You know what’s tragic? This could have been an amazing episode under different circumstances.

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“We could have had it all
(You’re gonna wish you never had met me)
Rolling in the deep
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)
You had my heart inside of your hand
(You’re gonna wish you never had met me)
And you played it to the beat
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)”

– Adele, Rolling in the Deep

Sums up about how I feel about this show.

I think this particular episode could have been wonderful under difference circumstances. My heart aches at seeing all the little things that could have made such a huge difference. I am referring to the realistic consequence of the invasion of Academia, how citizens of Heartland experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being carded, and how they can’t stand to watch or be a part of duels anymore. This is something the writers could have expanded much further on, making the purpose of Entertainment Duels, and Yuuya’s motto to make people smile even more important. They had two major opportunities to do this: The first time was when they first arrived in Heartland. However it can be argued  due to the story’s circumstances, it wouldn’t have been appropriate at that point due to the hostile environment. But then the situation went from bad to worse, as  in record time, Yuuya alone flipped the Academia Baddies to the Good Guys.

The second opportunity was pretty much at the stage of the story we are at now. In fact the exact timing of this episode probably would have been PERFECT, but only if none of what had happened in the last (approximate) 50 – 60 episodes, had even taken place to begin with. Heck, this episode could have happened even closer to the finale, making it so this week’s episode, could have been attributed to the true final boss battle we never got. NO REIRA ZARC BS, NO MISSING YUZU, NADA, NONE OF THAT. ALSO WHY THE FRICK IS YUUTO MISSING TOO? APPARENTLY YUUYA STILL HAD XYZ REBELLION DRAGON OR SOMETHING?! WHAT THE ACTUAL @#(*$&@!?!?!?! *HUFFS* (That was one of the handful of bad things that happened this episode, among others things that I am not going to bother rambling on about.)

What also broke my heart this episode was how precious Yuuya was. I must admit, it was incredibly refreshing to watch Yuuya duel without angst, doom and gloom and all that stuff. Seeing Yuuya shine again, be the entertainment duelist he is makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. While Yuuya’s growth as a duelist is definitely questionable and without a doubt, should have been much stronger (ie: at this point of the story, Yuuya should not be dependent on Action Cards to bail him out. If he is going to use it, use it creatively as we have seen very few (I can count with my hands) do throughout the show. It doesn’t need to be used as a bail out card, with better writing, Action Cards could have had a much greater appeal to the audience, which in return would have benefited Yuuya’s character development as a duelist the most.

However the one thing I like to argue about Yuuya’s character growth is while his development as a duelist deserves a failed grade, what I loved the most about Yuuya’s character is his inner character development. In all honesty, Yuuya’s character development could have been freaking amazing, I say even legendary (okay maybe that’s a little too much) – if only the writers didn’t pull the stupid shit they did. I would say this episode highlighted what Yuuya’s character should’ve, would’ve, could’ve been. Yuuya had undergone some serious character development, from the kid who lacked confidence in himself, relying on his goggles as a form of escape, to learning how to forge his own unique style for Entertainment Duels rather than attempt to mimic his father, to the young and strong, independent man who been through hell and back again. After all his hardships, it only makes it even more important for Yuuya to make people smile, the charming fellow and his quirky style, and his brilliant smile that will warm your heart. But most importantly, happy.
After all the ordeals he  has been through, both through the shit writing of the show when nobody knew what the @*#* the plan for the story was anymore, and the events he lived through the story, Yuuya still being able being happy, smiling little precious puppy is extremely important to me.

But it must be done right.
And this episode was almost right.

Although I don’t like Dennis that much, I must say – yet again, I ADORE his deck. I just can’t get over how fabulously designed his monsters are. Simply gorgeous. God damn it I love Trapeze Magician, and his Rank Up and his fellow monsters. On the side note, it was sorta sweet to see Yuuya tells Dennis to teach the kids of Heartland entertainment duels. Expected, but nonetheless, sweet.

Next week is gonna be pretty sad in a way since we now know why Shun is still in the Fusion Realm. He is trying to find Ruri, or at this point, since we see him speaking to the professor that he is trying to figure out how to get her back. But worst of all, the preview confirms that Yuuto is in fact missing, which means, Yuugo and Yuuri are missing too – which makes no sense to me because last I checked, their souls were split up and Zarc’s darkness was sealed within Reira’s soul, sooooo, yeah I don’t know what the hell is happening anymore, but I’m most certainly pissed off about that. It already freaking sucks that Yuzu and the girls are missing, and now we learn that YUUTO, YUUGO AND YUURI ARE TOO.

