Well this was an odd little episode. I didn’t think we would ever get an episode about the Headmistress. I mean it was fine, it had some funny and wacky moments but I can’t say that it was my favorite episode. It’s nothing compared to last week’s episode.

This was more like a filler episode, though I’d have to admit that most of Little Witch Academia’s episodes have been filler. Akko was dumb again this episode and didn’t listen to any rules and she accidentally brought a pirate back to life. The skeleton didn’t remember anything but all he knew was that he hated a man and wanted to beat him up for being a crappy father to his daughter Miranda. Silly moments of scaring the public later, we learn that the man the skeleton was looking for was himself. He’s the father of Miranda, and through recognizing her staff amulet, Akko figured out that Miranda was the headmistress. Akko and the girls grabbed the bell where the staff came from, grabbed Mr. Skeleton, and took them all to the headmistress. In the end they got their closure, and as per usual Akko and the girls get punished.

There wasn’t anything too deep this time. It really was just a quick episode with backstory. I was hoping this show would hurry along and move on to plot-related episodes with Andrew and his father, and the whole magic vs. technology thing. But we got this. Which was okay. Not the best episode, and the animation took a dip down from last week, so all in all this was…okay. I didn’t really feel sentimental for the Headmistress and her father, I just felt like the emotion wasn’t quite there. Although, I did like seeing the figures of the Headmistress’ parents form as leaves in the sky. That was sweet.

In the future I would love to see an episode about Diana, or Ursula, or even moving the magic/technology plot. Also, it’s kinda boring seeing Akko and the girls get punished all the damn time. Like…please. Stop breaking the rules. :/


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