soul is currently going haywire by the looks of it ever since Reira became her Medium). So now the students are completing dumbfounded, horrified and confused, as not a single one of them had wished for the revival of Zarc… or so they thought. Despite the misconceptions, I actually feel that it was their energy and desire to card people contributed to Zarc’s revival as well (which yet again, the blame falls to the Professor). The one common theme we have seen in the flashbacks of Zarc’s path of destruction is how the horribly twisted society was at the time. They were entertained by bringing pain to others, they enjoyed watching pain being inflicted, and worse off, they encouraged it- which ultimately contributed to creating the Supreme King Zarc we see today. This is probably why Zarc keeps telling them it was their fault, they have no one but to blame but themselves. And it’s not just the Academia Soldiers to blame either. For the longest time, the Synchro Realm had this problem, the audience enjoying a violent show, and even in the Standard Realm, there were folks like that too. So that’s why when Zarc goes on about it, I interpret is as their energy that served as an unspoken wish. After all, Zarc is literally the embodiment of chaos and wants to destroy the world for crying out loud.

Seriously, what the heck is with this design? SO BORING!

Oh yeah and oneeee~ last thing: Zarc’s Mutant Fusion design was super underwhelming. I was hoping to see something a lot more epic and badass looking. Right now he just looks like a gargoyle with Yuuya’s face. (or at least a lazier version of Yubel’s design) At least his monsters are cooler I guess…

No episode next week, so I will see you in 2017! Have a good New Years everyone!



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  1. aramire77

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this… But if your migraine is that severe, then you could’ve rest until it’s completely healed and write this episode review later. I hope you’re getting well soon. Don’t force yourself and have a nice comfortable rest. Health is more important 😀
    You really said exactly what I was thinking regarding the reason behind Zarc’s revival! It’s already stated in the previous episodes that Zarc was born from humans’ desire for conflict and joy for battle, and most people (Academia and City) in this series did just exactly that. I can’t entirely blame Zarc here since it’s undeniable fact.
    I think even without Dueling, Zarc can return to his ultimate form. Zarc himself said before duelling Sora and Edo that he has been in front of them the whole time, which means his dragon form. I think him demanding for a Duel is simply because of his thirst for Duel. He did say that he is not yet satisfied and want a stronger and fiercer fight in episode 126, right?
    I bet all these Duels between Zarc and Yuya’s friends are to stall until Ray is revived. Fusion pair defeated, and now Xyz pair. Once they’re defeated as well next will be Synchro pair plus Sawatari. No matter how I look at it, Sawatari seems to have become one package with Gongenzaka. I mean like during the Duel against Tyler Sisters they team up, against Solo they got tied up together, and then against BB they watched the Duel together (there’s actually one more Duelist who will participate, but I know you don’t like to be spoiled so much so I won’t say anymore unless you ask). And after the Synchro got defeated as well, then it will be the Akaba brothers’ turn. And finally, it will be Ray. The question is, how Ray will be revived with he life energies not sufficient enough?
    I was quite surprised how Shun and Sora interacted in this episode. After everything that happened between them (to be precise how both nearly killed each other before), seeing them like this looked like none of that ever happened in the first place. It doesn’t feel that right just because they’re on the same side. Logically, they wouldn’t have accepted each other that fast. Even if they’re now on the same side, I was thinking there are still some friction or uncomfortable feelings between them. I know that at that moment it wasn’t the time for them to think about their history, but still the way Shun showed concern for Sora like that… You know.
    As for Zarc’s design, I admit that when I first saw his current design, I was really disappointed… But then I got mesmerized by his eyes… I’ll be honest here, I think his eyes are so pretty, so beautiful, so I came to tolerate his current design. I hope Zarc’s real eyes are like this.

