…… Well what I feared played out this episode, only a lot worse than I- well who am I kidding? As soon as Crow is back in the picture, all optimism is out the window. I don’t know who is responsible for their favoritism with Crow’s character, but they really pushed my patience. Back in 5Ds series, I didn’t particularly like Crow because of the way he was plugged into the story, but I shrugged it off and was more or less indifferent towards his character. Now, it feels as if every time he re-appears, the more I despise his presence. He has become a nuisance that I want gone from my screen. Isn’t it ironic how Crow kicked off the episode by beating Sawatari to the punch and started first? As soon as that happened, I knew I was in for a headache. Crow had the spotlight for about eight – ten minutes, or more accurately, he had the entire first half of the episode to himself. And on top of that?
It had to be him to get under Zarc’s skin.

Salty much?
You bet I am.

I waited so freaking long for Sawatari’s moment. AND THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IT.
Sawatari was supposed to be the guy who was supposed to get under Zarc’s skin, because that’s what he’s good at. He is a smug cocky little shit who knows how to provoke people, and that’s why we love him. And you know how much time Sawatari got? A little less than six minutes. Our frustration towards whoever it is on the staff for their irresponsible acts of favoritism with Crow’s character is absolutely warranted. With folks being freed from the cards, they had no excuses, none, NADA, to not bring, (for instance) Tsukikage! The guy is wise enough to use the exact same script Crow was given to get under Zarc’s skin. Hell, at this point, I wished it was anybody BUT Crow.

LOL, how cute.

Sawatari’s time was also cut short by Professor Leo’s arrival. However the joke is on him as the second he emerges, is the second he is out. Just like that, what was supposed to be a father and son duo following Sawatari’s and Crow’s defeat, flew right out the window. Not to mention, it’s also quite infuriating how with Reiji’s delayed arrival, he now has the opportunity to duel one on one with Zarc. I just want this damn predictable marathon to come to an end. Just bring what it looks like it’s going to be Ray back into the picture. But I swear to god if they are to make Ray possess Reira (again) and he were to be the one to defeat Zarc, you will never hear the end of it from me.

Well at least Reiji got one thing right: Zarc is a production of Society, (aka the Devil Within them all).
In other news, Odd-Eyes finally emerges and for 0.02 seconds we got to see Zarc’s adorable true face.
Can we have a proper backstory from his perspective, please?

Look at that precious face? How could you not want to see his backstory from his POV?!

And apparently all the monsters that are in the graveyard are protect Zarc so yeah, this might take a while unless his cards get randomly banned. Good luck with that Reiji.

We got about ten, maybe fourteen episodes if they push it to 154, so Dear Production Crew:
Pull it together already!!!!!


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  1. Sanokal

    To be honest, while I (sorta) share your infuriation (screw you Google, that’s a word) regarding how the duel was divided between Crow and Sylvio (who didn’t really get what I wanted this episode), it was still enjoyable. Crow pulling out Chidori, aka the monster that destroyed Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon, and Sylvio using Rise of the Abyss King were nice highlights (RotBK was one in hindsight, I was rather mad about the whole “cannot respond to effect while controlling a Level 7” thing, but then I got it in the mail the next day. I had no idea that it had been a card for ages, so my opinion flip-flopped on the clever use of an already-made card.)
    I did expect Leo to be taken out quickly, but I actually didn’t think that he’d duel. He needs his deck expanded, I need to be able to write entertaining duels with it in Dissidia! (ignore ramble) I’m looking quite forward to seeing Declan duel again.
    Really though, Zarc was the one who owned this episode. I’m honestly impressed at how what seems to be a generic doomsday villain is being given some neat hidden depths and motivations that differ from the usual “humanity is corrupt” shtick (admittedly, it’s still WHY he exists, but it’s not what drives him.)

