ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu Ka Episode 11 [Penultimate Revelation]

After 11 episodes of ACCA there are a few speculations that really became an emphasis for me to look at when I reviewed the entirety of the story. The first episodes showed us an interesting thing that has curiously been put on the backburner for the rest of the story. When we first meet Jean he reveals he is cunning by his interaction with Rail. After this he becomes genuinely uninterested in most aspects of things and seems to only stumble into the mysteries surrounding him. He has to be told he is of royal blood and he has to essentially be clued into someone watching him to figure out that Nino is actively spying on him.So what happened to the Jean Otus of the first few episodes, who seemed to do things for a reason and be clued in on what was going on surrounding him?

First off, this episode does not answer that, but it does set the stage for the answer to be given. ACCA’s 11th episode focuses on the Furawau district which, if you sound it out, is really just the word flower. Ironically the district is covered in flowers and everyone in it is a horrible person you want to punch in the face. Lilium’s family runs the district and is heavily invested in allowing Jean to become the King. Why would they want that, exactly, if they’re simply interested in garnering more resources? Jean seems to hesitate.

However things take an interesting turn when Crow stops an assassination attempt on Jean. After he does this Jean gets a look on his face that insinuates the most horror I have seen from him, the most emotion at all, and decides to take the offer from the Furawau district. What we learn from here is vital in establishing that Lilium is definitely a villain and more interested in his country ruling. Not only does he basically state he’s going to rule over everyone, he states he is going to use Jean to do it. Now, this sets up a new idea. If the Jean we get is the one from the first few episodes there is no way he will allow this to happen. Indeed, perhaps the show has been simulating a lack of concern from him and not allowing us into his mind so the ending would come as more of a surprise!

The only issue with this is how accepting everyone seems so far. A lot of people seem not only willing to allow the coup but to allow the ascension of Jean to the throne and potentially the Furawau district to control them all. Something tells me that the feisty Mauve and the determined Grossular can’t be this complicit – and Jean more than anyone has a reason to fight this. I can’t buy that he’ll simply be Lilium’s pawn and I can’t wait for him to get what’s coming. You know who else totally deserves to have things suck? Schwan.

Let’s all root for the coup to work and Lotta to become QUEEN OF ALL OF DOWA! ALL HAIL SANDWICH BREAD QUEEN!


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