The episode opens with Sakie plastered off her ass, and using her teddy bear companion for her fantasies about Tetsuo. Naturally that’s the perfect time for Ugaki to call, right? >>;

Ugaki’s calling because he’s figured out that Sakie’s romantic interest is Tetsuo, and Ugaki encourages Sakie to use her aphrodisiac effect on the object of her affections. Otherwise, according to Ugaki, if she takes too long to try to seduce Tetsuo, someone else might steal him away. Sakie isn’t completely convinced, but she reasons that she needs to learn how to deal with her aphrodisiac effect, not continue to run away from it, and so she agrees to try Ugaki’s suggestions.

The next morning Sakie approaches Tetsuo in his office with tea and biscuits, and decides to talk to him about a succubus’ aphrodisiac effect. Sakie’s got some pointers from Ugaki tucked away in the back of her mind, and this results in her removing her track suit jacket in an effort to get a reaction out of Tetsuo. Of course being the gentleman he is, Tetsuo has his poker face on and he gives her no outward reaction. However thanks to the POV-switch, we the viewers can see that he is *definitely* affected by her succubus nature. But Tetsuo’s able to keep level-headed and internally talk his way through his feelings, and he and Sakie even have some whiteboard discussions about romantic feelings and a succubus’ aphrodisiac effect. In a nutshell, Tetsuo’s theory is that a succubus’ nature can’t fake a man’s feelings for that succubus. (So if there’s some attraction for Sakie on Tetsuo’s part, it’s because he genuinely cares about her, not just because he’s being affected by her nature. YESSSS!)

Later that night Sakie reports the day’s events to Ugaki, and he wonders to himself afterwards that if what he’s feeling is what it’s like for a father to watch his daughter grow up. D’awww, Ugaki!

After a conversation and subtle manga-swap between Yuki and Sakie, Yuki makes her way over to Tetsuo’s office to tell him that she wants to learn if there’s a way to control her snow woman powers. She’d like to be able to make cold air at will, not just when she’s depressed or sad. Yuki stands in a basin of water and Tetsuo suggests that she act like she’s really sad, to see if the water will help Yuki generate cool air. So Yuki gives it her all and puts on a dedicated (but embarrassing) performance, and… Tetsuo barely notices as he gets lost in his thoughts. Typical Tetsuo. -_-;

Hikari shows up moments later, and thanks to the ice crystals Yuki created in the water, she and Hikari enjoy the temporary coolness of the basin water. Kyouko shows up as well and together the three girls share the cold water.

The next period is PE, and everyone’s having a hard time dealing with the heat. The boys get to play soccer but the girls are made to go on a 1.5km run (a little under a mile), though their teacher gets them to run three laps around the track to start. While Kyouko’s able to handle the heat, Hikari and Yuki don’t fare so well. When Kyouko spots Tetsuo and brings him over to where the other two demis are hiding in the shade, he allows all three girls to come up to his office to cool down.

Several ideas are thrown around on how the girls could cool down further, but none stick, so Tetsuo leaves to go to the staff office and get some leftover popsicles. While he’s gone Kyouko decides to try telling a ghost story, figuring that if she can scare her friends then the cold chills running down their spines will help cool them off. Kyouko spins a tale about two girls finding a headless body in a cave, but she only ends up making her friends laugh.

Hikari and Yuki notice that even in the heat, Kyouko’s wearing a thick vest. They pester her to tell them why, and the reason Kyouko shyly gives her friends is that when she sweats her chest and undergarments are clearly visible through her school shirt. So she wears a vest to prevent the entire school from getting a look at her “watermelons”.

My thoughts: I had some unpleasant things to say about Ugaki’s conversation with Sakie at the beginning of the episode, but I was really glad Sakie changed her mind on her own and decided not to overwhelm Tetsuo with her succubus nature. *thumbs up for Sakie being smart*

What were my favourite parts about this episode? The watermelon scene at the end, because that shot of the melons was hilarious and well-played, and the scene with Sakie and Tetsuo discussing a succubus’ nature. Seriously, that there’s a possibility that my ship might actually sail by the end of the season? Hell yeah!  ^_^v

Next week’s episode looks like it might introduce a new character, and possibly center around Kyouko, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what that’s all about. This is such a cute show, I almost don’t want it to end! ;~;