    1. aramire77

      Putting aside my infuriation for Crow and Sawatari treatment, the two of them did quite well in the Duel (Crow for damaging Zarc and get under Zarc’s skin, Sawatari for forcing Zarc on defensive and also get under his skin).
      The usual “humanity is corrupt” antagonist that you said usually destroy the world because they hate humanity for their wrong doings and such, but in Zarc’s case, while he was born and revived from humanity’s corrupt hearts and his dragons are also furious towards humanity for forcing them to fight to entertain them, Zarc’s main driving force is to become the strongest in the world. I think, in his own twisted view, Zarc thinks that his rampage was his way of responding to people’s expectations and that his revival was the result of people’s desires for him to keep winning.

      1. Sanokal

        They certainly did, I just didn’t bother mentioning it because I know that Crow doing so well antagonizes people.
        Not quite. Zorc is really the only one who hates humanity out of the previous final bosses (and even then only because they get in his way); Nightshroud exhibits a general lack of emotion in general, and D-sen (not his real name, Eva) opposed a different faction.
        If what Crow and Sylvio said is true, Zarc is also partially motivated by an inferiority complex and a fear of losing.

        1. aramire77

          True, Zarc seems to hate/fear losing very much, considering his reaction at Crow’s suggestion about it. That’s why really need a flashback from Zarc’s perceptive. Even one episode is fine. As long as Zarc’s character is explored more.

        2. Eva

          The fear of losing definitely makes sense as he is someone who was implied to have been previously a nobody and eventually established a strong track record for the longest time. And if he were to lose it all, what would become of him? How would the people respond to that? It’s as if Zarc felt he had too much to lose, which basically made him go insane by responding to the people’s wishes of escalating his dueling style to the point he’s a monster.

  2. aramire77

    You precisely described my feelings about this episode in words. I feel really sorry for Sawatari who got unfair treatment. This is a new series, so they should’ve focus on the characters from ARC-V instead of from the previous series. Good thing I’ve prepared not to expect anything, so I’m not very disappointed. Seeing Zarc’s real face and Reiji’s early speech are the only thing that made it worth watching this episode. And finally Yuya will appear again in the next episode! I miss you! XD
    Speaking of Zarc, Gongenzaka and the others have continuously referring Zarc as Yūya during their Duel, so I’m quite surprised that Shuzo and the others just realized it now even though they have heard them throughout the Duel. Gongenzaka and the others have been referring Zarc as Yuya, but how come Shuzo and the others never wondering about it?

    1. Eva

      Yeah there seems to be a disconnect or something. I mean the real question that they should be asking is, “What happened to Yuuya?” unless they are in total denial.
      Actually I have a better question: Where the hell is Yuuya’s mom during all of this?!?!?! I would expect her to be part of this as well considering the dimension is falling apart.

      1. aramire77

        That’s right! It’s just so strange that his own mother is not present!

  3. Seungmi

    Actually I enjoyed this episode and Sawatari made it better. I thought it was sweet at the end when they were falling but looking for each other to see if they were ok, comparing the Sawatari that stole Yuya’s cards and put Yuzu and the Standard children in danger to the one that dueled now, it was really nice to see his progress. So considering these last episodes were predictable and boring, I liked this one (Zarc’s face was an extra, HOW CAN HE BE SO CUTE!? HOW!?) -Crow apart, I don’t mind him- I think somehow Reira is right, even though no one would really forgive Leo for what he has done, Reiji deep down still wants him to redeem? (at least it seemed that for me, besides, Leo is still his father). I hope Reiji or Ray can end this duel, or save Yuya’s soul so he can defeat Zarc srsly it’s about time for the duel to end, arc-v pls.
    Btw, Eva, I’ve been reading your posts for a long time now (but I never commented lol idk why) and I always look forward to read them, it’s always nice to see another perspective, thank you so much for taking the time to keep writing even though these last episodes were a bit dissapointing.

    1. aramire77

      Now that you mentioned it, Sawatari has indeed grown. He maybe still boastful, smug, and an idiot to a certain degree, but now he is definitely a much better person than before. The way he shows concern for other and everything, I don’t think the early Sawatari will be like that. And seeing Zarc’s expressions changed from his usual arrogant snarky smile to being annoyed was nice too, as you’ve said.
      Throughout the series, Reiji always refers Leo by his name. But then when he saw Leo got defeated and helped him, he finally called him “Dad” like he used to. If you ask me, yes, I think Reiji wants Leo to redeem.

