Continuing from where the last episode left off, we see that Yuki comes to Tetsuo’s office and confesses that she heard some girls bullying her behind her back. Tetsuo wants to protect her, but he’s not sure how.

While he’s working on his thesis in what looks like the cafeteria, Sakie shows up with some flowers. Tetsuo explains the situation, and Sakie offers very… “enthusiastically”… to help. Together they try to brainstorm how they could help support Yuki and also deal with the girls who are doing the bullying. A loose plan is set in place, but before either teacher can act on it, Hikari beats them to the punch.

For you see, at the beginning of the episode Hikari had overheard Yuki talking to Tetsuo outside his classroom, and she decides she’s had enough of these girls and their gossiping. Tetsuo catches Hikari dragging Yuki towards the washroom where the two girls are giggling together, and he follows behind them. From outside the washroom, he and Yuki hear Hikari tear a few strips off the two girls inside. Hikari speaks truthfully from her heart, so much so that the confrontation ends with her in tears because she’s so worked up. As Hikari runs out, Yuki steps into the washroom to confront her bullies.

Yuki actually apologizes to the girls, saying that she’s so distant from her peers because there are some aspects of her demi nature that she hasn’t yet dealt with. The bullying girls are taken aback that one of their victims is apologizing to them, and they give Yuki a faint apology in return. It seems Tetsuo’s words from earlier in the episode are true – the girls are more likely to bully others when they don’t have to face their victims. Seeing the pain that they had caused Yuki makes them realize that they were being cruel and that they were in the wrong.

In the back half of the episode, Tetsuo calls together the three demis into a private meeting with himself and Sakie so that he can encourage them to support each other, and to treasure the link they have together as demis. And if they find they have a problem that they can’t solve themselves, he urges them to come talk to himself or Sakie. Sakie in particular might be able to relate to them better because she’s both a demi and she’s female.

This little meeting ends with Tetsuo giving hugs to everyone present, except for Sakie of course, and this is inspired by the cheeky Hikari. However it ends abruptly when Tetsuo hugs Kyouko’s body a little too hard and gets all flustered, prompting his hasty exit.

After school Himari ends up accidentally walking partway home with Tetsuo, who takes the opportunity to ask Himari some questions about Hikari and her vampire nature. Himari is initially extremely distrustful of Tetsuo, but as they talk more she finds that he’s an honest if not somewhat quirky individual, and she eventually opens up to him about their parents and Hikari. This conversation also ends with a sudden speedy departure, but this time from Himari as she gets a text from Hikari mentioning that Tetsuo “attacked” her with a hug earlier in the day. Hikari rushes home, only to find out that Hikari was of course exaggerating what happened in order to get Himari to come home sooner. Sheesh, sisters sometimes. -_-

My thoughts: I really like that we got to see more of Hikari’s relationship with her sister Himari, and that we also got to see Himari have some scenes that didn’t involve her sister. I did note the allusions to some problems at home with their parents, and I expect that will be something that might be explored more later in the season.

Tetsuo is honestly my favourite character, with Sakie and Hikari in a close second. He’s just this honest, straight-forward guy who’s nice and wants to help everyone around him. There should be more people like Tetsuo in the world!  There was a little more fanservice this episode, but it was with Sakie who is a succubus, so it wasn’t totally out of place and she was still covered, therefore I can’t bitch too much.

And Sakie, oh poor Sakie. Doomed to have this unrequited crush that can’t be dealt with because they’re both teachers. I hope she and Tetsuo get together by the end of the season, but given the kind of show Demi-chan is I don’t think it will happen. T_T   Poor Sakie just needs a boyfriend.

It looks like the next episode will continue to deal with some of Yuki’s issues surrounding her demi nature, and I hope for her sake that they will be resolved so she can feel better about herself.  :3


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  1. kofmaster

    Every episode I’m afraid that this will become an illegal harem but it’s just me being paranoid.

    1. Nikolita

      XD I can see how one might think that.

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