Holy shit i wasn’t expecting to get around to this so late. Stupid blisters.
But good lord…
This episode was garbage.
It was just awful. Absolutely awful. Nothing good about it, so bare with me, this will be a short one.
To think this is the semi-final episode, the final battle is actually against Reiji, not Zarc’s demon- which I was convinced was the case because of the whole Reira can’t smile bullshit idea. Yeah, well, apparently not because instead of the “inner demons”, none of that shit came out except for Reira’s tears as Yuuya finally understood Zarc’s original intentions – which I suspected, but what a half-assed reveal.  “Surpass me,” says the guy who didn’t do shit, except for the one time he fought his father (which was already way too freaking late). Reiji’s and Yuuya’s fated rematch was bound to happen at some point or another, but the thing is, I don’t know about you, but I completely forgot about their first duel. And it’s a joke really, especially because Reiji, (though he supposed to be strong,) he is really just all talk. He preaches and preaches, but he doesn’t actually do anything. He is the worst “Leader” I have even seen, and doesn’t even deserve the credit to even be called one.
Then there was that moment when I just wished, WISHED Yuuya had not picked up that action card. At that moment, I actually thought Yuuya was going to make the decision NOT to swipe it. But that was naive of me, of course they wouldn’t do that. They never even bothered to do it any sooner.
But god, it would have been amazing to see him to resist the temptation of using the Action Card to defeat Jack. Had he done so, that would’ve been the highlight of the episode for me.
I didn’t expect us to get any Zarc’s Flashbacks, but we got… a crumb of it so to speak. It’s pretty much a repeat of the tiny bits we seen briefly once or twice in the past, so I hardly consider it a flashback. It’s frustrating to see how Zarc’s past/origins and his fall has been reduced to not even a 10 seconds feature. Instead it was Yuuya who confirmed our speculations, but in the end, we will never truly understand anything from Zarc’s perspective, of the process of how he turned into such a monster, and how he felt about his transformation into such a malicious demon- which is frustrating to say the least.
That’s all I got to say really. I would rather put more time into the Overall Review that I hadn’t had much time to work on. I have been so busy for the past week, I have only been able to write a little bit of it, and with the finale in just a few days, I am way behind schedule.
Next week, our suffering will finally come to an end.
Also it looks like the dragons are all getting an evolution, spoiler much?