      1. Eva

        Sawatari’s character development ftw! He has definitely grown a lot!
        Too bad Leo didn’t even get the chance to LOL.That was super awkward! 😂
        *Leo gets ONE-SHOT*

        1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

          Leo dropping dead like a fly actually made me laugh more than when I was watching 99% of Yuya’s duels. MAYBE Leo can also try to be an “entertainer” once he stopped being a mad scientist? XD XD
          HOWEVER, Reiji forgiving Leo that easily is just… Uggh, I don’t know how to describe such a cringe moment.

    2. Eva

      Thank you so much! And welcome! 😀
      Seeing how much Sawatari has gone through himself and how he grown as a character is what made me so excited to see what he could show and how he would communicate with Zarc. Pity he only got to have six minutes to show off his awesomeness. (It was fun while it lasted).

  4. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    (Screw it, I’m SOOO TRIGGERED I’m not gonna make a commentary on this one.)
    THIS WAS A TERRIBLE EPISODE. How the fuck did the SUPER ULTRA HYPER STRONG NEO NEW DUELIST SAWATARI SHINGO lose?! Not only that, but he was the only duelist to NOT EVEN GET A FULL TURN! (*Shakes fist) The writers are so unoriginal and uninspired that they gave him one new AA card that basically just let him used his already introduced cards more, and then proceeded to give every single other character a full turn, including the copy and pasted “I don’t want to write full arcs for the characters we made so lets just recycle old characters and pretend we have the ability to make a character arc” legacy characters. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK??!!! >:(
    It’s very painful to see the goddamn writers cement Sawatari as the greatest JOBBER of all Yugioh history, because Sawatari was ALWAYS fun to watch because as long as they have his characterization down he’ll be fun to watch no matter WHAT he’s doing (unlike a certain Tomato Egao Messiah). It certainly didn’t help that Crow was “revived” just for the sake of more Blackfeather shilling. I’m the one who usually enjoyed Crow’s duels a lot… except THIS one. The moment he stepped in I KNEW he was just being stamped as Konami’s cash cow for MOAR BLACKFEATHERS. To make this episode worse, The FUCKER SHIVERS KID & Kotori ver.2 are both outside the You Show Duel School… I’m surprised that I didn’t stop watching the episode altogether. While the Shivers Kid didn’t go “SHIVEERUU~~” even once (out of fear that he might reignite everyone’s rage), we must sincerely beg him to do that again so that we can hate him like good-old days. As for Sayaka… she needs to change her glasses soon. She saw Shun & KAITOFUCKER dueling Zarc at such a CLOSE distance and she’s still fucking blind. (*Facepalm)
    However, I do laugh hard on one thing: LEO steps in and attempts to act like the Messiah that everyone needs, but in the end he got rekted faster than literally ANYONE ELSE. So much for a Yugioh “boss” villain who was relegated to a jobber. That being said, I’ll seriously flip if Reiji ACTUALLY beats Zarc because as much as I love him, should the main rival ends up with NO defeats in the show that’s just unacceptable, especially given that the returning rivals were relegated to jobbers.