Random Note of the Day: LMFAO Hope Stairs have baby Yuuya on the card, that’s freaking hilarious.


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  1. aramire77

    You took the words out of my mouth precisely. They could’ve done this sooner. Because, putting aside the episode is near the end of the series, this is a wonderful and beautiful Duel after such a long time. Much better than those stupid Battle Royale reenactment. And another thing to note, I’m quite enjoyed seeing Reiji’s shocked face when his prediction was wrong. He thought Yuya will summon Dark Rebellion, but Yuya instead decided to use Odd-Eyes and attack! If I remember it right, this is the first time Reiji’s prediction of Yuya’s strategy was wrong. And I think it’s a good choice that Yuya decided not to summon Dark Rebellion. I don’t think that this Duel’s climax would be this amazing if he used Dark Rebellion.
    Next episode, finally Yuya vs Shun! It’s very late in the series, but I’ll watch definitely watch it! Especially after seeing chibi Shun and Ruri! I never thought I would see chibi Shun in the anime! I always thought I will only ever see chibi Shun in manga.
    Actually, there’s a huge possibility their soul didn’t split. When Zarc was defeated, a second before Zarc able to split again, Reira immediately sealed Zarc’s soul into him. We can see that before the soul was expelled, Yuya’s body was shown about to split into four but then became one again and then Zarc’s soul was expelled from Yuya’s body and sealed into Reira. This may indicated that Yuto and the others are actually still inside Yuya.

  2. 75chaosflare

    In all honesty, I thought this episode was kinda good and without a doubt a lot better than the last three.
    Don’t really have much to say about it except most of the lines from Dennis and especially Edo. I understand Dennis was acting but his whole threatening to “card people again” doesn’t really mean much when it was more “tell than show”; same thing goes for Edo’s line about how they’ll never forgive nor accept them when we pretty much saw them opposite of that at 112 not to mention of how much tension wasn’t already diminished by said character. However most of that is basically because of the majority of things should have happened before instead of now. Looking back at it a second time I can understand the symbolism it’s trying to make and it’s kinda good. However, judging from what’s happening later on it will immediately make the premise for this episode pointless.
    As for the previews, while good that they finally show at least something regarding a childhood from Shun and Ruri it doesn’t exactly feel as emotional as it should and probably won’t with at best they’re freeze frame images but I can see they are at least trying at best.
    Lastly, I find it funny how since this arc started, Reiji becomes more sketchy by the moment.

  3. 75chaosflare

    Also this episode was by Ryou Tamura instead of the one we are used to(Head Writer Kamishiro or Director Ono) but has worked on some episodes in the past that were fine. In a way, Ryou Tamura honestly is one of the other two that at least tries with this series to make things right despite how poorly it ended up.
    Lastly, I forgot to mention was Yuya apparently flash-backing to Ruri’s death even though from back then we didn’t saw that he didn’t see anything that was happening. But if he had why didn’t he nor Yuto were pissed that their respective key persons were killed off but had to do something once Yuri carded Yushou? I guess they just did that for no real reason but I just think it was again for the sake of the plot since in all honestly there was never any emotion towards things that should have mattered at the time.

    1. aramire77

      Who are the other two writers? Sorry, I don’t remember all of them. How many writers again in charge of Arc-V?

