ACCA – 13-ku Kansatsu Ka Episode 10 [ The Poorest District ]

The Generals have come to an agreement to support the Coup and spearhead it themselves: mainly due to a ruse that Lilium and Grossular have been committed to virtually since they began to work together. Grossular moves to silence Mauve by encouraging her to commit to the coup and she seems to do so with one hesitation: no one actually knows if Jean will agree to become the new monarch. As the clock ticks down on the coup d’etat and the people of ACCA’s different districts meet the supposed coup leader, Jean remains silent as we the viewers contemplate his future.

  As it stands right now it’s clear that originally this coup was decided not for the sake of Jean or his sister but by the personal desire of Lilium. As the shows most clear villain it seems he wants ACCA to stay in power for the sole sake of his own district, which is ironically the last one. So far Jean has met people from different districts who would benefit from the coup but not for reasons that seem like powerplays. For instance he could undo some of the government choices in Suitsu and give the people real choices not that he has seen what it is like, and this episode he has seen the District of Pranetta and could try to help their poverty. This is the game that seems to be in motion: it’s hard to deny that the people could view him that way.

The trouble is that Jean might not want any of this. He has basically the support of all the kingdom and there is no doubt that Prince Schwan is a terrible awful choice for succession. Yet as we find out the King’s health is failing we’re left to wonder: what would be for the best? Personally I think that Jean becoming King on his own terms and ruling fairly while not allowing ACCA to be ruled by it’s generals like Lilium would be my ideal ending: I’m not really confident how Schwan would rule the kingdom so unless a third option comes up I don’t really know. Alternatively, Lotta becomes Queen and the kingdom becomes the best matriarchy ever and all districts get the best sandwich bread the world has to offer.

In some ways the show remains strong for allowing us to continue to see each district. Pranetta is particularly motivating because of how poor they are but how they hope to accomplish their dreams; yet no one in their district actually believes it might happen. Though they can’t join the coup due to their poverty they give Jean their allegiance. Jean seems torn about the issue as much as I do. I don’t really want Lilium to succeed in whatever his plan is for his district, but I also want Jean to have a substantial role in whatever it is he does.

Also, Lotta is definitely in love with Crow and it’s really weird to ship this given he’s around 20 years older than her? But to be honest, I totally do. Stop being a doofus you spy and go give the girl some sandwich bread.Until next week, here is hoping we might see what Lilium truly hopes to gain by putting Jean into his district.




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