WHAT IS THEIR OBSESSION WITH CROW? FORGET ABOUT THE GOD DAMN BLACKWINGS SUPPORT, WHY DID THEY BRING HIM BACK JUST TO PARTNER HIM UP WITH SAWATARI? OF ALL PEOPLE, THEY HAD TO PICK CROW? I never liked the guy in the first place, but at this point I am so freaking sick of him taking over another character’s spot (I am still salty of his character taking over Aki’s screentime), so yes, this is infuriating to me. I am so done with this. We don’t need both Jack and Crow to be part of this, we don’t. It’s not necessary. God damn it I would have been more than satisfied with Sawatari fighting on his own!

What difference does it even make? We all know he’s going to lose anyways! /End Rant

Sorry I had to get that off my chest.

In the beginning of the episode, as I have been for the past two weeks, I was dreading how this episode was going to be, but much to my surprise, it was actually good. I enjoyed seeing Gongenzaka be the badass he is, earn the praise from Zarc, being the mighty steadfast duelist he is and didn’t waver the slightest. He did what he had to do, protect Jack for as along as he can, and hit a nerve. What made this episode the best of the three we have seen so far was because of Gongenzaka’s passionate speech. And while doing so, he was able to get under Zarc’s skin, get him to react to the word of entertainment, and even got him to put on his own performance. But as expected, Zarc’s definition of entertainment includes being violent, and it’s no exaggeration with the way he eliminated Jack, almost killing him in the process. (Truthfully speaking, if we were applying real world logic, Jack would be long dead after that strike).

Now this is how to pass the baton.

Better yet, it was Gongenzaka who has passed on his dueldisk to Sawatari, and before Crow came into the picture, I was like, “OH GOODIE!!!!” because I know Sawatari is just the right person to get under Zarc’s skin with his performance. Do I expect him to beat him? Hardly as I can count with my hand how many duels Sawatari has won through his own abilities. But he has undergone a whole lot of character development, and I really hope we can see that shine in this fight.

There’s not a whole lot to talk about as I have addressed many points in my previous posts. Though before I wrap it up, I will say I was shocked they are actually mentioned Yuugo. I wasn’t expecting it, so I was definitely caught off-guard. It’s nice they mentioned him, but it would have been even nicer if it weren’t the two characters who don’t know a single thing about him.

Oh right, there is one more thing I do have to address. And I got to say, the thing made me laugh, laugh real hard. Laugh so hard, my stomach hurts.

Get this, the Professor is trying to split up the dimension again.


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  1. Sanokal

    That wasn’t Crow’s fault; blame the cults. If anything, he stole Leo’s screentime (no, not THIS Leo). I’ve never understood the hate people have for him.
    Technically, Sylvio knows a little about Yugo; it’s not much, but it’s something.
    Honestly, the fact that this time, their attempts WORKED made this episode that much more entertaining.
    Though I mirror your reaction to Leo. I want my original Yu-Gi-Oh! world back!

    1. Eva

      Yeah Crow himself is a good character, but I think I could never really bring myself to like him because of the way he has been constantly plugged into the story. He needs his own “space” in the story.

      1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

        I can’t believe I’m saying, but while I NEVER actually hated Crow back in 5D’s, Arc V has succeeded in making me want to forget about his existence in this show. My level of animosity towards Arc V’s KAITOFUCKER is still higher, though.

    2. aramire77

      I don’t hate the idea of crossover between characters from other series, but I have to say that characters like Crow and the others have indeed hogged too much of the original characters’ screen times.
      I wonder if the writers are planning to do crossover again in the next Yugioh series. If they do, they better do it right and not repeating this same mistake.

  2. No One

    Jack and Gongenzaka actually lasted longer than one turn against Zarc. That’s impressive.

    1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

      TEAM SYNCHRO FTW! 😀 And hey they even mentioned Yugo’s name!