    1. Eva

      XD Ahahaha I needed to get out of bed anyways! And besides, when I’m driven I tend to forget the pain ahahaha, so it all worked out. Luckily the pain has subsided a lot more now, so I’m not in nearly as much pain as I was for the past few days. (Not to mention, I don’t want to over-sleep, otherwise that will bring about a whole different round of problems X_x|||)
      In the beginning of the episode when Zarc are calling for an opponent, a part of me thought maybe Zarc subconsciously wants to be defeated (which may be still the case despite pursuing his ultimate form). He is the strongest, and so as long he is the strongest, there is no one to take him down, which means there nothing left for him in this world- hence he must destroy it. But even when I think that, when comes destruction, life will eventually start anew, and in this case, Zarc could be looking for a new hero to rise. *shrugs* Or something like that.
      The “Lancers” duels against Zarc are certainly serving to stall it out for Ray’s or the Queens return. Like you said, Ray’s revival seems imminent, and given how Zarc’s has used Yuuya’s body as his main host, it’s likely the case that Yuzu’s body will be the host for Ray- or at least that’s what I expect to happen given the circumstances.
      The dynamics we saw today between both Edo and Sora, + Sora and Shun showed how the characters with so many differences and so much hate and grief towards each other put the scars of the past behind them in order to unite and more forward for the future. Rather than Edo and Sora working together, the most symbolic moment was when Sora passed on the Pendulum to Shun, putting his faith into Shun to save Yuuya.
      As for Yuuya-Zarc Fusion’s design, I honestly thought we were going to see more of Zarc’s original form. I’m talking his hair color, his face- and maybe we will get to see it as the fight stalls out further, but I’m not holding my breath for it despite the fact I really want to see it.

      1. aramire77

        If you said it like, it made sense that Zarc subconsciously wishes for that. It might also be his little inner goodness inside him that was buried very deeply wishing for someone to stop him.
        By the by, I just got a new information regarding the Sawatari, it seems Sawatari won’t Duel until episode 139. I’m telling you this because I think it’s better not get any high expectation now so you won’t be very disappointed later.

  2. Yugioh Fan

    And so we enter the final length of Arc V, Zarc the greatest evil of Arc V has been revived, thanks to the dumbest genius to ever live Leo. One by one what’s left of our Lancers and their allies will fall, until only Ray remains. I don’t know how, but some how I’m confident she will beat Zarc and free the Yu boys, some how my theory for the ending of the series will come to pass.
    Also I defiantly believe the rage and blood-lust from the Fusion and Synchro dimensions, aided in Zarc’s revival, but I have to disagree about Standard and Xyz, both of there dimensions were mostly populated by good people and only a few who had rage and blood-lust, so they didn’t contribute to Zarc at all. In those dimensions mostly every one was good, so unlike Fusion and Synchro it was the rule, rather then the exception.

    1. Eva

      Regardless of how small the minority was in the Standard Realm, the energy was still there, but certainly not nearly as intense as it was in other realms. But the important factor is how Yuuya had actually encountered and face those with violent tendencies, and it was then during those times when the darkness first started blossoming in the first place. Worst off the timing was terrible for him because maybe that darkness within him wouldn’t started sprouting during those fights had he and Yuuto not been merged together.

      1. Yugioh Fan

        You know, now that I stop and think about it, your right about:
        “maybe that darkness within him wouldn’t started sprouting during those fights had he and Yuuto not been merged together.”
        I mean isn’t it weird that not once at any point before meeting each other, did any of the Yu boys go into berserk mode. Okay Yuya and Yuto had normal lives for the most part, but it’s strange that not once during the flashbacks of the invasion of Heartland did Yuto go berserk with anger, and Shay(Shun) doesn’t mention anything either of something like that happening, and he was with Yuto the whole time during the invasion. But Yuya and Yuto, are nothing compared to Yugo and Yuri, when you think about the places that they lived in, Yugo especially, his city was corrupt and unjust that he hated, much like Crow and Shinji, yet it’s surprising that not once did his anger make him go berserk and cause destruction which would make everyone in the city fear him. Then Yuri, considering how messed up he is and the place he lives, it’s just as strange he didn’t go berserk any time before the start of the series. They each had 1/4 of Zarc’s darkness in them but I guess that alone wasn’t enough to cause them to go berserk, only after coming into contact with the others and having 50% or more of Zarc’s darkness in the same area did berserk mode start becoming a problem. Of course, after episode 92 all 4 of them were exposed to Zarc’s full power, but while Yuya, Yuto and Yugo rejected it, Yuri accepted it allowing him to uses berserk mode and Zarc’s other powers during his duels with Alexis(Asuka) and Sora, despite only having 1/4 of Zarc’s darkness.

        1. rladls716

          Yuya, he had to live on with the pressure from other people in the name of “Yusho, the champion is a coward who ran away from the duel against Strong Ishijima” for three years.
          Of course Yuya struggled with most of time to deny that Yusho actually ran away.
          Noboru and Yuzu are the only friends around Yuya’s age to support him from that pressure.
          And there was a school bully who was a fan of Strong Ishijima and previously from Noboru’s family dojo was attacking Yuya when he was 12.
          Yuya got over with other people bothering him, bullying him, but his “missing father” scar still remained until he was re-united with him in the Fusion Dimension, but Yuya got a new scar of “Yuri carded him”.

