Well that was snoozefest.

If this episode was supposed to give us any clarity, it was anything but that. I thought maybe I knew what was going on, but I am starting to doubt it. It certainly doesn’t help how the script was hardly making any sense. So here is the deal: After Ray/Reira “sealed” Zarc or whatever, it seems everyone has been sent back to their respective realms after they slapped the Reset Button (which did not permanently erase their memories, so right now its merely ‘forgotten’), and now the Standard Realm supposedly has transformed into the Pendulum Realm, because now everyone can use pendulum. This whole episode was basically an diced up AU version of the first 32 episodes smashed together, or as I like to call it: The Disappearance of Hiiragi Yuzu.

Long story short: The episode was all over the place. They gave us no explanation whatsoever how and why Reiji, Yuushou and Tsukikage are the only ones who seem to remember everything that had happened. Yet at the same time, we got characters who are acting super O.C, such as Reiji’s mother (because I don’t ever remember her being a super softy) along with being given a really stupid explanation why they are pushing Yuuya (in particular) to remember, which is: to bring back Reira’s smile.

Are you freaking kidding me?

Other than that, while I am already 100% done with this show and I am going to stick around till the end of it for closure sake, I am downright terrified about Yuzu’s fate. Nobody has mentioned of her yet, let alone seems to remembers her. I swear there will be hell to pay if Yuzu does not reappear within the next two episodes, let alone, at all. I did appreciate however that at the very least, Shuuzou was quick to notice something precious is missing, and he will probably be the first to remember Yuzu and question what had happened to her ever since she had disappeared.

Anyhow, I don’t know what to expect, nor do I have any expectations whatsoever. The series already hit rock bottom for me, so really it can only go up from here…
That is if they actually have any intentions in redeeming the show, AKA applying CPR.

EDIT: I forgot to add this: The next YGO series is looking pretty interesting, I’m digging the concept more and more! I wonder when the key visuals will come out! * v *


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  1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    Even though they tried to recreate the dramatic finale of the first season, this was still a dull episode.
    I only got two good things and two bad things to say about this episode.
    2. THANK GOD Shuzo and Yuya are starting to get a grip of something precious they lost.
    1. It’ll always be the FUCKING SHIVERS
    2. They wanted to make us believe that Himika is “redeemable”, despite all her previous efforts to turn Reira into a puppet of vengeance.

    1. Eva

      It was quite a snooze fest alright.
      As for Himika, yeahhhh it’s way too late to try redeeming that lady. Now she feels O.C. In fact, that was one of the main reasons I was getting confused, because I wasn’t sure if we were dealing with AU characters again.

  2. aramire77

    First of all, I’m glad and happy to know that you’ve decided to write this until the end. I respect you so much! (TTvTT)
    To the episode, I think I won’t bother to watch this episode ever again. There are too many things that are unexplained. And what the heck with Himika’s sudden redeeming!? Tsukikage did great in this episode, which frustrated me since it just reminded me how he was made almost useless in the Synchro and Fusion Arc. Why didn’t the writers made Tsukikage this strong from the very beginning?
    And another thing that bothers me is how they once again over-using the word “smile” in this episode. Bring back Reira’s smile and such, can’t they put it into another words and more explanation?
    If I remember it right, Director Ono said that he planned for a “Duel Show that would involve the audience” in the final episode, and the duels in the previous arcs are actually building up to that finale. This is one of the only three reasons that keeps me watching this show to the end. I wonder how he’ll do it…

    1. Eva

      My main concern from here on out (until the final episode) is really the word count. I managed to get just under 400 words today, so if there’s an episode where I am pretty much rendered speechless and can’t come up with more than 300 words than I will likely release it as a double-post in order to add more content.
      *SNAPS FINGERS* Oh! Now i remember what I forgot to add, I’ll plug it in the entry, but I’ll throw it here in case anyone misses it! 😂 The next YGO series is looking pretty interesting, I’m digging the concept more and more. I wonder when the key visuals will come out!

      1. aramire77

        Yeah. So far they only revealed Yusaku and the Duel will use a hoverboard-like thing in some virtual space. There are so many things to speculate and looking forward to in the new series.

      2. aramire77

        By the way, have you read Arc-V manga? In the previous post, you wrote that you’ll give it a try.

    2. Yugioh Fan

      Okay, while Moon Shadow(Tsukikage) was useless in the Fusion arc, I would like to point out he did a lot of good work during the Synchro arc, while his duel record there wasn’t the best, he did a lot of other great work, he helped the Lancers escape the underground facility, he used his speed and stealth to deliver messages, he (just like every other Lancer and there allies) did his best to protect Zuzu(Yuzu) and Celina(Serena) (they all failed, but still they tried), and lastly he and Sora did defeat like 100 Security officers to rescue Zuzu(Yuzu).
      A lot of characters did good during the Synchro arc, it’s just that the cast was so big(just like in GX and Zexal) that they had to cut characters screen time, so theirs a little feeling of characters not be utilized enough. Most of them got a decent amount of screen time, but it defiantly could have been better.