  3. aramire77

    Glad to know that I’m not the only one who thinks that this episode is the best out of the three Duels against Zarc. The previous two Duels didn’t really make such an impact towards Zarc. He is still unscathed, but at the very least Zarc is reacting to Gongenzaka’s speech. When Jack was defeated, for a moment I thought his D-Wheel was going to hit him like what happened in 5D’s.
    Sawatari didn’t get to shine in Duel against BB, so I hope in this Sunday’s episode he will do more. Plus, unlike the others, Sawatari is the only one who is actually WEARING Yuya’s pendant. I hope this means something.
    I’m also happy that someone mentioned Yugo’s name. I can understand Sawatari mentioned his name since he at least has Dueled him once, but I never thought Tanner of all people to say that Yugo is an ally. I don’t remember anyone mentioning Yugo as Yuzu and Yuya’s ally in Synchro Dimension Arc.
    Leo trying to split the dimension again just show how much he is desperate. The life energies to revive his daughter was not enough and instead only bring back the four cards she used to defeat Zarc. I’m betting that Leo’s new plan is: Defeat Zarc by splitting him and the world again, and then start preparing for his daughter’s revival again from scratch (a.k.a repeating the invasion and everything all over again).
    By the way, in my country’s time, you’re updating faster than usual. Did you stay up late again like last week? If you did, don’t force yourself. If you don’t have much time of the day, you can always do it the next days. Your health is more important after all, so take care 😀

    1. 75chaosflare

      They never did or it was offscreen and never mentioned until now for the sake of the plot because apparently even the show acknowledge Yugo didn’t get to have anyone close to him in his own dimension/arc. Sawatari is somewhat understandable since they only spoke once.

      1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

        The “brief” moment when Yugo & Yuzu warned the citizens about Academia’s existence but failed in a hilarious manner (LOL Yugo) while the kids attempted to steal food from a restaurant and accidentally encountered them(episode 57)?

        1. 75ChaosFlare

          They really didn’t paid much attention too them nor knew their names at the time. All they did was take advantage of them to steal food. If they had interacted with them briefly I would have understood.

  4. Virginia

    I have no issues with Crow but carding him and Tsukikage was pointless if they were gonna bring him back.
    And I have a theory that as each dimension merges with Fusion, that newly margining dimension’s carded residents will come back to life.
    Because Crow came back when the Synchro Dimension’s City appeared in the the Fusion Dimension and within the voids of space that is Zarc’s sky.
    And oh, The Professor couldn’t think of a safer way to merge dimensions and came up with wormholes. Aster, What’s with the ghosts we saw last episode?
    Aww and did you guys see ED5 being referenced when it was just Yuya, Gong, and Yuzu in the old days?

    1. Eva

      Yeah what was the point of carding him, since they did that I would have preferred Tsukikage (though he isn’t an entertainment duelist – but then again, neither is Crow) to be brought back instead.

      1. 75chaosflare

        For the sake of forced drama(though that failed because Tsukikage was carded offscreen and I’d rather have him than this Crow) and hammering in Yuya being EGAO Messiah until the real plot demanded him to be serious.

        1. Eva

          These are the kinds of things that drive me nuts in stories. When they force drama, it never pays off.

          1. 75chaosflare

            Especially since Tsukikage’s (arguably the most useful member of the poor excuse of a team) ended up suffering the most and worst offscreen.

  5. revolutionhippo

    Crow is back! How much do you wanna bet they won’t bring back Asuka?
    Anyway, this episode was really really good. Maybe it was just because I like Jack and Gongenzaka so much, but this felt like the most exciting of the three to me too. It also didn’t hurt that the animation looked much better than the past two episodes, and that added a lot. The duel also felt more tense. Jack even lasted an extra turn compared to everyone else! But for me the highlight of the episode was definitely Gongenzaka pulling out all his monsters and recalling his entire friendship with Yuya and how they grew together.
    I actually forgot Sawatari even knew Yugo until he mentioned it, so it was kind of nice to hear him mention that as well. They actually did have a little bit of a connection, but it was far from an actual friendship. Sawatari will definitely be the one to make the biggest impression on Zarc though, since he was the one Yuya had his first major “entertainment duel” against, and he happens to be the only Lancer so far with a pendulum deck. Plus his antics and goofiness (which haven’t gone away despite the crisis he’s in) will probably annoy Zarc at the very least. Also, I really get a kick out seeing of him using Gongenzaka’s duel disk. But this begs the question, if the same duel disk can intrude in a duel more than once, does that mean Sora and Edo could theoretically enter back into the duel?
    The other thing that confused me about this episode is that it played Jack’s “victory” music as he was being brutally defeated, which just felt off. I feel pretty bad for Jack, given he was definitely the strongest of the Lancers thusfar, and Zarc even said as much himself. Getting to see him in one last (kind of) riding duel was great.
    Meanwhile, where the heck even are Reiji are Reira!?