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  1. Williamallen222

    Picking up from last week I’ll be giving my personal thoughts on what I would have liked to have seen from the Xyz Arc.
    Xyz Arc: Ep 101-125
    Yuya and Yuzu’s groups face off against the Obelisk Force in defence of Heartland’s citizens. Both duels get interrupted by Kaito and Asuka respectively who finish off the O-Force, but Kaito cards the group Yuya and co battled. After convincing them that they are allies, Kaito and Asuka take both groups to the base of what remains of the Resistance where they meet Allen, Sayaka and Droite. Yuya also reunites with his father, Yusho who leads the Resistance. Yusho’s explanation for how he arrived in Heartland is similar to the show and Asuka’s reason for joining the Resistance is also similar, only she travelled to Heartland from Academia and was rescued from the O-Force by Yusho. Asuka explains the Arc Area Project and how Yusho convinced Kaito and the rest of the Resistance to let her help, as he understands that not everyone at the academy is evil. Kaito is still not pleased by the idea of accepting members of Academia into the Resistance and claims Shun has gone soft and weak after he defends Sora. Yuya duels Kaito to try and understand him and make him see that fighting like Academia makes him no better than them, but Kaito’s heart is too consumed by rage; he defeats Yuya and leaves in anger to find more members of Academia to card, Shun and Yuya chase after him, while the rest of the Lancers remain behind to bond with the others. At Academia, Leo learns that the Lancers are in Heartland and sends Yuri, Dennis and the Tyler Sisters to eliminate them. Yuya becomes separated from Shun and encounters Edo Phoenix the Commander-in-Chief of the Arc Area Project. They duel as in the show when Edo learns Yuya is Yusho’s son, he defeats and captures him; intending to use Yuya as bait to draw out Yusho. Shun finds Kaito and duels him to prove how his time with the Lancers has made him stronger not weaker and that only bonds of friendship and trust can end this war, not violence and hatred. Shun emerges victorious this time just as Allen and Sayaka inform them that Academia are attacking the Resistance base. Yuri defeats and cards five members of the Resistance, Dennis overpowers Droite, Gloria and Grace best Allen and Sayaka, and the Deputy Commander of the Arc Area Project, Mamoru Noro defeats Sora, intending to use this victory to supplant Edo who he views as unfit for his position. The losers are taken back to the Xyz Base, while Yuri advances on Yuzu, intending to take her to the Professor, but before anything can escalate, Yugo appears, causing Yuzu’s Bracelet to teleport Yuri away again. Shun and Kaito arrive back and they all plan to go to the Xyz Base in order to save the others. At the same time as this, Yuya is interrogated by Edo who met Yusho during the war; Yusho told him that Academia was wrong to use duelling to bring fear to others and duelled him to prove it, although Yusho lost that fight, Edo was confused at how Yusho could still smile regardless of the outcome. Before leaving, Yusho gave Edo a copy of Smile World, telling him to give it to Leo Akaba, to remind him of the true purpose of duelling. Although Edo was charmed by Yusho’s duelling he couldn’t accept that the Professor’s teachings were wrong as he was the only one who believed in his skills after his father died and he tore Smile World in half. Edo uses Academia’s memory technology to look into Yuya’s mind to find Yusho’s location but in doing so, sees all the good times that Yuya has had through duelling with his friends in the Standard Dimension and how he stood up to Academia’s atrocities in the Synchro Dimension which only confuses him further about the Professor’s motives. The Lancers storm the Xyz Base, with Yuzu and Asuka teaming up to defeat the Tyler Sisters while Yusho frees Yuya and defeats Noro in a dazzling Entertainment Duel in front of Academia’s forces, including Edo and the Tyler Sisters. The Lancers beat the Academia students holding the others prisoner, but this time Kaito refrains from carding any of them. Yuya duels Edo again and is able to finish what his father started in convincing him that Academia is in the wrong. Noro summons reinforcements from Academia, but just as all seems lost, Reiji, Reira, Tsukikage, Jack and Crow arrive; having traced the signal from the Lancer’s duel disks and they defeat the Fusion Forces. Edo intends to travel to Academia with the Lancers to confront the Professor about the true purpose of the Arc Area Project and tells the gathered members of the academy they can return home or remain here to help rebuild Heartland, most of the students return, but a few more open-minded ones stay including the Tyler Sisters due to them being enamoured with Yuya’s Entertainment Duelling much to Yuzu’s chagrin. While the Lancers prepare to leave, Reiji reveals the Revival Zero part of Leo’s plan. While Yuzu is gathering supplies, separate from the others, she is surprised to find Serena who claims that she escaped from Academia again and has been dimension hopping ever since to try and re-join the Lancers. As they head back to the others Yuzu realizes too late she has been led into a trap when Yuri and Dennis descend upon her. Yuya and Shingo rush to help her but are too late to stop Yuri from teleporting the girls to Academia, Shingo despairs that Serena has seemingly betrayed them, and in anger duels against Yuri and Dennis with Yuya. Yuya is disappointed in Dennis for the role he played in Heartland’s destruction and Ruri’s capture, Dennis is conflicted by Yuya’s words when he begs him to return to his true friends, even more so when Yuri uses Dennis as a human shield to protect himself from one of Shingo’s attacks. Despite Dennis’ hesitation, Yuri defeats both of them and expresses interest in how Yuya absorbed Yuto and gained control of his dragon. Yuri desires that power too but is forced to retreat when the other Lancers arrive. Yuya explains the situation and Sora and Edo reveal that the