  3. kofmasterblog

    >They gave us no explanation whatsoever how and why Reiji, Yuushou and Tsukikage are the only ones who seem to remember everything that had happened.
    But they did, Akaba Leo can remember the original dimension. Memories are not erased, just sealed.

    1. Eva

      Yeah I got that, but I’m trying to figure out how they “unsealed” it. What was it that threw them off? Baby Reira? I guess that could be considered a red flag that something was off. LMAO! 😂

      1. Sanokal

        More specifically, they did have tech lying around that could alter and uncover memories, since the events of the series still happened, they were just forgotten.
        Presumably, Henrietta’s memories were rewritten to think that Riley is her biological child, same as with the fragments, or she just cares more due to Riley being a baby.
        As for Yusho and Moon Shadow, they would have been the first people Declan would have informed about the events (since reminding them of the events was enough) once he recovered his memories.

        1. Eva

          Ah that’s true! I forgot about that! If that’s the case, that would make lot more sense.

  4. aramire77

    Leo used some kind of memory machine to regain his memories after he felt something was missing, right? Maybe Reiji and the others also used the same machine?

  5. 75chaosflare

    Basically nothing but even more unanswered questions like how are only a few forgotten yet some still know. Nothing much new but Reiji being shady as hell, giving more reasons why you should never trust him. Oh and Ninja Pendulum’s(would have been decent if he had those before but the less we can think back to that horrible place the better).

    1. Eva

      I’m willing to bet they aren’t going to address even half of the unanswered questions. I don’t think they are even trying anymore, they will have to get their shit together next week if they want to prove me wrong.

  6. Becs

    I’m trying to look at this confusion of memories as a positive thing (trust me, it’s easier to look for positives now that the show has gone down sadly). I mean we don’t know a lot of things because of this and we are asking a lot of questions, that is good suspense.
    Although I’m noticing a trend in a few shows where one of the major characters turns into a baby… Vanguard which is another cardgame anime did it to it’s villain at the end of one season and my reaction was “*flips table* well, that was fucking stupid”. Yeah, when someone turns into a baby, that’s rarely a good sign of a show… it stops the person from dying yeah, but it doesn’t feel like a good purpose it’s feels like they’re trying to purposefully extract sympathy from us by using that gimmick.
    My main problem really is that it’s all one episode… so it feels rushed and not executed properly. And suddenly everyone remembers the miami championship because Tsukikage mentions it!? That was so stupid and rushed out! They should’ve spent longer building up the sealed memories leaking out. Because then we would have actual suspense and tension from the characters.
    I was talking about positives… that was more a positive of the idea with the negative of how they executed it… the positives is that we got back the colourful maimi city landscape that’s always cool, Yoko Sakaki is back and still like the best mum ever being so supportive of Yuya, and the action duel introduction is back! I never thought I’d be this happy to see it return! I know it’s a small thing but still, it’s quite nostalgic seeing it again.
    So yeah, in my view this episode was refreshing compared to the other episodes because in fairness, we have no idea where it’s going or what’s happening. It’s not great but better than the previous ones. Maybe this episode was made to mirror what on earth happened in the end production, and this is the animators conveying their confusion to the storywriters?
    Oh yeah, Eva have you checked out the manga yet?

    1. Eva

      //Although I’m noticing a trend in a few shows where one of the major characters turns into a baby… Vanguard which is another cardgame anime did it to it’s villain//
      Ughhhhhhhhhh I hate this trend so much. Burn it with fire.
      //They should’ve spent longer building up the sealed memories leaking out. Because then we would have actual suspense and tension from the characters.//
      THIS. This is what I would have liked to have seen. I’d rather have the characters realize it on their own than forcing a deja-vu event.
      It was absolutely rushed. I’m not sure if it would have been better though if they were to spread it out into a couple of episodes – I doubt they have time for it either.
      I hadn’t had the chance to read the manga yet as I was working all of last week, I’ll try and touch up on it today though!

      1. Becs

        I know! I hate that trend as well. My reaction was so strong, the season before was much better with the same character DYING on screen, and then resurrecting Orichimaru style albeit into a child’s body but it was still cool! And then season 3 just became a long schlog-fest with two sides arguing ideals of whether its better to face reality or live in a dream world… yeah, it’s the smile idealology all over again only it was more shoved into our faces. So Arc-V is really subtle by comparison.
        The manga will definitely lift your spirits up! It’s so good!! You will not be disappointed. Whilst the Arc-V series may not have held up all the way to the end… the manga is still amazing with the chapters it has and i just love each and every character here! The plot still has some mystery surrounding it but it is very evident.