  4. Yugioh Fan

    I will admit this episode had a few flaws, like the stress the Heartland citizens should have had, and the fact that everyone in Heartland has there memories, but everyone had to be reminded by Declan(Reiji) to get theirs back. However, this was definitely the best episode so far of this final arc episode 141 to the last episode. Of course, considering the last 3 episodes that’s not saying much. Still it was nice to finish up Dennis character development and his portion of the story, the duel was also good, despite the over-usage of Action Cards, but I’ve accepted it at this point, and lastly all the characters like Allen, Sayaka, Edo(Aster), the Tyler sisters and Kite(Kaito) were all handled well, only speaking when absolutely necessary to not detract from the duel. Heck Kite(Kaito) didn’t speak, but that’s okay, because he’s a bad ass rival, all he needs to do is smile or smirk, and clap his hands or nod his head, and that’s enough. It was also cool how Yuya chose not to uses Dark Rebellion, he knew Dennis and in order to get through to him he had to entertain which he does best with Odd-Eyes. Now I expect him to uses Dark Rebellion in the next episode, because it looks like Shay(Shun) is going to be angry, so to get through to him and return him to the good Shay(Shun) we all know and love, he’ll need his best friends ace card Dark Rebellion. If the rest of the episodes are as good as this one it might just save this arcs ranking and move Arc V up to my 3rd favorite Yugioh series, but after the previous 4 episodes before this one I can assure you Arc V will never be my favorite now, to much damage was done thanks to episode 140.

  5. Becs

    Pretty much my thoughts. I enjoyed this episode more than I thought i would and more than the previous ones, since I just mentally separated it in my head with the overall story of fucking SAVING YUZU AND THE OTHERS!!
    When Dennis called him for heading back to the portal asking if he was going to turn his back. Plotwise he should’ve said ‘yeah, i’m going to turn my back as i’ve got more important shit to do atm!’
    I hope some bullshit twist happens like it actually turns out that to revive the list yuboys and girls he has to win a duel with one person in every dimension with Reiji being the last one in the pendulum dimension.
    I know it would be unimaginative but if Yuzu and that are officially dead by now I will just crumble…

  6. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    Let’s begin “Finding Yuzu” with Dennis being the first hurdle to stop the damn Egao Messiah Tomato.
    • Uggh, not this cringe Allen’s voice when he was first introduced in the Xyz arc… AGAIN. Shut up.
    • Wow… it’s just tragic that NOBODY knows what happened to the Yu-waifus before they were forcibly merged into Ghost-Ray who loved to crash the HITOTSU NI party as her daily hobby.
    • This is a pretty lame reason to start a duel. And Dennis is totally gonna lose, goddammit!
    • Spamming Odd-Eyes as per usual. That’s yet another shit first turn from Yuya.
    • Oh, this brought up a question. Why is Heartland still in ruins? And people are still scared of dueling?
    • Yup, EVERYONE is still paranoid at Polymerization. Then again, this dimension was fucked by Fusionists who got salty at losing everything to Castel. BOW DOWN XYZ SCUMS!
    • Not going for Trapeze Magician? Then it must be TRAPEZE FORCE WITCH!!
    • With the absence of Masked Heroes in Arc V, Dennis himself must do the MASK CHANGE instead.
    • Ancient Gear Mask has the obligatory effect of shutting down Spells & Traps. Typical Ancient Gears.
    • OH MUH BAE!!! IT’S GRACE!!! <3 🙁
    • This duel is already pissing me off. Yuya continues to shill gimmicky Entermates like no tomorrow.
    • IT’S SHOWTIME!!! 😀
    • Dennis easily keeps up with Yuya who has his rollerskates on. Show him who’s the boss, Dennis! 😀
    • MOAR RANK-UP MAGIC!!! This one’s for Entermages! 😀
    • Dammit Grace, I love you, but STOP ENCOURAGING YUYA TO ABUSE ACTION CARDS! And Gloria is so annoyed at those children she’s gonna card them soon to shove a middle finger at Egao.
    • “THE FUN HAS JUST BEGUN!!!” This is rich coming for the Tomato whose duels have always been the absolute WORST in this show. Step down Yuya, you are not qualified to be an entertainer.
    • Again Yuya, the new Yugioh anime will not let you have fun recycling Pendulums for eternity.
    • Damn, Sword Fish certainly has a lot of screentime lately, even though it’s one of the shittiest cards ever printed.
    • It’s obligatory for me to mute the audio everytime Yuya yells “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!”.
    • Much like how Yuri cut off Sky Magician’s hands when he dueled Yusho, this time Yuya will also have two perfectly situational Continuous Spells to lead him to an undeserved victory.
    • Reiji initially thought Yuya would go for Dark Rebellion, but then again it would be totally useless to use Dark Rebellion’s or even Dark Requiem’s (LOL does that card still exists?) effect against Trapeze High Magician because XYZ MONSTERS DON’T HAVE LEVELS. All is not according to keikaku.
    • Dennis! Do something! Don’t let the Tomato keep hammering your Life Points!
    • GODDAMMIT ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!! Did Yuya just pull a win out of his ass by using Miracle against Trapeze High Magician?!! HOW IS THIS EVEN ALLOWED?!! >:(
    • And Arc V never ceases to make my brain explode. The true entertainer lost. GG Dennis… ;_;
    • All the more reason why Yuya is the worst Yugioh protagonist ever. SOMEONE JUST KILL THE DAMN TOMATO ALREADY!!! >:(
    • The Xyz Dimension citizens are too stupid to be brainwashed by this Egao drivel FOR THE THIRD TIME. They gladly accepted Yusho’s teaching, Edo’s Edicts of Egao and now Yuya’s “LEGGO MUH EGAO” without question, so high chances are they will forever remain docile in their stupidity.
    • HEY KAITOFUCKER, WHERE IS YOUR HARUTO?!! Shouldn’t you be hunting down Leo as well to take back your precious Haruto, like Shun is doing so to get back his precious Ruri?!!
    • REIRA, JUST SMILE ALREADY!!! THAT WAS A GREAT DUEL… even though Yuya won by pure bullshit and the true entertainer was forced to job. Anyway, JUST SMILE ALREADY!!!
    I want Shun to kill this Egao Messiah Tomato, but knowing my luck he’ll be forced to job against him after delivering us the glorious RANK 12 BIRD. Nonetheless, it is hilarious to see chibi Ruri once destroyed Shun’s Xyz falcons with Mirror Force (and possibly won that duel). XD
    *Dear Yuzu,
    I know it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have the time to appear and DUEL for the last time, but should you get the chance, do us a favour: CRUSH THE DAMN EGAO TOMATO MESSIAH after he spammed out his multi-summoning and Egao shenanigans + Action Card spam with your glorious Melodious singers. Deal him the most humiliating defeat ever inflicted to a Yugioh protagonist, destroy him to the point he’ll never be able to stand up again and spread the cancerous Edicts of Egao anymore.