    1. Eva

      Even if they bring Asuka back, all she is going to say is, “Yuuya!”
      Reiji and Reira are currently walking in circles and are forced to be absolutely useless yet again. *FACEPALM*

      1. 75chaosflare

        She doesn’t even know Yuya making it all the more forced. At this point she’s better off carded until the last episode. Edo wasn’t carded and it made him more of a moron for contributing nothing but useless exposition.

  6. 75ChaosFlare

    I am very glad that Sawatari at least got a new duel disk instead of his being magically fixed.
    In my opinion, the majority of problems with this can easily be summed up in what is a team. I have harped on this a lot of times but at this point, it’s undeniable that these are no heroes nor a team unless the plot demands them to do something; and even then it’s just for kissing up to Yuya in the end(something that ended up being a literal trigger).
    Gon and Sawatari could have been a decent team with development showing what their POV’s are regarding this kind of situation involving war as well as try to work as a team despite their differences. But how does that work? Instead, you get their poor treatment in XYZ arc where they were nothing but punching bags offscreen then the pirate episode(one that I was pissed off with) where not only was Yuzu kidnapped in the laziest route imaginable but Gon/Sawatari get easily tied up like idiots just so only Yuya can do something, and even then it had to be Sora to win just to shill a new fusion card. Next, we have the infamous BB arc(pretty much the arc that no one asked for and because of now was completely regardless of Tsukikage suffering for it). Tsukikage arguably the most useful member of the team gets carded offscreen for the sole purpose of hyping a random no name only made him leave a message that was somewhat pointless. Then we get the crowing achieve of dumb where Crow’s first reaction within the “duel” with BB, “Well, obvious I can’t think of anything so I’ll just attack Sawatari putting him in more harm than before”. Breaking Sawatari’s duel disk, the dumbest move imaginable and made him a vulnerable target where he would have been carded if Yuya/Gon didn’t conveniently arrive. Then Reira’s move of trying to guilt-trip Reiji with a person he’s never known existed just because that person is his sister and she’s lonely when Reiji has so many “friends”.
    130 happened, where we had Edo and Kaito ganging up on Yugo which ended up him losing as well as the duel being dull as hell. I know it will easily be defended with “they had no choice and Yugo was attacking them first” but in truth, one did have a choice and that was Edo who literally chose during his own turn to attack Yugo directly instead of Yuri, the guy he knew Yugo was fighting against plus was wide open. That left Yugo to use a card that could have saved him but instead they made Edo along with Kaito look like heroes who knew what they were doing.
    Lastly, the final fight where it’s basically more nostalgia pandering job after the other. Sure it’s very great to see these legacy characters in theory but putting them instead the just the original ones we started out with in this series as well have them connect more can be seen as disappointing, not to mention most of them (Jack/Gon, Edo/Sora) barely ever had any interaction between the other before and only now it feel as rushed. In short, yeah there are a bunch of problems and are indeed not very interesting when the characters we should route for make more errors without much effort to fix it.

    1. Eva

      Well said.

    2. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

      I’d rather pretend that the BATTLE BITCH mini-arc never happened. Episode 130 still pissed me off until today and will forever remain so because it made KAITOFUCKER and Edo complete idiots, an insulting travesty to those iconic duelists in their original series.