    2. aramire77

      About Xyz people, maybe Zarc is also driven by their hatred and anger? No matter how good people they are, becoming victims of war surely planted a seed of hatred within them who had lost their home, family, and friends.

      1. Eva

        That too, for sure!

  3. WilliamAllen222

    Looking at how things are going I’d say Ray will be the one to, if not defeat Zarc, then definitely get through to the Dragon Boys through the Bracelet Girls. I also have a feeling that Leo will die within the next few episodes, either killed by Zarc or by sacrificing himself so that Ray can live again, probably after one final duel against Reiji given how Reira ran off this episode.

    1. Eva

      I’m not sure how I would feel about Leo dying… he messed up big time, so his death would need to be an appropriate one. Either way, I won’t miss the guy, and if he really does die, I hope he stays dead. >_>;;;

      1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

        Ironically, I still remembered that we were aftering SerGay’s head after he crashed Yuzu into the skyscraper, but after his “honourable” duel with Jack we gave him some of the warm-hearted sendoffs imaginable… and he was subsequently beaten to death by Commons.

  4. 75chaosflare

    “Oh no, our beloved Messiah has become an evil dragon!! I wonder who is to blame?”
    Choices may vary from:
    A. Society for being incompetent enough to pray upon an emotionally damaged child to solve their problems in the laziest of ways.
    B. Your resident moron Akaba Leo who started this crisis since Day 1.
    C. The worst team ever we’ve originally hoped they would be our “Avengers” the Lancers.
    D. The powers of forced as hell friendship that made it much easier for the “demon” to rise.
    E. All of the above(my personal favorite)
    Joking aside, all that can be said is that the episode was average/okay at best. Wasn’t anything special nor a major disaster(already had worst ones before this which arguably made everything now that should matter dull). There really wasn’t much to expect from Sora and Edo but to get beaten except use a couple of new cards(which they didn’t do so the others except Jack will likely follow suit). I would at least guess Edo use Dusktopia Guy as a plot device he used on Yugo. Again, probably my random bias but now I really can’t stand Reira much.
    I also find it funny how people take Zarc seriously when the first thing he distracts him is someone wanting to duel him. Not really much stakes in this either since Edo and Sora are knocked out and the others will soon join the pattern at being knocked out. Again the penalty here is pretty much more signs of desperate attempts of drama when it’s really not needed either way you look at it this makes Zarc look weak despite him being built up as hell and Shun/Kaito being handicapped.
    I will respect moments like Sora trying to regain Yuya’s senses and his time he first had with him and including Sora’s slight exchange with Shun but that’s pretty much all there is to it everything is pretty dull.
    Lastly, apparently even the production is having issues figuring out what’s going on based on an animator’s recent Twitter post which could hint of even more problems from earlier or things right now.

    1. Eva

      X_X Yikes, that doesn’t sound good. I hope whatever the problem is, works out…

      1. 75chaosflare

        It’s basically the animator admitting she doesn’t know what’s going and isn’t being informed by the writer nor director what to do just make up whatever comes to mind. There’s no reference sheets, no concept art and not much planning into even when it’s basically 3 months until the end. Ebina already announced he’s finished with ARC-V last week.
        Looking back they really haven’t handled most of their planning well with budget especially when you count the VA’s that could be expensive that take on characters that should be important only for them to literally say one line of dialogue in an episode.
        Reiji’s Va could be an example but that could easily be problematic since once he was signed up for the part there wasn’t much issue unitl Synchro arc happened. Ruri’s VA which was hinted at since day 1 doesn’t voice her character until 100 episodes in and we all know how “well” that went. As well as the rest of Yuya’s and Yuzu’s counterparts that never got much to interact with one another fully in some episodes that had multiple opportunities(Kensho Ono was stated to be originally voice all four but fear it would be too much). Yuzu/Serena as well as Yuya/Yuri was literally gift-wrapped to them since they were by the same VA respectively but took the lazy route with the former and waited until 134-135 to get something out of the latter and even then more than half of it was just screaming.
        Overall, it’s having way too many problems hoping that things can work out.

        1. aramire77

          Okay…things seems to be much worse than I thought. Now I’m very worry and afraid that the series won’t end well…(_ _lll)

        2. Eva

          D: Wow that’s even worse than I thought. Aw man I would hate it if this series has a rushed and anticlimactic ending because of the problems they are having. It certainly deserves better… 🙁 I hope with the week break some positive can come out of it.