    1. Eva


  5. revolutionhippo

    Man… I dunno what to even say about this show anymore, it’s really sad how they keep destroying reputations and letting us down.
    For one, I get why Leo had to be swiftly defeated, that’s fine, but why the heck was Reiji so quick to forgive him? Isn’t the entire point of his character arc that he hates Leo and wants to get his revenge on him? Now all of a sudden he’s not blaming him for anything!? Yes, Zarc is an embodiment of his bloodthirsty society, and it’s not ENTIRELY Leo’s fault for Zarc existing in the first place. But you know what IS Leo’s fault? Essentially killing Yuya, who Reiji supposedly considers a friend, as well as Yuzu and Selena and a bunch of other people Reiji SHOULD care about just for his selfish desire of reviving Ray and the Original Dimension.
    Crow is just…. uuugh, Crow. Back in 5Ds he wasn’t this bad. Now, I didn’t even notice until the WRGP arc how he had essentially vampired all of Aki’s screentime and taken her place as a character, even randomly becoming a Signer. But even back then, at least he had a point. What is this Crow’s purpose? Why couldn’t they revive anyone else? Dennis, Tsukikage, dare I say Asuka? Crow doesn’t even use pendulum to fit with Sawatari!
    And what really bugs me is that Sawatari was GOOD in this episode. In the few minutes he had, he pulled off an AMAZING turn! He almost totally defeated Zarc if it weren’t for that deus ex machina effect with no substance that saved him. Even his dialogue suggested how well he had grown to know Yuya and his brave tactics and calling Zarc out on his overly defensive playstyle. That’s something only someone who was really close to Yuya could’ve said and I’d believe it. Seriously, Sawatari defeating Zarc, even if Zarc (as in, the guy Zarc) managed to revive the Supreme King Dragon Zarc, how awesome would that have been!?
    Meanwhile… the flashback only served to remind me of why this Zarc is so boring. He doesn’t even LOOK like Zarc. And his only personality is “I’m really strong, you’re gonna lose”. I wanted to see the Zarc who talked to duel monster spirits and was enraged by the way his cards felt pressured by society. I wanted to see a Zarc who actually heard the voices of duel spirits and felt compassion for them and wasn’t just a devil for no reason but because he had a cause. At the very least they could give him his original appearance. Zarc is competing for the biggest disappointment in this show, and he’s got some fierce competition.

    1. Eva

      It would have been SUPER BADASS to see Sawatari beat Zarc, (not that I expected him to), but I am more than satisfied with him being able to hold his own for as long as he did. The only thing I wished for is that he had an entire episode to himself. But then again, if it would probably be weird to see Sawatari hold his own when Shun, Gongenzaka, and the other powerhouses fell earlier- unless we say he takes everything he has observed into account- which he did. Either way, Sawatari’s character has undergone incredible growth, so it’s a shame he only got six minutes of fame to showcase that.
      Agree, I wish we were able to see Zarc in his true body. Yuuya being mutated is admittedly cool and has finally grown on me, but is still underwhelming in comparison. Maybe when Ray appears we can get some backstory, but at this point I’m not holding my breath for the much desired flashbacks.
      But in all seriousness, I just want this fight to be done and overwith already TT_____TT If you were gonna throw Reiji in, it should’ve been with Sawatari at this point. I’m done with this marathon. Let’s move on.

      1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

        There are no so-called “other powerhouses”, there is ONLY one powerhouse and his name is SUPER ULTRA HYPER STRONG NEO NEW DUELIST SAWATARI SHINGO-san!
        “I just want this fight to be done and over with already”
        Yes, it must end with Reiji’s DEFEAT. Having a totally invincible rival who hasn’t lost even once is just unacceptable.

  6. Yugioh Fan

    Okay I thought the episode wasn’t to bad, but they are definitely over using Crow, and I’m a Crow fan, so when a Crow fan thinks there’s too much of him you know someone fucked up. Although the duel was okay Crow and Silvio(Shingo) did some damage, gt under Zarc’s skin and forced him on the defensive.
    I still can’t believe Leo was telling the truth about the carded people being restored after the dimensions fused, I thought he was just lying to get everyone to follow his plan. Of course, this doesn’t change the fact that Leo is still the biggest asshole in Yugioh history, not the biggest in anime history, that category is locked up by Kyuba from Madoka Magica, but Leo could definitely be in the top 10.
    Next episode we finally get to see Declan(Reiji) take on Zarc and Yuya and the others, except Yuri probably, fight back against Zarc. Declan(Reiji) won’t be able to beat Zarc in my opinion, but he should be able to lower is LP down to 4000 or less to make it more far for Ray to come in, finish Zarc off in epic 3 to 4 episode duel, and free the Yu boys.
    Yeah, I don’t know about 154 episodes, Zexal was only 146 and the Yugioh series keep getting short, so I’d personally wager Arc V lasting to 150.
    Also does anyone else think Zarc is the most OP card ever, I mean I’ve seen plenty of OP cards or startgies in the history of Yugioh: Dartz, Yubel, Don Thousand, Aporia, Z-one, but Zarc has got to be the most OP duelist ever with what his fused dragon self does.

