ACCA – 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Episode 3 [The …Ascension??]

Today’s episode marks the date that Jean actually learns what he is suspected of! This only took a quarter of the series! I have to admit that Jean baffles me because he is both aware of infinite amounts of things while being darkly oblivious to others. As a viewer I never know wether to be afraid for Jean or go ‘yeah he’s got this!’. This episode everyone of importance is sent to attend the celebration of the Prince’s coming of age. It turns out he is awful and nobody wants him to be the leader of the country- leading to many of the fears about a coup d’etat. We even see how much of an idiot he is when he starts going on to his assistant about taking the throne, disbanding ACCA, and then returning all power to the close government. Just hearing him talk I felt the momentary blissful joy of the fact that he is somehow worse than the current President of the United States, and then I remembered he is a fictional character. He’s somewhere between Joffrey and Donald Trump and I don’t think anybody wants that to sit on a throne.

Mauve invites Jean on a date before this, a date that is purely business, asking him to report strange things as he reviews each of the districts. Mauve is probably the greatest treasure of this show and Jean agrees as he outright blushes at the sight of her in a stunning dress and when she asks him for things. How can you reject that smile? He muses inwardly. Well, not very well. Following that he is then sent to the celebration which all of the Generals and Mauve are attending. Everyone expects this to be the day the King abdicates and gives the throne to his Grandson, so tensions are high. Crow, or Nino as he is to Jean, attends this as well under the guise of simply being a reporter. He adds fuel to the fire by inviting Lotta, Jean’s sister, to the event with him. What I find hilarious is that Lotta is instrumental everywhere she goes in getting Jean both in trouble and out of it. Why? Everyone seems to fall in love with her or be kind to her. She goes to the celebration because of ‘Nino’ and lo and behold she is the Prince’s type and he wants to find out who she is. If that happened that’d be a recipe of disaster given what kind of position it might cast Jean in.

It’s at the celebration when Jean is smoking, something which everyone interprets as strange given the King is a recovering smoker, that one of the General’s comes to discuss with him the nature of his situation. Everyone at the celebration essentially stalked Jean for reasons he didn’t know. He’s finally told it’s because he is suspected to be the one assisting the Coup D’etat that is rumored. Jean seems as innocent as we the viewers expect him to be and the General admits outright he thinks that Grossular is the culprit. This is something that anyone who watches might see coming. Now Jean has reason to suspect Grossular. . . and Crow, someone reporting directly to Crow, is potentially compromised when Mauve identifies him as Crow privately. Provided Mauve gets what she wants from Jean this might put Crow’s cover in jeopardy. Or. Mauve could be the mastermind behind this entire story and Grossular is secretly stopping her. I subscribe to the simple idea that Grossular is the culprit as I love Mauve and her fabulous hair, but I am not counting this show out of anything yet.

Jean ends on the same note, sentenced to go and review more districts. However this does not change that now he is on the lookout for Mauve and knows his own position. . .and Lotta is now connected to several people on her own. I’m excited to see the threads unfold because I coupld run out of puns for the main plot thread any day now!


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