  5. rladls716

    I don’t even know if Ray is doing the right thing.
    In this episode, Ray wants to be revived more than ever, whatever the reason is.
    And she went separate ways from Yuya’s friends, without at letting them know she has a plan to do so.
    Makes me think if Ray is still thinking Zarc is nothing but a Demon Duelist that she fought in the past as a natural enemy.
    Unless if she is thinking of starting over by separating the Dimensions into four again from what Leo just forcefully united.
    Now that Leo is starting to admit, his methods are kind of off.
    It is still uncertain if he is going to cooperate with Reiji somehow.
    Still, it is really hard to admit everyone needs Leo’s help somehow to free four Yuyas from Zarc.

  6. rladls716

    Are Leo and possibly Ray still enemies of Lancers?
    In the beginning of episode 136, Reira admits he hears Ray is calling out to Leo, wanting to be revived.
    What would happen if Reira reaches Leo and tells him what is happening, and what would Reiji do then?
    While Yuya’s and Yuto’s friends are trying hard to save them from darkness, will Ray help them or Ray will just put an end to Zarc along with all four Yuyas?
    I feel Zarc is not the only enemy, as I think Leo still might be an enemy, and Ray might be the potential one as she once requested Reira to interfere Reiji with freeing all four Yuzu from Leo proceeding with his Arc Area Project.

    1. Yugioh Fan

      Leo is defiantly still the Lancers enemy, and I hope he dies horribly to pay for all his selfish crimes, and also that his death is one of the few permanent ones in the series. Since each Yugioh series has a large number of deaths but most of them are undone at the end, because they weren’t really deaths like there minds or bodies were just trapped somewhere until the main villains defeat(ex. the Original and GX, and partially Zexal), but one or two deaths are not undone and become permanent, we’ve already had Roger and Sergey permanently die now lets make it 3 with Leo.
      Ray on the other hand, while she is causing problems for the Lancers, she’s not really an enemy to them. She’s like Shinji and Kite(Kaito), while those 2 were aggressive towards the Lancers and caused problems for them, it was mostly because of how angry the two them were because of what happened in there dimensions, and eventually they did calm down and join the Lancers as there allies thanks to the efforts of Yuya and the others. So Ray is just like Shinji and Kite(Kaito), basically a kid who’s having a temper tantrum and just needs a little guidance and time to calm down so she can learn the error of her ways and help the Lancers.

  7. starqo

    “Have a merry, scary Zarcmas! It’s the best time of the year!
    I don’t know if they’ll be snow, but have a bunch of fear!”
    My lack of creativity aside, it still felt a little tough seeing Sora fail to get through to his “master.”
    At the same time, it was also nice to see the little moment between him and Shun.
    Too bad for the Xyz duo, though. Their inevitable loss is going harder to watch thanks to Sora and Edo getting their butts handed to them.
    P.S. I wonder if anybody could make proper Zarcmas songs.

    1. Yugioh Fan

      Well I myself wrote two decent Zarcmas songs, in my comment on Eva’s episode 135 review, but if you want really good and proper Zarcmas songs I suggest checking Youtube, specifically a video by the Youtuber Yugioh Everything, in his video were he discusses the spoilers from episode 135 to 137 he mentions episode 136 airing on Christmas and Zarc being revived by that episode, so needless to say some of the commentators started writing there own Zarcmas songs. In fact, after reading those songs, I was inspired to write my own and post them here.