Professor has someone in his inner circle who can control the hearts and minds of others. The Lancers teleport straight to Academia, with Shun, Kaito, Yugo and Shingo breaking off to rescue Ruri and Rin in the West and East Towers, while the others head to confront the Professor. When they enter the castle, Leo uses the castle’s architecture to separate them into different groups: Yuya, Gongenzaka, Tsukikage, Crow/Reiji, Reira, Yusho, Edo/Sora, Jack/Asuka and Droite. He sends Yuri, Dennis, Barrett and an unknown individual to deal with them. Yuya’s group find themselves in Academia’s Colosseum and are confronted by Barrett and the unknown individual, revealed to be Isao Kachidoki who was recruited by Dennis in the same circumstances as in the show. He desires revenge on Yuya for his loss, but Crow and Tsukikage duel him and Barrett to allow Yuya and Gongenzaka to escape. Crow and Tsukikage fall to Barrett and Kachidoki respectively and are carded, forcing Yuya and Gongenzaka to face them. Despite Kachidoki’s new Gladial Beast deck Yuya bests him with his evolved Entertainment Duelling, while Gongenzaka avenges his last loss. Yuya reaches out to Kachidoki, but he refuses again, unable to accept a second loss to Yuya; he cards himself, leaving Yuya deeply shaken. Gongenzaka tells Barrett Serena has been brainwashed, causing him to confront Leo in fury as he realises The Doktor implanted a Parasite Fusioner in her brain. Leo chastises Barrett for growing to care for Serena, saying that none of that will matter for much longer, Barrett tries to attack Leo only to be carded by The Doktor from behind. At the two towers, Kaito defeats Diana and Shingo defeats Apollo to allow Shun and Yugo to rescue Ruri and Rin. The reunion is short-lived as The Doktor activates the Parasites in their brains and has them duel their rescuers. Shun and Yugo try to reach out to Ruri and Rin’s sleeping consciousness, but The Doktor’s hold is too strong and they are both beaten. Kaito and Shingo arrive to stop Shun and Yugo from being carded, but the Professor activates a function on the girl’s duel disks that teleports them away. Both parties enter the castle to try and find them. Elsewhere, Asuka an
    d Droite run into Serena and Yuzu, who has also been implanted with a Parasite. They duel the girls to save them from The Doktor’s thrall but they are beaten and carded. As Shun and Kaito explore, they are confronted by Dennis. Kaito duels Dennis in order to give Shun a chance to find the others. Although Kaito loses; before he is carded he mocks Dennis for having no real friends, Dennis weakly tries to claim Yuri as his friend, only to be told to stop deluding himself as Yuri will card him too after he’s served his purpose. Reiji’s group arrive on the scene, having been found by Shun and Yusho recognises Dennis as an old student from Heartland. Yusho duels Dennis to teach him the true meaning of Entertainment Duelling. Dennis loses and finally realizes the depth of his betrayals. He knows he can never be forgiven but tries to make amends by revealing the way to the throne room. Yuri overhears this and Dennis begs him to stop, only to be emotionally crushed when Yuri reveals he only kept him around because he always had someone available to stroke his ego, before carding him. Jack arrives on the scene, having split from Sora, and duels Yuri so the others can find the Professor. Jack tries to make Yuri see the error of his ways, but Yuri explains his backstory which is similar to the show and that his only desire now is to card everyone in existence to prove that he is the strongest. Yuri defeats Jack with his evolved ace; Greedy Venom and cards him. Yuri is confronted by Shingo and Yugo who challenges his Fusion Counterpart in order to settle things once and for all, while Shingo leaves to catch up with the others. Sora finds The Doktor in his lab and duels him with the fate of the Bracelet Girls on the line. During the duel, Yuya and Gongenzaka enter the lab and The Doktor flaunts Yuzu and the other girls in front of Yuya to distract him long enough for a Parasite to crawl into his ear in an attempt to take control of him, but the darkness within Yuya kills it and he Awakens again; summoning his dragons without even entering the duel and tearing the lab apart, Sora barely manages to defeat The Doktor who escapes with The Bracelet Girls while Reiji, Reira, Shingo, Shun, Yusho and Edo reach the throne room to confront Leo.
    This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I think the time spent in Heartland was long enough; if it lasted for 15 episodes instead of 13 with situations slightly changed it would be better. If the action took place in Heartland instead of cutting back and forth with Yuya and Yuzu in two separate dimensions the narrative would be more coherent. Giving Edo a similar backstory to GX and a chance to view Yuya’s memories would make his turn more reasonable, as well as the fact that it was both Yuya and Yusho who helped Academia see the light. Droite was added because I believe she would balance Kaito’s overzealousness so that his turn was also more believable. Yugo would have a chance to interact with Yuya more as well as give him a friendship with Shingo to create more solid character building. The BB Arc might not have gotten as much hate if it instead focused on Barrett and Kachidoki, and was two episodes shorter. It would also be a harsh lesson for Yuya that you cannot help people who don’t want to be helped and to round off Barrett’s story with his care for Serena turning him against Leo. Carding the Legacy Characters early gives the show breathing space to focus on the original characters as well as showcasing the competence of Academia’s higher ups and to give more time to the Bracelet Girls. Ending Dennis’ story by having him beaten by Yusho and then carded by Yuri would be a more fitting send off for him, as he finally understands the value of real friendship. I appreciate any thoughts on whether this would have made the Xyz Arc better or worse and I’ll be rounding off my thoughts on the final episode of Arc-V next week.

