Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode 10: Path to Victory

I’ve never covered a military anime, and now I’m realizing how difficult it is to cover it when now the show has been nothing but discussion of the military operations and watching how they play out. I just feel like it’s no fun talking about the operations so I’ll make this review brief.

Tanya’s group succeeded with Operation Shock and Awe. They destroyed the Republic’s headquarters, and this announcement made those arguing about the funding and well-being of the country shut up. Speaking of they had a right to be yelling and screaming since they were getting no explanations, but luckily for them all the operation succeeded with no problem.

Everything is going very well for the Empire, their plans are very smart and the end of the war seems near as they are about to finish the last part of their plan. It’s amazing that everything went smoothly. They retreated and forced the Republic to move forward, then Tanya and her battalion rode the rockets and destroyed HQ, then we learned the Empire had connected explosives underneath the Republic’s trenches by digging underground, and then blew them up. Destroying the trenches and HQ, this allows the Empire to go around and attack the last remaining Republic troops from behind, thus ending the war in their victory. Of course, that’s if things go smoothly in the end, which of course it doesn’t.

We finally have our first death from the Pixie Battalion. Sorry, Grantz. Tanya and the others got a surprise as Sioux and others attacked them from behind, Sioux killing Grantz. Being given powers from Being X, Sioux is going to be a scary foe. And I’m sure Tanya is going to be surprised to see his face again. I expect a lot more deaths next episode, so next week should be more exciting.


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