  8. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    Drat Eva, so much for your “hiatus”. Anyway, welcome to 25/12/2016 where Zarc stole our Christmas and turned it into ZARCMAS!
    • It’s the great Enjoy Chojiro! It’s been a while! KOI KOI KOI KOI!!! 😀
    • Yes Shinji, Zarc’s presence is related to this whole Cross-Dimensional War, so how about your “revolution” you keep bitching about throughout the Synchro arc? Are you currently unemployed because Yuya managed to Egao the City’s problems away after ONE single card game thus rendering your “revolution” drivel utterly irrelevant? You’re NOT and will NEVER be the hero we need or deserve.
    • After Shinji, they’re now showing us how Sayaka continues to be useless when the ravaged Zexal Land is currently being rebuilt by renegade Academia students (because fuck you Edo), only to get destroyed again soon. A bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see the Tyler sisters.
    • Oh god, my mood for Christmas was already ruined due to the return of Shinji and Sayaka, but the FUCKING SHIVERS KID actually returned to this show ON Christmas?!! CHRIST HELP ME!!!
    • Hey Himika, the Standard Dimension appears to be fine ALL THIS TIME. So much for cancelling the Maiami Championship in order to face a large-scale Academia invasion that NEVER happened… Or probably scrapped due to the writers’ ineptitude.
    • Zarc, you could’ve just killed the students right here and now. Why did you blast away a wall instead?
    • Good job Leo for (possibly) killing your daughter you worked so hard to revive.
    • Hey Zarc, I think you’re actively killing anyone. Who are going to challenge you to a duel like this?
    • So when is Zarc going to realize that killing your opponents before they can duel you isn’t a good way to start dueling people?
    • “Stop hiding and show yourself!” VERY stupid words there, Sora. Seriously, why the fuck are they looking for Zarc?! He’s basically the size of a large city now!! HOW DO YOU MISS THAT RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?!! This, along with everyone confusing the Yutagonists and the Yu-waifus EVERY DAMN TIME, confirms my theory that everyone in Arc V is FUCKING BLIND.
    • I thought Zarc would keep going RULES OF NATURE on everyone, but every Yugioh series settles everything in a card game.
    • Even Zarc found it ridiculous that Edo and Sora couldn’t locate him when HE’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM.
    • Zarc VS Team Fusion!
    • WE ARE STARTING WITH SCALE 0 – 13! Yes, this means we can now Pendulum summon all three Egyptian Gods and tribute them all for Horakthy for an instant victory! 😀
    • Much like the term “Supreme King” is related to Judai, “Zero” and “Infinity” are the reference to the final GX villain-Darkness. The connection to GX is just that obvious.
    • Oh joy… Dystopiaguy… What a surprise… >_>
    • OMG! Those Pendulum effects are essentially continuous LP recovery! Someone get an MST!
    • Zarc is laughing at Edo for delivering such garbage D-Hero support. WHY GIVING HIM MORE LIFE POINTS YOU DENSE FUCKER?!!
    • Sora, wasn’t your dueling about killing people a while ago? You don’t have the high ground here.
    • Please Sora, just STOP USING MAD CHIMERA! I know that’s your favourite card, but EVERYTIME you use him you get blown the fuck up. This isn’t going to be ANY different.
    • This is the first time they’re treating the Pendulum-pendant like it has any actual relevance! I’ll be pissed if it becomes a last-minute plot device given how much it’s been ignored for 135 episodes.
    • Edo and Sora just nuked Zarc’s field… And he just screwed all the rules to summon Astrograph.
    • Anime Astrograph can just Fuse from wherever?! That’s cheap as fuck!
    • So are we NOT getting any explanation on how Astrograph is related to this whole Zarc business?
    • Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!!! Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon!!! Clear Wing Synchro Dragon!!! Starve Venom Fusion Dragon!!! Become one and FUCK UP EVERYONE!!!!! INTEGRATION SUMMON!!!!! SUPREME KING DRAGON ZARC!!!!!
    • Cross Over?! KAITOFUCKER AND SHUN TO THE RESCUE!!! …Too late though, Team Fusion is fucked.
    • Good job ARC V for tarnishing Edo’s image forever. He is the ONLY major (returning) character without even ONE victory in this show!
    • They should’ve handled the conversation between Sora and Shun better considering they’re at each other’s throats for this entire show.
    • In the end, a big regret that 2016 has to end with Shinji, Sayaka and the FUCKING SHIVERS KID all alive and well.
    Zarc VS Team Edgelords-I mean, Team Xyz to kick-start 2017 (though in reality it’s actually Zarc VS Shun with KAITOFUCKER being more of a liability than an asset). This is Shun’s LAST & FINAL chance to deliver the Rank 12/13 Bird and a generic RUM searcher that everyone is yearning for. AT LEAST I can rejoice at the fact that KAITOFUCKER can be gone for good.
    Last but not least, MERRY ZARCMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😀

  9. Yithar

    Aww I agree if you had a migraine you should have stayed in bed. Also you might try taking magnesium supplements, although I avoid Magnesium Oxide as it’s cheap and isn’t absorbed very well, which can lead to unwanted side effects. I get pretty bad headaches when I’m sleep deprived sometimes but generally I can feel when I’m going to get a headache, and taking magnesium in the morning always at least dials down the pain, if not completely nullifying it. And there’s research that says “The available evidence suggests that up to 50% of patients during an acute migraine attack have lowered levels of ionized magnesium. Infusion of magnesium results in a rapid and sustained relief of an acute migraine in such patients.”