    1. Yugioh Fan

      Wow, these are some really good ideas on how to improve the Xyz arc, your changes are awesome, there some awesome my ideas on improve the Xyz arc look amateurish by comparison, that’s how good they are. I never even considered adding another Zexal character, because I thought Kite(Kaito) was bad-ass enough for two characters. Also giving Kachidoki BB’s deck was in-genius, I would have just cut the BB stuff all together but you took it a step further. I truly enjoyed reading your ideas, they are very good.

    2. aramire77

      These definitely would’ve make Xyz arc and Fusion arc better. There are several ideas that I don’t really like though, no offense. I think I’ll also write my ideas of how Synchro-Final arcs are supposed to be later.

  2. aramire77

    When you didn’t upload this review at the usual day, I thought you’re going to do a double episode review.
    Personally, I think the episode wasn’t so bad. I have many frustrations, but at the very least still enjoyed the episode…a bit. I already pretty much expected that Reiji will be the last opponent for Yuya in the series since Yuya hadn’t won against him yet. And somehow I just can’t image a scenario of how Yuya will fight if Zarc is the last opponent (I mean he is inside a baby’s body and there’s no hint of how to get him out of her body other than making Reira smile).
    I’ll tell first the things that frustrates me:
    1. The way Yuya and Jack’s Duel ended. It irked me that Jack was relying heavily on Action Cards to survive instead of using his own cards and such. (I guess the part Yuya took that last Action Card was an excuse so that Clear Wing can be shown to assist him to emphasise the dragons reacting to his feeling).
    2. Zarc’s flashback is told once again, not from Zarc’s own perspective. Although, I already had a feeling we will never see it, so it didn’t frustrate me that much.
    3. Reiji is shown like he is the strongest last boss or such while in the previous episodes he didn’t seem that way. This reminded me of how he didn’t help that much in the previous episodes. He did well in inflicting damage to Zarc when fighting him, but only to get easily beaten on the next turn made him didn’t look like such a big deal. But now, he has all these very extremely strong-looking monsters (that he even considered as his strongest portofolio), the same question that I always asked in previous episodes returned again: “why didn’t they do this sooner?”
    Now that I already let out the frustrating things, I’ll move to what I enjoyed watching this episode:
    1. The interaction between Yuya and his dragons. I like the way Yuya riding on the dragons and traveling the field. This would’ve been even better if only they did it earlier, at least from four or three episodes before.
    By the way Eva, have you noticed that Reiji’s new Ultimate Doom King monsters bears resemblances to the previous YGO antagonists (Namely Zorc, Z-One, and Don Thousand)?

  3. Yugioh Fan

    Yeah, this episode wasn’t to great, but I don’t want to be negative and just be angry with Arc V, so instead I’ll do something to express my anger in a more fun way. Just like a fellow fan called Williamallen222 posted how he’d improve the Synchro arc, I was inspired by this post to do the same on the arcs, I’ll do Synchro and Xyz here and save Fusion for episode 148. These are just my ideas you don’t have to agree with me, I just wish to share these ideas with fellow fans of the show. However, before that I would like to take a moment to remember how far this great blog of Arc V Eva has done has come. I remember when I first discovered these blogs by accident during the Synchro arc, after reading them I was hooked and kept following and reading Eva’s great reviews on the episodes, but not working up the courage to actually make a comment until episode 115. It’s been a fun ride and I would just like to say how much I appreciate and enjoy your posts on Arc V Eva, and how I’m going to miss them when the series ends, thank you. Now onto my ideas on how to improve the series, which I’ll post in another comment.

