Gabriel DropOut Episode 10: The Angels and Demons Return Home

Why am I not surprised?


This was hilarious. Two things immediately stood out to me. First, there seems to be somewhat of an arc going on. I was actually expecting the four of them to have returned to school by the start of the episode, but they seem to be making full use of both the Heaven and Hell settings to cook some stuff up. And it’s still not over, as Satania’s phone call indicates. Second, it was quite a good idea to split the episode into four halves, each featuring one of the angels or demons and revealing to us what their home life is like and how they act around their family and friends. Or thirsty lewd servants.

I absolutely love Martiel. By far my favourite secondary character introduced this episode, and totally my type. I almost expected her to be an S, given that her deadpan eyes would be perfect to accompany some scathing words of disgust or scorn, but if she serves Raphi it makes sense that she’s more of an M. Maybe Raphi’s hobbies were partly ingrained in her from being around Martiel so much. Martiel reminds me a little of Hayasaka from Kaguya-sama, at least in terms of her initial demeanour and occupation, but she’s definitely a lot more perverted than the latter. It’s always the quiet ones. Come to think of which, surely it must be kind of unsafe entrusting Martiel with taking care of Raphi. Can Raphi even trust her to do her laundry without doing unspeakable things to them?

Second best was Satania’s unamused brother. Suddenly Satania’s behaviour become extremely understandable when placed in the context of her parents. They run a bakery but live in a huge mansion and pretend to have butlers, and drink tomato juice and pass it off as blood. Satania’s antics almost feel tame in comparison. Her brother thus becomes somewhat like the irony that the divide in angels and demons in this series has presented – he’s part of this family but not one of them at all. Sort of like Yunyun, a Crimson Demon who is far more sensible and less chuuni than the rest. Oh, but I’m sure Satania’s brother has friends. Heh.

The rest were fine too, if a little less impactful. I wasn’t surprised to see that Vigne comes from a loving and warm family and grew up in a wonderful environment. It’s not surprising that she’s turned out to be such an angel. Haniel, Gab’s imouto, is somewhat standard but what I took from that was a change in Gab herself – despite her lazy personality and her withdrawal symptoms from not having any games or the internet, at home she still tried her best to keep her sister happy, even though she didn’t want to inside. She had no obligation to, like with the headmaster of angel school, but she did it anyway. Almost like she’s weak to her little sister, which is kind of adorable. What I’ve noticed is that two of the girls have had to hide things from their families (Gab and Satania, one because she’s changed and the other because she’s useless) whilst the other two are wonderful people who have nothing to hide. Mostly.

It seems like the status quo has been maintained the most for Raphi, who seems to have come back home without much change to either herself or her home environment. Which is why that last scene was so hilarious. I was almost ready to brand it as being a relatively weak scene, but Raphi’s reaction to seeing Satania on the caller ID was an absolute pay-off. She didn’t say it outright, but her happy expression absolutely indicated: “Look, Gab-chan! Entertainment is here!”

4 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut Episode 10: The Angels and Demons Return Home

  1. “They run a bakery but live in a huge mansion”

    Actually they live in the bakery. The mansion was a painting. That’s why they had to paint the wall to look like their dining room was longer: they don’t actually have enough space to have a huge dining room.

      1. Crazy, isn’t it? Pretty much anything they did to seem overly dramatic was fake. That whole scene was hilarious, as now Satania’s behavior makes perfect sense.

        1. I wonder what their employees think of them, if they have any. And I also just realised that Raphi loves things like cakes and pastries, and Satania’s family happens to run a bakery.

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