  7. 75chaosflare

    Crow is Konami’s infamous cash cow and a 5D’s character cue Ono’s favoritism/laziness. The shows logic for it is borderline dumb but in reality things are think this –
    During the battle:
    Sawatari: “It sure does suck that I can’t duel right now but it’s all thanks to my great friend Crow, who did something so stupid it beats me announcing the work of Action Cards in front of police officers. However, the script tells me to say he saved me in order to make Konami’s infamous cash cow look good.”
    Once Crow is uncarded:
    Crow: “Man Sawatari, it’s good that I Crow have conveniently been brought back into this series for one more duel with you; especially since during our team up where I thought we had no chance, I came up with the amazing idea of putting you in more danger. But since this fake, not Yuya dragon was able to defeat Jack and all your other friends with ease, I think we have a great chance to win.”
    Sawatari: “Crow, you are the best friend a guy could ever have. I can’t wait to see how you’ll end up paying me for my duel disk you broke after all of this.”
    I’ve heard people constantly defending that moment and telling me, “But Crow DID save Sawatari by doing it and he had no choice” I honestly don’t understand that because: what exactly would people call it if Yuya and Gon didn’t conveniently arrive after knowing that people can still get carded without dueling even during that arc and Sawatari still have a broken duel disk in front of BB? Keep in mind, Sawatai got an automatic [b]forfeit[/b](meaning he still loses while being even more vulnerable against BB than before) because of that stunt. Doesn’t even help the case when Crow and Sawatari supposedly saw the people they were going to face get carded off-screen right in front of them, the guy who wasn’t dueling at all throwing his deck away in fear of BB attacking him got carded. That was a move to make Crow look good but in fact, makes 5D’s Crow a genius for hiding in a fridge to escape death. Or better yet you could easily call it the show using 5D’S logic when Yusei was going to die if his D-wheel didn’t break and Kiryu choosing to leave; which wouldn’t be surprising since this is Ono level of favoritism.

    1. Eva

      Favoritism at its finest alright.
      Yeah if I had the choice, I would have preferred Gongenzaka and Sawatari to duo together, and I think it would have made an even bigger impact given both know Yuuya extremely well.

  8. 75ChaosFlare

    On the subject of Leo: There’s not really anything new that he’s the kind of moron that can’t make up his mind. Can’t blame Zarc on this one since he wasn’t doing any harm at the time Leo thought about making his fragment a psychopath and his secret right-hand man in kidnapping his daughter’s fragments. Since this is Yugioh, they’ll likely let him off easy and blame it on Zarc. I will say he know beat Dr.Faker at worst villain department in my opinion.
    Also, I can’t be the only one who wonders what exactly did anyone follow Leo in the first place before invading XYZ? Did all of them thought this was some kind of school project or some military boot camp? Cause if so I’d rather fail and get sent to the school near the Volcano with a wacky teacher, secret dorms, and actual classes that have fun card games.

    1. Eva

      I’m pretty sure the reason why everyone followed him was because they all thought they were going on some heroic quest or something stupid like that.
      Yikes when they invaded the XYZ Realm, it look anything but heroism.
      I would like to see Leo punished for his actions, it will be annoying if he doesn’t. But I’m not holding my breath for it with the way things are right now.

      1. Yugioh Fan

        Well in the students defenses some of them did think they were doing good, but realized that there boss was insane. Think back to the conversation between Zuzu(Yuzu) and Celina(Serena):
        Zuzu(Yuzu): You guys invaded the Xyz dimension and carded the people how could you?
        Celina(Serena): Hey they were duelists to they knew the risk of being carded by fighting back, they shouldn’t complain at what happened.
        Zuzu(Yuzu): And what about those who didn’t fight back, Celina they didn’t just card duelist who resisted them , they carded innocent people too, women, children. Shay said they took sick pleasure in it, making a game out of it.
        Celina(Serena): (In Shock) No they wouldn’t do that.
        So basically Duel Academy is like the military, the students signed up to invade other places and kill enemy troops, but they didn’t sign up to hurt the innocent people who live in those other place, that cross a line, which is why when some found out like Celina(Serena) and Alexis(Asuka) they defected.
        In fact there’s a line said by clone trooper Fives in “Star Wars the Clone Wars” that sums this up perfectly:
        Fives: We are loyal soldiers, but we are not a bunch of unthinking Droids, we should be able to make the right decision when we know the orders we have been given are wrong!
        I also wish to see Leo suffer, and I’m usually a forgiving person who likes seeing people redeemed, that’s how far Leo’s ticked me off. But alas, they will probably forgive him just like they did Vector in Zexal, who was the only one of the seven Barrian Emperors I didn’t want to see redeemed.