  4. revolutionhippo

    Here’s something noteworthy… Yuya vs Reiji at the end of season 1 did not use any Action Cards. Neither Yuya nor Reiji ever played a single Action Card. At the time, I thought that was character development…
    Also the new card shilling is out of control at this point
    As a side-note, I found the final duel of this episode to be a lot more fun if I forget the plot and just watch Yuya and Reiji duel, because the scenery is at least pretty appealing

    1. aramire77

      Sorry, but actually, during their first Duel, they did use Action Cards. Yuya used High Dive in his first turn to increase Whip Viper’s attack, and then Reiji activates Evasion to negate Whip Viper’s attack. And then in turn 4, Yuya activates Wonder chance to give Odd-Eyes additional attack, and finally in turn 5 Yuya used Miracle to halve the damage and prevent Odd-Eyes’ destruction from Hell Armageddon’s attak.

      1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

        Oh mate, what revolutionhippo meant was the SECOND Yuya-Reiji duel which took place right after the Maiami Championship Battle Royale. During that duel Heartland was chosen to be the Action Field again (just to trigger both Yuto and Shun) and neither side played any Action Card at all, just spamming multi-summoning shenanigans and various combos, which Reiji ended up winning after playing two super-situational Dark Contract Traps that resulted in Odd-Eyes Rebellion crashing into Kali Yuga with its original 3000 ATK against Kali Yuga’s boosted 4300 ATK.

        1. aramire77

          Sorry, my bad, I missed the end of Season 1 part (>_<;)

  5. Yugioh Fan

    Now here are my ideas to improve the Synchro and Xyz arcs. First up the Synchro Arc:
    From episode 50 to 86 everything is the same, then things start changing by episode 87.
    Episode 87 to 90 are mostly the same, except for 3 differences, one Duel Academy actually sends an army to invade the city, two Yuya and the others actually get more of a glimpse of Zarc when they enter Berserk Mode during the duel between Yuya and Crow(and Yuto can now communicate with Yuya after this duel) which freaks all of them out except Yuri, which leads me to the third differences when Yuri and Yugo meets, Yuri reveals his intentions of fusing with his other counterparts but not before completing his mission, so he still leaves to find Zuzu(Yuzu) and Celina(Serena).
    Now from episode 91 to 99 things start changing drastically, first when Shinji and the others escape they immediately start the rebellion, while Shay(Shun), Silvio(Shingo), Gong, Chojiro, Crow and the kids all stick together to look for Zuzu, while Moon Shadow(Tsikakage) goes on ahead to help Riley(Reira) and Yuya protect Celina. Meanwhile as Barrett and Yuya continue there duel, Sora shows up to help, but in my version instead of Yuri showing up like 20 Obelisk Force members show up instead, they surround Sora, Celina and Riley with Barrett ordering them not to capture them until he finishes his match. Meanwhile Shay and his group run into Yugo, they tell him what’s up and he says he can’t go with them because if they want to keep Zuzu and Celina safe they must stop the main threat Yuri, so he keeps looking for Yuri, who is leading a large number of Obelisks Force against Shinji, his rebels and a large number of Security they were fighting, successfully carding them all. Meanwhile Zuzu arrives at the subway giving Yuya and Yuto the strength to end the duel with Barrett in a draw, but Barrett still gets Celina, luckily for Yuya and the others Moon Shadow arrives and with his ninja skills helps the five of them escape. So while Barrett takes Celina back to Duel Academy, he has the Obelisk Force go after Zuzu’s group. Meanwhile Yuri and Yugo run into each other and have an epic duel ending with Yugo losing and Yuri forcibly absorbing him. At this time Shay’s group meets up with Declan(Reiji) who took out the Security at the Council building. While Yuya and his group are overwhelmed by the Obelisk Force, but then Sergey arrives and grabs Zuzu while also leaving behind a Security squad to deal with the group of Lancers and Obelisk Force, but Yuya group is saved by Jack jumping in and taking down all the fodder with Red Dragons effect. The group then goes after Zuzu, running into Declan and the others, but also Sergey, Jack takes him on while the others continue towards Zuzu, they start inflitarating Security, but someone else is ahead of them Yuri. He cards the traiter Roger(who goes out like the scared coward he is) then heads to Zuzu he opens her cell, but luckily Yuya and the others arrive activating her bracelet and teleporting Yuri away. The group meets up with Jack and realizing the city is lost they all, along with a few nearby surviving rebels and Security teleport back to Standard, leaving everyone in the city to get carded and the city to be destroyed even worse then Heartland(because I felt those ass wholes in Synchro deserved to suffer). Back in Standard Declan sends Yuya, Silvio, Shay and Gong to the Xyz Dimension to get what’s left of the Resistance to join Declan’s army, while he and the others stay behind to protect Zuzu and come up with a plan of attack on Duel Academy, leading into the Xyz arc
    Which I’ll comment about tomorrow because I don’t want this comment to be to long.