    Hmm, yeah, the episode was predictable. What caught my ears is “Even though I resurrected as you all wanted.” It sort of reminds of 5Ds when Ener-D/Moment was used for greedy desires to the point of destroying humanity. So yeah, I feel it was their energy and desire to card people that contributed to the resurrection of Zarc, as well as what was going on in the Synchro dimension.
    About merging all the dimensions, to be fair, to the Professor, that was the natural form the world should have taken, and the split into 4 dimensions was unnatural. To him, having Rey and the world where all forms of dueling existed together might be a utopia. His plan was also to get rid of Yuuya before the revival of Rey, but it makes you think, like he could’ve gotten rid of Yuuri instead.

    1. Eva

      I get migraines from the weather and this week we had Bombogenesis (powerful low pressure systems that intensify rapidly), so that was pretty insane. I didn’t have Advil at the time though because it was too crappy out to drive, but I finally got some and it’s easing the pain immensely. 🙂
      Needless to say, this winter so far has been a wild one. 5 major storms within the last two weeks.

  10. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    2017 is here and we are having yet another one-week break for New Year. I’ve ranted about how this show has slowly regressed into among the worst shows ever in episode 133, so now I’ll touch upon the controversial return of the cameos from the past series.
    Jack Atlas: To be honest, I really enjoyed Arc V Jack more than his original counterpart. Yes, he still had that sort of “idol-worshiping” role he had back in the very first season of 5D’s, but at least the new support they gave him revitalized his deck and made it pretty decent, especially Red Resonator which has become my favourite Tuner (but still hopelessly overwhelmed by Pendulums). RDD Scarlight and Tyrant are also better retrains than the original RDD and & Scar-Red Nova. OF COURSE the true thing I really loved Arc V Jack was how he kept pissing on Yuya and his beyond bullshit “Entertainment” drivel which only make viewers salty instead of Egao. FUCK YUYA.
    Crow Hogan: To be honest, this version of Crow is boring. Apart from Raikiri, I DON’T really like any of his new Blackfeather Synchros. Even his characterization is just bland compared to his original counterpart, and THAT duel against Shun might be his best in this show, but we all know that SHUN was the real hero on that day. Still heartbreaking seeing him going down against that BATTLE BITCH, though.
    Kaito/KAITOFUCKER: One of the true heroes in Zexal, but NEVER liked him in Arc V. A stupid, ignorant bastard who dare cards foes and allies alike just for the sake of being more edgy than this show’s established edgelord a.k.a. Shun himself (and believe it or not, Shun gets horribly shafted after his defeat to THIS Kaito). The way this asshole did a U-turn without any development and his continuous streak of lame duels with repetitive tactics (summon his Cipher Dragon, steal shit, and roll over his foes) was ridiculously boring to watch. He was the first person who entered the Academia, only to run like a headless chicken until he got rekted by Yuri because he’s a dumbass for targeting Yugo instead and will easily get fucked by Zarc-Yuya soon. So much for saving MUH HARUTO when he wasn’t even mentioned at all.
    Tenjoin Asuka: Much like in GX, they treated her like boobs instead of a competent duelist. Initially there was so much hype for her potential partnership with Yuzu to compensate the Yuzu & Serena tag team that NEVER materialized, but after defeating three fodders she proceeded to do nothing but acting as Yusho’s walking stick and ultimately got defeated and carded by Yuri.
    Edo Phoenix: Sighs… I cried everytime seeing his terrible performance in this show because let’s be honest, THIS retard can’t be Edo. This Commander-In-Chief of the Xyz Invasion had a set of beyond pathetic D-Heroes which made the already unpopular Heroes-spinoff archetype an even bigger laughing stock than it already was back in GX days. AT LEAST in GX he’s still one of that show’s most powerful duelist who defeated Judai and even the KAISER, not to mention his Batman-esque background made him my favourite character in GX (though in the end he became gradually weaker and lost everytime, even to an Ojama Yellow butt attack). In Arc V, his backstory? Oh, nothing except that he dueled Yusho in the past. Look at him now, nothing more than a insensitive, obsessive asshole who’s very insecure about his dueling skills. And don’t even get me started about his streaks… He came back to the show after 10 years only to lose EVERYTIME he dueled (apart from one draw which he would’ve won but damn Action Cards).
    Considering such disservice to GX legacy characters, I wished it was FUBUKI (because he’s Asuka’s older brother) or ESPECIALLY Misawa who returned because they had the reputation of getting shafted horribly and THIS show serves as the best chance to redeem themselves.

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