  9. Yugioh Fan

    Well, Crows back, I like Crow but I must ask WHAT THE FUCK?!
    Also just when I think Leo can’t get any dumber, he surprises me. So Leo you spent 3 years trying to fuse the dimensions and after being fused for like an hour and a half, you decide to unfuse them. Okay, so what was your thought process for this:
    Leo: Students it has come to my attention, that my plan to fuse the dimensions was really fucking stupid. All it did was revive Zarc who I didn’t want to revive, and I even failed to revive my daughter, which was the only reason I did all this and manipulated all you students, so you really think I wouldn’t mess this up. So the only way to fix all of this is to once again split the dimensions, and possibly kill all of you from the shock waves, cool?
    Students: No it’s not cool, we didn’t sign up for this, we didn’t even sign up for revive the greatest evil who is blowing up the city with a giant dragon.
    Leo: Cool, I’m start the defusing process now.
    Although I must say Silvio(Shingo) does know a little about Yugo, because they dueled each other, and in all the Yugioh series, even mentioned by Jack in Arc V, duels are how people connect there souls through a battle of ideals, so dueling is how people get to know each other and become friends in a short time. Heck that’s how every protagonist makes some many friends, including with there enemies. I mean that’s how Yuya become friends with Aster(Edo) he connected to him through dueling, which is what Yuya always tries to do with his duels connect to his opponent and the audience. Of course, you don’t need to duel some one to become friends with them, Yuya’s friends with Shay(Shun) and Celina(Serena) because one, of his relationship with Yuto and Zuzu(Yuzu) and two, because he’s gotten to known them despite the short time he’s spent with them. Think about Yuya and the team only spent about 9 days in the Syncro Dimension:
    Episode 56 to 63: About 3 to 4 days.
    The Friendship Cup/ Duel Academy Invasion: 5 days
    While they only spent 3 days in the Xyz Dimension:
    Episode 100 to 103: one day.
    104 to 106: day 2
    107 to 112: The final push to beat the Duel Academy troops there on day 3.
    I like Arc V, but it did not have good pace. I think the fact that there padding out these duels with Zarc, which are okay, but should defiantly be better then they are, is proof of that.

    1. Eva

      My exact reaction, which then ensued to my ragequit.
      Leo is the dumbest villain ever.

      1. 75chaosflare

        Watch as he stoops to new lows with:
        “Well, since Zarc is defeated now I can restarted fusing the dimensions again”

  10. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    Goddammit, how come my first attempt to post my commentary didn’t work? Here’s my second go…
    • Y’know, I was hoping that Jack would duel on the ground instead on his Wheel of Fortune, but those convenient highways gave him the easiest choice of going Riding Duel, Acceleration! against Zarc…
    • Oh come on, we haven’t seen the classic Vice Dragon + Dark Resonator setup like FOREVER. Can’t wee see it even once in this show?
    • I know it’s impossible given the circumstances, but we can just hope that Enjoy Chojiro suddenly busts in and takes Zarc out with his 5000 ATK Cardian boss monster (I forgot its full name).
    • Oh please, not ANOTHER flashback of this god-forsaken BATTLE BITCH mini-arc…
    • More bullshit rules from Zarc… This time it’ll be a Synchro summon WITHOUT a Tuner!
    • THANK GOD those kids are actually mentioning Yugo’s name despite not really knowing him.
    • Wow, even Sawatari missed Yugo for their duel during the Friendship Cup (which he would’ve WON)… With everyone else’s mindset solely on Yuya alone, this made me moved in tears… :’)
    • THIS Clear (Crystal) Wing is literally a combined Neo Tachyon + Black Rose.
    • Uggh… More protection cards from Jack’s sleeve… How predictable… >_>
    • I’m not too fond of Jack keep splashing out those protection cards, but it seriously pisses me off that CLEAR (CRYSTAL) WING HAS SO MANY BULLSHIT EFFECTS. Fuck Zarc and his “Servants”.
    • IT’S TIME FOR THE MAN, GONGENZAKA TO KICK ASS (one last time in this show)!
    • DID YOU JUST SEE THE MAN GONGENZAKA DOING A PENDULUM SUMMON WITHOUT THE NEED OF PENDULUM SCALES?!! AS EXPECTED OF THE MAN!!! 😀 (If only the writers didn’t turn him into one of the worst jobbers I’ve EVER seen later on in this show…)
    • Shuzo, I think we’re currently witnessing the dimension-merging phenomenon, NOT an invasion.
    • I REALLY love Jack and Gongenzaka’s tag team. ZA KINGU & THE MAN working together! 😀
    • We’ve seen Yuya playing hax cards such as Wings of Misdirection & Wings of The Supreme King before, so let’s see how broken this new Equip Spell that Zarc created out of thin air is…
    • Yet another vortex popping out of nowhere to give Enjoy Chojiro & those kids the front seat…
    • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I REALLY wish that Barrett will appear and shut down Zarc’s plays with those NoFunAllowed.EXE Chain Traps. Zarc’s cards are the embodiment of a Meta Bastard at Regional/World Tourneys who mocks you and gives you no chance to play. Fuck his Entertainment.
    • I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve burst into smiles in this episode. TEAM SYNCHRO FTW! 😀
    • …Spoke too soon… RIP THE MAN Gongenzaka… Your last duel was epic… You truly deserved all the respect… ;_;
    • Called that the most logical choice for Sawatari to get a duel disk was to borrow Gongenzaka’s.
    • DRAT! I was so hyped with this duel I actually forgot that those Pendulum Gates still existed.
    • I feel so sorry for Jack. That was actually a very solid tag team strategy. Too bad Zarc has all the asspulls ready to fuck everyone up.
    • Are my eyes deceiving me… OR IS THAT CROW EMERGING OUT OF THE CARD?!! HOW?!!
    • OF COURSE Jack loses in the “best” fashion possible with his Wheel of Fortune crashed FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME. Honestly though, I’m surprised that he wasn’t killed on spot because that impact was strong enough to blast the stadium into a pile of rubble.
    • We all know that Crow was brought back just to satisfy Konami’s never-ending desire of promoting more Blackfeathers, because the most logical choice was to bring ASUKA back considering her Rituals are exactly the perfect counter to Zarc. Apart from marketing reasons, Asuka’s horrible treatment at both GX and Arc V is just another solid evidence that Yugioh loves to shit on their female characters/duelists.
    • Leo continues to cement his position as the dumbest final Yugioh villain ever. FOR ONCE I’ll appreciate Reira’s misdirecting instincts.
    • Last but not least… The FUCKING SHIVERS KID continues to live on. WHEN IS HE GONNA DIE?!! >:(
    Crow and Sawatari team up to get fucked like everyone else before them. Why am I not surprised? 😛