    1. aramire77

      I personally prefer Williamallen222’s Synchro Arc version (the parts after Yuya vs Crow Duel), but having Roget got carded by Yuri is something that I would love to see more than Roget got sucked into a wormhole 😀

  6. 75chaosflare

    It without a doubt pissed me off the moment they with this card for Zarc that comes off as “Oh no, it wasn’t my fault that I did what peopel told me to do and I nearly killed a lot more people over playing a cardgame.
    I get that they want to try so hard to make sure they were no real villains but with the large amounts of stuff certain individuals have done it only goes so far. At least with villains like Pegasus and Marik where they were not only understandable villains but they did messed up stuff on their own yet later wanted atonement for it(unless you want to count Manga Pegasus where he got killed off quickly by Bakura after losing to Yugi).
    Honestly, I truly can’t wait for this to end.
    [spoiler]In case, anyone’s interested, Serena, Rin and Ruri get no lines in the final episode. Yuzu does despite her and Serena having the same VA.[/spoiler]

    1. aramire77

      Oh, I’m interested all right. I had hoped I can hear them for one last time, but nope…(TT_TT)

      1. 75chaosflare

        [spoiler]Zarc and Ray don’t get any lines but here the last episode cast list:
        Sakaki Yuya/Yuri
        Hiiragi Yuzu
        Gongenzaka Noboru
        Sawatari Shingo
        Kurosaki Shun
        Shiun’in Sora
        Yamashiro Tatsuya
        Harada Futoshi
        Ayukawa Ayu
        Hiiragi Shuzo
        Sakaki Yoko
        Sakaki Yusho
        Akaba Leo
        Akaba Himika
        Tenjoin Asuka
        Crow Hogan
        Jack Atlas
        Kozuki Allen
        Sasayama Sayaka
        Akaba Reiji[/spoiler]

  7. Johnny Go Tan

    Y’know, wouldn’t it better if Urobuchi wrote Arc-V? Because I think he’s a better storyteller and plot maker than Kamishiro and Ono.

    1. Eva

      BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Though he’d never do it, now that I’d pay good money to see. XDDDD

    2. aramire77

      He’s the one writing Evangelion, Madoka Magica, Psycho-Pass, and many other dark stories that usually involves many characters dying. If he’s the one writing Arc-V, I don’t think there’ll be many survivors… Though, in Madoka Magica, he made everyone came back to life again, but still due to the main character’s sacrifice…

      1. 75chaosflare

        For something like ARC-V, it would mostly need a writter like Chiaki J. Konaka(the one who wrote Digimon Tamers). I think that could have made it work out well.

        1. aramire77

          Yeah, Digimon Tamer’s story feels darker than the other series, but not very much and still appealing for the age target.