    1. Eva

      Yes the episode wasn’t too bad, but there were definitely cringe moments with the decisions that were made. At least Sawatari made the most of his time I guess.
      154 is definitely a stretch, one I would hope just because there’s A LOT that needs to be covered in ten episodes, and we’re in for another episode of this nonsensical marathon. (How many does that make it? Five!?) 150 would be good, but anything less- god help this poor show.
      Zarc is so OP, I’m not even trying to make sense of how his cards works anymore.

    2. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

      “Leo is still the biggest asshole in Yugioh history”
      At least he actually provided us “entertainment” by jobbing hard like a scrub and made everyone laughed their asses off. XD

    3. Yithar

      Yeah, I actually liked Crow as a character, especially if you contrast him with Bolger/Bolton in 5Ds. Bolger couldn’t understand Pearson’s wishes and thought he was just being selfish, but Crow understood Pearson’s feelings and inherited his will. “Pearson, your will, I’ve cerainly inherited it!”
      But yeah here in Arc-V he’s been taking up too much time. And it doesn’t really make sense why he got revived specifically after being carded. Someone definitely screwed up somewhere. Or they might be doing it on purpose to sell cards, I don’t know.

  7. 75chaosflare

    It really doesn’t say much the Leo is without a doubt the worst villain in YGO and the greatest moron of all time.
    I’ll be honest with saying this and the previous episode were the only bearable onesfrom the whole Zarc fight in comparison with the others and that’s mainly because of Gon, Jack and Sawatari only.
    I get the whole society’s to blame stuff but really this whole thing is Leo’s fault in general. My main problem with Reiji speech is that the majority of people that was solely responsible for Zarc in the original world are already dead plus all of Leo’s actions led to Zarc reawakening. In the end, it is Leo’s fault as a whole. Reiji’s speech can easily be seen as a misinterpretation but still it wouldn’t work much and makes it feel like everyone that’s present is to blame and make Leo a freaking Martyr.

    1. aramire77

      I think Reiji didn’t mean Zarc’s birth in the original world, but rather Zarc’s rebirth in the present. The official synopsis in the magazine scan and Japanese media said that the feelings of those who believe in Yuya have helped him revived, and it’s also overlapped with the memories of Zarc’s fans when they were cheering him for more violent Duel.
      Also, this is partly my own theory: Zarc once said when he destroyed the original world that human’s desire for conflict and lust for battle has given him power. Not to mention, the dragons’ anger for being forced to fight just to fulfil this desire. I think that also applies in the present. In Synchro Dimension, where as we all know, the residents of City urged Duelists to crush their opponents and all. And then Academia, most of them really enjoyed invading other dimensions and turn its residents into cards like a hunting game. People of Heartland doesn’t have the same thing as the other two, but after being invaded, some people like Shun and Kaito before developed hatred and got blinded by it and wanted to defeat Academia at all cost. All of these are actually not so different from lust for battle, right? Yuri, Yugo, and Yuto who lived in those dimensions were adjusting and influenced by their environment, which inadvertently strengthened Zarc’s power inside them. And of course Yuya, who went to all those three dimensions must experienced the hardship of those environment that several times made him went berserk. I think what is necessary for Zarc’s rebirth is more than just Yuya and his counterparts gathering together with their Dragons in one place. Influencing all of his reincarnations with all these factors are also important for Zarc’s revival. Maybe this is what Reiji meant by the current society responsible for Zarc’s birth.
      Though, in the end, as you’ve said, everything is directed to Leo. If only Leo could’ve just let his daughter go, all the conflict would never happened in the first place. If Leo doesn’t get punished for his actions once Zarc is defeated, I really can’t accept it. If Reiji or the others want to forgive him then okay fine, but that doesn’t mean they can just let him walk slide, he still needs to be punished. Sentence him to be imprisoned, exiled, or something anywhere for long period of times where he can have his self-introspection.