    1. revolutionhippo

      Doesn’t help that Asuka got completely shafted despite playing a card that literally has an effect to nuke all the fusion monsters on the field. But they couldn’t have her defeating fusion duelists because Kaito wouldn’t be able to shill ciphers that way. Then when she finally DOES duel they match her up against Yuri, who happens to be playing a “no fusion needed” beatdown ancient gear deck. Which was also there just to shill cards.
      RIP Asuka, victim of Konami’s endless need to sell trading cards.

      1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

        “they couldn’t have her defeating fusion duelists because Kaito wouldn’t be able to shill ciphers that way.”
        Ciphers… hahaha, don’t even get me started on those failures. They are some of the most DYSFUNCTIONAL cards ever released with very little synergy & compatibility with the traditional Photons & Galaxies, not to mention they can’t do shit without those FRIED CIPHER WINGS. Despite that, we need to see KAITOFUCKER keep starting his duels with those FRIED CIPHER WINGS > Doubling their levels to 8 > Summon Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon (and occasionally Rank-Up to Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon) > Steal your monsters > Activates Cipher BLOODY Interfere > Swoop for OTK > Rinse & repeat. Asuka’s deck with those Rituals are actually playable with various combos in line (Blowing up Fusion monsters, “stealing your monster” done in the right method etc.) instead of KAITOFUCKER’S one-trick pony OTK tactic (which applied to Jack as well). I once often played with the good-old Photons & Galaxies during the Zexal times because I REALLY loved Kaito back then, but Arc V managed to make me stop playing them altogether because Ciphers & Arc V’s KAITOFUCKER made me rage so hard.
        “RIP Asuka, victim of Konami’s endless need to sell trading cards.”
        Yup, that duel in episode 123 was a pure Ancient Gear Structure Deck commercial. Poor Asuka… 🙁

  11. Oblivion

    Episode was good but the Crow random coming back make 0 sense but question does anyone know the music that played after Zarc used Clear Wing effect on Jack Red Demon and Jack countered it cause out of all the bgm in Arc V that one is by far my favorite now

    1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

      Bringing back Crow was just a pure marketing scheme because Blackfeathers are Konami’s favourite cash cow.

  12. firestorm

    When i saw Crow a little voice in my head said “Screw the logic and Buy blackwing bitch”

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