  8. kofmaster

    Sometimes I think i’m the only one enjoying those episodes :/

  9. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    Oh god, this episode, I can’t even… This may be the LAST duel in this series, but god it still pissed me off for various reasons. I wish that this Egao Messiah Tomato will FINALLY be utterly crushed & humiliated by Meister Keikaku for single-handedly destroying this series with his Edicts of Egao. Now onto my LAST commentary for Arc V…
    • Yuya is giving those Dragons a counseling session for being such scaredy-cats…
    • Starve Venom is having a good time wrecking havoc against Scarlight and now attempts to blow everything up with the stolen Scarlight’s nuke effect… Yuri’s traitorous trait is gonna kick in… 😉
    • … Well it didn’t happen… No thanks to another new protection card Jack pulled out of his ass… >_>
    • Even Dark Rebellion is having fun fucking with Scarlight and Tyrant… Oh Jack, you are so fucked…
    • Action Card spamming by ZA KINGU himself to escape from the cancerous Egao brainwashing…
    • Yugo got his wished granted by seeing Clear Wing destroy Tyrant. Shame that it was through battle and not effect. Also, it would be MORE appropriate if it was Crystal Wing that buried Tyrant instead.
    • And just when I thought Yuya could really defeat ZA KINGU without using even one Action Card…
    • And this is the conclusion of the totally pointless final round of Yuya vs Jack just to waste more time and to make another opponent job against this damn Egao Messiah Tomato who won because of a last-minute Action Card asspull AGAIN. Oh, and FUCK THAT SHIVERS KID!!!! >:(
    • Did I just saw the Quiz Kid?!! Oh god he’s give me nightmares of that dreadful Quiz Duel again…
    • Jack Atlas being ZA KINGU until the very end. Not enough WAGA TAMASHI from Yuya even though he summoned all four dragons and kicked his ass REAL hard. At least the 5D’s bias of Arc V can FINALLY be put aside as we move on to the final phase of Reiji’s ultimate keikaku.
    • OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE JUST SMILE ALREADY YOU STUPID BABY!!! So the plan to make Reira Egao still fell flat… To think that Arc V must end with this baby being Egao’d, how infuriating.
    • They REALLY should’ve just let Yuya duel Reiji instead of Jack in the first place (and cut off those jobfest duels that only make people despise Arc V even more for seeing the Yu-waifus and the other Yutagonists totally shafted just to suit the Prophet of Egao), that’ll save us more time for a proper closure instead of paying the voice actors to sprout pointless drivel, especially Kensho Ono.
    • The final Action Field has been activated, with the flashback of the first duel between Yuya and Reiji recalled. Too bad that Yuya got his sorry ass spared at the time and we had to wait until episodes 50-51 to see Yuya lose properly on-screen (THAT Yuzu duel didn’t count), but it was worth it.
    • Okay, was this the second time in the series Yuya suddenly changed his Riding Duel outfit back to his regular one in a blink of a second?
    • Even for the final duel, Yuya continues to shill Entermates like no tomorrow. Is he gonna make another shit first turn OR is he actually going to set up a strong field LIKE A PRO?
    • Once again we get to see the Egao Messiah Tomato Pendulum summoning five monsters in one go, but Yuya just broke the Pendulum rules he established when he “created” Pendulum summoning. How can he Pendulum summon Entermate Odd-Eyes Synchron who is Level 2 when the Scales are 3-10?? Don’t give me the “Nah, he just Normal summoned it” crap, he did Normal summon Duck Dealer first. AND FUCK THE SHIVERS KID!!! >:(
    • Too bad that we rarely seen Yuya establishing a really strong field like he did in this final Arc V duel. Most of the time he would spend time chasing after Action Cards by ridding on his hippo.
    • … Okay, I can tolerate the usage of Action Cards since this is the final duel (Don’t get me wrong, I STILL despise Action Cards being abused by Yuya alone), but goddamn that move was just fucking stupid for BOTH Yuya and Reiji. Why Reiji chose to attack Starve Venom?!! Had he forgotten that Starve Venom will nuke the three Armageddons and one-shot Reiji with 9000 damage when it is destroyed?!! Nothing new with Yuya being an idiot as usual though, upon seeing Reiji suddenly playing like a suicidal fool he should’ve just kept that Action Card in his sleeve and watch Reiji crash.
    • To save his blushes, Reiji decided to unveil the last batch of the ultimate D/D/Ds!
    • Reiji, you’re our final hope of crushing this Egao Messiah Tomato, don’t you dare fuck up next time.
    At the Egao Messiah Tomato’s command and formed by the infallible teachings of Egao, we are forced to say: “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!! THE FUN HAS JUST BEGUN!!!!”