      1. 75ChaosFlare

        Still sums up with kissing up to Yuya was the dumbest thing this series has done. Even Reiji who should have heard that flashback from Leo acknowledged that but nope, he was practically useless at that time and Yuya’s cheerleader since Yuzu’s character was already destroyed and dead at that time.
        This is Ygo, the chances are it’s not going to happen. Especially with people’s beloved Messiah easily converting them.

        1. Yugioh Fan

          Okay, in Yuya’s deference, the other protagonists like Yugi, Jaden(Judai) and Yuma have also converted people they beat in duels to there side. Because all the protagonist believe dueling is not a tool for conflict, but meant to be enjoyed a bring people together, so when they see people using dueling for that, they naturally take up arms to stop them, and show them the right way and even show the one there dueling that they were not meant to be evil, but a force for good. Of course, the one there dueling is usually stubborn, so they have to beat the truth into them by actually beating them in a duel. Examples of this include:
          Yugi v.s. Rafael
          Jaden v.s. Aster(Edo)
          Yuma v.s. Trey
          Yuma v.s. Altio
          Although, in Yuya’s case they have taken his Egoaing to far, before the end of the Xyz arc in episode 112 his Egaoing was fine in my opinion, but after episode 112 it really just got out of hand, I’m still ticked he converted BB.

          1. 75ChaosFlare

            The main problem when you compare every of the people that Yugi, Judai(Jaden), Yusei and Yuma face in comparison with Yuya what stands out is that they have their or reasons for why they change as well as have their own beliefs. With Yuya literally everything is the generic “oh no I was wrong and you were right” ideal shoving into peoples throats. After that there’s absolutely nothing to remember them by that isn’t dueling. Can’t really think of much with the Tyler Sisters because all we see them doing is play a cardgame and that’s; all we saw of Edo was a whiney loser that is only remembered for being in GX; I’m pretty no one was to bring up the uselessness that is ARC-V. Overall, all those shows had more character and emotion as well as understanding but with ARC-V there is very little of once you get to past the afterthought that is Synchro, rushed XYZ and disastrous Fusion arcs.

  8. 75chaosflare

    I wouldn’t say she possessed Ray more like manipulated or talked into doing this crap. Amazing how from a PTSD kid with constant panic attacks instantly turned into a unknown Psychic child.
    And for the whole people be uncarded is again one of the major things wrong with ARC-V. They rush too much stuff, cram in all theses details that happened off-screen, all for the sake of the plot. Doing this already late in the game especially with many arc pissed me off and still does. No stake, no risks whatsoever. You know it’s bad when Zexal and GX had more emotion and more constructed things going for their show then this.
    All I can say now is the quicker the show or this arc is the better it is to make me forget all the characters I did love back then been ruin so much that it’s hard to believe I ever fell in love with it.

    1. aramire77

      Why do the studio decided to end the series now of all times anyway. It’s because they decided to end the series soon many things became too rushed. If only they prolong it one more year or at the very least half a year, then perhaps it won’t be this rushed.