  7. revolutionhippo

    This episode was basically “remember when this show was good!? Here, remember!?” and shoving nostalgia scenarios at us left and right. Look, it’s Yuya’s pets again. Look, it’s the Duel School again. Look, it’s that Action Field from the first episode. It was just a bunch of “oh look I remember that”. I’m almost certain this was just the writers trying to win us over with nostalgia blindness, but it just comes off soulless and boring. Worst of all, it’s ruining even the pleasant memories I still have of early Arc-V.
    And to top it all off, nothing makes sense. Everyone lost their memories, I guess, but Reiji remembered them because… he’s Reiji, he’s just like god in this world or something. Yuzu is gone because of Ray but for some reason Yuya isn’t gone because of Zarc. This might actually be interesting if both Yuya AND Yuzu were missing, but we couldn’t have that. And Reira is apparently a baby now, and was I guess reborn as a girl, because I guess having Reira as a “boy associating with girl things” made the writers too uncomfortable. I’m also not sure what the point of the amnesia plot is if everyone’s just gonna remember everything next episode anyway.
    As for the positives of this episode, I did miss the music from the first season, and it’s been so long since we saw Action Fields other than bland old Cross Over, so it was nice to see those things back again.

    1. Eva

      Remember the good old days? Yeah me too.
      //And Reira is apparently a baby now, and was I guess reborn as a girl, because I guess having Reira as a “boy associating with girl things” made the writers too uncomfortable. I’//
      Yeah what the heck is Reira’s gender anyways? Was he always a girl the entire time like I had initially mistaken him to be in the beginning of the series? It’s like they are shoving it under the rug to pretend as if it never happened.

  8. Yugioh Fan

    One word after seeing this episode, disappointment.
    Really Declan(Reiji) your only reason for trying to restore the memories is take make Riley(Reira) smile, nothing else, my god it’s just so stupid.
    The only good part was that the duel was decent, and we finally got ninja Pendulum cards, I was always mad that we never saw Riley(Reira), Shay(Shun) or Moon Shadow(Tsikikage) uses Pendulum cards, espcially since Declan(Reigi) said Pendulum cards would be the key to there victory. I mean come on Declan(Reigi) you gave enough Pendulum cards to yourself, Silvio(Shingo) and Dennis to form entire Pendulum decks, and you even give a few Pendulum cards to Gong and Celina(Serena) with specific Pendulum effects for them, like Gong’s let’s him attack multiple times or alter his monsters levels for a Synchro summon, and Celina(Serena)’s let her Fusion summon without Polymerization. But you never gave any Pendulum cards to the others, you could have some to Shay(Shun)’s whose effects worked with Xyz monsters, and you could have given Riley(Reira) that worked with his copy style, like one could have the effect to create a clone of an enemy monster while another, either boosted it’s attack points or made it indestructible, so it could destroy the original.

    1. Eva

      I was seriously ready to walk away right then and there when he said, “To make Reira smile!”
      You have got to be f****ing kidding me. It’s like they resort to, “FOR THE SAKE OF SMILES” as a bail out card.

  9. 75ChaosFlare

    Fun fact: The person that animated this episode worked with Vanguard and even they admitted they were confused about the plot of ARC-V.

    1. Becs

      I FUCKING KNEW IT! That’s where this stupid baby change gimmick came from! This trend is all over a few shows, the most recent one i remember was in Vanguard G (really stupid season 3).
      Why the HELL can’t they just sit them all down for 10 bloody minutes and just explain what the bloody plot is meant to be!? Surely it can’t be THAT hard to let your animators understand it!
      *sobs* why did it turn out this way? It was going so well… Stupid synchro arc…

  10. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    The quest for Yuzu begins!
    Episode 143: Soul of the Supreme King
    In order to bring back Reira’s smile, who willingly became a sacrifice in order to help Yuya, and save Yuzu, who has disappeared, Yuya resolves to fight against Gongenzaka, who still remains on the Field.
    Episode 144: The Cursed Gear Mask
    When Yuya arrives in the Xyz Dimension, he did not find Kurosaki, but rather, Dennis. In order to ease the sorrow the Fusion Dimension has inflicted upon the Xyz Dimension’s people, Dennis and Yuya start an Entertainment Duel to bring back their smiles, but…
    Episode 145: Unending Rebellion
    When Yuya arrives in the Fusion Dimension, he witnesses Kurosaki attacking Akaba Leo. Still grieving over the loss of his sister and best friend, Kurosaki now turns his fangs against Yuya, who used to be Zarc.
    …. Once again I’m legitimately pissed off now. And just when I thought I’m finally free from this whole Egao bullshit preached by the damn Tomato through the dimensions… SOMEONE JUST KILL YUYA ALREADY!!! I’M SO FUCKING SICK OF HIM DUELING AND STEAL AWAY TOO MUCH SCREENTIME FROM OTHER MORE INTRIGUING CHARACTERS!!!! HE IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE THE MESSIAH WE DESERVE!!! [/spoiler]

  11. Silent Protagonist

    Might be too early to ask this, But I’m doing it anyway because I have no tact: What is your plan once Arc-V ends?

    1. Eva

      I am currently on an indefinite hiatus, meaning I am currently finishing what needs to be finished and I am not participating in any of the current or newer seasons until further notice (aka I’m no longer a full time writer). However I am seriously considering covering the next YGO series for a couple of episodes to see where it goes, (especially since it’s something that requires a 3 years commitment and I would hate to miss out the opportunity to pick it up if I ended up liking it a lot), which I would be able to do since no one on the team watches YGO except for me.

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