Little Witch Academia Episode 1 (First Impression)

Fans of Little Witch Academia know the basic story of our main protagonist, Akko. As a little girl Akko saw one of Shiny Chariot’s shows, and ever since seeing the beauty of her magic, was inspired to become a witch herself. She prepares herself as she heads her way over to Luna Nova, the witch school that her idol went to.

In the Little Witch Academia movies and specials, Akko was already in the school and was friends with Lotte and Sucy, so it was a little weird to see them meet each other for the first time. But it was fun to watch.

Akko faces trouble as she tries to find the “bus” that’ll take her Luna Nova. She meets Sucy on the way but she wasn’t very friendly or helpful at all. She manages to find the place, but there she meets witches of the school talking trash about the non-witches that get accepted into Luna Nova, and that there are rumors that there’s a girl who can’t even use magic. Of course, that’s Akko. Akko also learns from the witches that there is no bus picking them up, but that the girls have to get to the school themselves by the Leyline Highway. Akko doesn’t have a broom, and even if she did she wouldn’t know how to ride it. So she’s in a pickle. That’s when Lotte is nice enough to appear and let her ride on her broom.

That’s when trouble starts as Lotte loses her control on her broom because Akko brought salty pickled plums into the leyline, and leylines hate salt. Falling off the broom and crashing into Sucy behind them, they all fall out of the leyline and land in the forbidden forest. This was actually where Sucy wanted to arrive, but now the girls are stuck there.

The rest of the episode has magic, killer mandrakes, and a giant evil chicken, and lots of screaming. Akko finds Chariot’s staff in the forest which helps them escape and send them to the school’s matriculation ceremony, and in the end the three girls end up being roommates. It’s a simple introductory episode that introduces us to the magical world we’re going to be seeing. Everything will be new and magical to us, and we’ll be seeing it in Akko’s eyes. In the first movie we saw how Akko struggled, but this time we’ll actually be seeing her first day with all types of magic. I don’t remember if the movies also mentioned this, but there’s some discrimination against girls with witch blood, and those without like Akko. Akko of course is going to struggle with learning magic, but we also know that she’s going to have to face her peers sneering at her for being a non-witch. I don’t know if we’ll meet other non-witches but it would be great if we did.

This episode had the same whimsy and charm that the movie and special had. Yeah, I can already see that the animation isn’t as good as the movie and special, but I’m not surprised nor do I care. I’m just so happy that we finally have an anime for Little Witch Academia. It’s fun, it’s innocent, it’s cute, it has witches! Music was great and the opening is cute. I’m just a happy Berry, and I can’t wait to see what kinds of magical adventures awaits us. And I’m also really glad that this is a two-cour show. This is just what Trigger needs.

Thank you Trigger. Now another season of Space Patrol Luluco would be fantastic, but I’ll take this for now.

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: Guaranteed


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