  9. Becs

    In all honesty I am losing similar patience with the series as well… It looks as if next episode will be the end of the card advertising marathon with no purpose.
    The ONLY positive I’m finding in all this is that at least there is progression shown in getting through to Zarc rather than you go though 3 episodes where’s he’s ultra powerful and nothing affects him and then one episode he SUDDENLY cares and is humanised!
    I will give them a point for gradually showing the human side that Zarc is afraid of losing.
    I actually didn’t see that frame of his original face… That’s cool we finally see his face. His outfit looks like an awesome combination of the four but also unique.
    I am with you if Reira duels possessed by Ray! I will flip 100 tables in fury if that happens!!! You can’t build up a character and then NOT SHOW HER!! It would make her presence in the story more shallow than it already is! We want our girls back.
    My friend and I even came up with a nickname for Ray.
    Currently she is Divine Spirit Ray (Will become Divine Saviour Ray if she does something worthwhile and is revived)
    and Zarc is obviously Supreme King Zarc!
    I really want Ray to revive, then she faces Zarc and all the girls call out to their respective counterparts and that helps break them all apart!
    I’m dreaming of the perfect reunioin between all three… *Yuzu and Yuya hugging, Yugo trying to glomp Rin with his famous ‘RIIIIINNNNNN!’ and getting punched (would be more hilarious if he tries hugging the other 3 first before he gets to his girl and gets punched by each one including Rin himself), Ruri would hug Yuto who would get flustered and embarrassed cos he realises Shun is there, and Selena and Yuri would… Stare at each other,,, quite awkwardly*
    *sigh* only in my dreams….

    1. Yugioh Fan

      Hey now friend, don’t give up on that beautiful dream of yours. I myself am holding out hope that my vision of a perfect ending montage happens during the last episode, which shows us how everyone’s doing, after either the dimensions fuse together, or separate but can still be visited(it’s unknown which one will happen, with Leo unable to decide weather to fuse the dimensions or not).
      My dream for the ending montage:
      Yuya and Zuzu(Yuzu) have duel at the You Show School, as there parents, the kids from Standard, Gong and Sora watch them.
      Silvio is showing off to a bunch of LDS students.
      Declan(Reiji) and Riley(Reira) have a duel, while there mother and other LDS students and employees watch them(including those 3 LDS students who each uses one of the 3 extra deck summoning methods).
      Moon Shadow(Tsukikage) and Sun Shadow(Hikage) jump through trees together, like the ninja brothers they are.
      Yuto and Lulu are sitting on a park bench together blushing, as Shay(Shun) tries to interrupt there date, being the over protected brother that he is, only to be held back by Allen and Sayaka, as Kite(Kaito) and his uncarded family watch on laughing.
      Crow and Chojiro take care of the kids from Synchro, while watching a tag team turbo duel between Yugo and Rin v.s. Jack and Shinji, along with other Synchro dimension residents.
      Aster(Edo) takes over as the professor of Duel Academy and is filling out paper work Barrett gave him.
      Dennis, Alexis(Asuka) and Celina(Serena) have a 3 way duel, in front of many Academy students, including the Tyler Sisters, Mamoru(the clock guy), and BB, to show them what true entertainment dueling is.
      Lastly Yuri is seen, either as a wondering no mad, or in a jail cell serving out time along side Leo, the creepy Parasite Doctor, Sanders and the Obelisk force.
      And that is my dream for the ending of Arc V, that I hope with all my hope, comes to pass.

      1. 75ChaosFlare

        This is Yugioh, easy odds say they get off easy and the fact that the show never let Yuzu duel once in 2016 as well as the fact they made Serena(who was mind controlled and using a different deck) get one makes any chances of her not being a stand in all the more obvious and shows they really couldn’t care less.

  10. Nile Wanderer

    This is horrible writing. Their is no tension. Because the audience knows at this point whats going to happen, just like with Jack Atlas or with Kaito. They are going to summon their ace monsters but because no one informed them of how Zarc works, they get blasted out. But not before two more guys show up with an intrusion penalty. Its this really predictable and boring mess. I will even admit, I enjoyed Sawatari being the smug jerk that he is as he got Zarc all defensive and just eating those insults. Zarc’s deck is not impressive. It doesn’t make me want his cards because of how uninspired and uninteresting they actually are.
    I wouldn’t care at this point if Yugi just bust in out of nowhere, entered with 2000 LP (intrusion penalty) and revealed his opening hand to have all five pieces of Exodia and then walk off like nothing happened.

  11. danio13

    Screw Shingo so much. He had pretty much unchanged throughout the whole series. You would think seeing someone carded will snap her into being so stuck up, but nope

  12. HaremKingMakoto

    This was a good duel.

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