  7. revolutionhippo

    Apparently the only dimension that lost their memories… sure. I don’t care anymore, I’ve given up on figuring out the plot. That said, I’m not sure WHY Yuto is missing, or why Yuya has Dark Rebellion. I figured maybe he didn’t summon it because he realized he didn’t have it, but it clearly is the case that he has it since we know from the preview that Yuto AND Ruri are both gone. So Yuya probably has the other dragons as well, for whatever that’s worth.
    This episode was only fun because I like Dennis and Yuya. I really doubt it would’ve been as good if it were characters I didn’t have such an attachment too. I kinda loved the fact that Dennis wasn’t suddenly a good person, and he still used intimidation to get the Xyz residents to watch his duel when they didn’t want to (threatening to card them if they didn’t), before Yuya sort of reminded him that’s not what he should be doing. Dennis trying to shed Academia’s toxic teachings is a really cool plotpoint that I would’ve loved to see more than one episode dedicated to. And I would’ve liked to see it applied to more characters such as Edo “Suddenly a Good Guy” Phoenix and the Tyler Sisters, who were just an unwelcome addition to this episode since they seemed out of place. But I agree, this plot is way more interesting than the Reira-Zarc mess, and if there was more time dedicated to this it could lead to a lot more interesting development.
    Speaking of character development! Shun lost his best friend and sister, so he should be in an extremely emotional position right now, and the next episode should be very heartfelt. I really hope they don’t screw this up. Shun’s character development has suffered enough as it is.

  8. kofmaster

    Since the battle royale I think the whole thing is the Yuya’s ceremonial duel (the longest ceremonial duel ever).
    At the end of each yugioh the protagonista has to deal with an internal conflict to grow up and take a step forward.
    Yugi: Learn to be independent, show that he’s not the weak child of the beginning and say goodbye to an old friend.
    Jaden: Re-discover his passion for duels
    Yusei: Putting an end to their rivalry before leaving the duels.
    Yuma: something like Yugi
    Yuya: Face his own demons and become the entertaiment duelist who always wanted to be.
    Fun Fact: If you like Yugioh look at the episode 9 of Akiba’s strip, it’s one of the best parodies I saw about Yugioh and with much criticism about the tropes on the series and TCG.

  9. Sanokal

    They’re within Yuya. Riley sealed Zarc to prevent him from splitting and reviving.

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