  10. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    “Reiji, (though he supposed to be strong,) he is really just all talk. He preaches and preaches, but he doesn’t actually do anything. He is the worst “Leader” I have even seen, and doesn’t even deserve the credit to even be called one.”
    What’s even more infuriating is that compared to the previous rivals in terms of archetypes (Blue Eyes (Kaiba), Cyber Dragons (Ryo), Destiny Heroes (Edo), RDD & Resonators (Jack), Photons/Galaxies (Kaito) ), Reiji’s D/D/Ds absolutely blew them all away and is the strongest archetype of the rivals and easily one of the most powerful decks in any Yugioh anime and even in the current metagame (at least until VRAINS kicks in). However, an omnipotent deck doesn’t guarantee “character development” and this doesn’t change the fact that the Lancers are the WORST team in Yugioh history who ultimately achieved nothing because its leader couldn’t even lead it properly and give the team members the proper tasks (except the constant Egao shoving by the Tomato). In fact, the further you watched Arc V the more you realized that JACK ATLAS (the most well-represented cameo character) is more of a true rival to Yuya than Reiji. To make matters worse, Reiji is the rival with the LEAST amount of duels in any Yugiioh anime.
    “I just wished, WISHED Yuuya had not picked up that action card. At that moment, I actually thought Yuuya was going to make the decision NOT to swipe it. But that was naive of me, of course they wouldn’t do that.”
    Pfft, Eva, you ACTUALLY expect our Tomato to NOT do that?? They WON’T let the protagonist lose unless in dire circumstances permitted by the writers (like that one occasion against SerGay). The endless Action Card spam since episode 1 is one of the main reasons why I HATE Yuya so much. Additionally, compared to other entertainers like Sawatari and Dennis, Yuya’s entertainment is to forcibly infuse his Egao philosophy onto everyone and MUST be acknowledged as successfully converting people into believing how “genuine” his duel is because the writers convinced us that it worked. Which is why the Sakaki family have NO RIGHT to be qualified as entertainers because like father like son they just FORCED their Egao drivel onto everyone else by disregarding their own feelings and even other dueling philosophies.
    “this is the semi-final episode, the final battle is actually against Reiji, not Zarc’s demon”
    Nah, I’d rather not watch the Zarc jobfest duels again. BUT what infuriates me the most in this episode is actually NOT Action Card spam, but for other two reasons. First, Yuya blatantly cheated by Pendulum summoning the Level 2 Odd-Eyes Synchron even though the Scales are 3-10. Second (and THIS is the one that triggered me like no end), Yuya should’ve just stand still and watch Reiji (who swallowed a dumb pill all of a sudden) destroy Starve Venom, whose effect will nuke the three Armageddons and one-shot Reiji with 9000 damage. BUT because Yuya was too obsessed with maintaining his field presence he resorted to utilize his personal bailout insurance (Action Card spam), and in the end it gave Reiji a chance to spare him an embarrassing defeat and shill out his final batch of D/D/D aces. Overall BOTH Yuya and Reiji ended up being complete idiots in the DUMBEST REIJI TURN EVER.

  11. aramire77

    Here goes my idea of Synchro Arc (Ep 86-99)
    Serena is escorted to underground and the guards were knocked by securities, but befoe Serena can be paralyzed, Tsukikage and Reira arrived on time to help her. The three of them duel and defeats the securities and make their escape before another group of securities arrive. Once outside, they are ambushed by the Obelisk Force, which they defeated. However, knowing there are still many of them, Reira and Serena convinces Tsukikage to free the other Lancers from the underground. Tsukikage goes underground to free the Lancers and Shinji starts his rebellion like in the anime. Meanwhile, Yuya meets Yugo and the two explains the whole situations as well as clearing the misunderstanding regarding Yuto and Yuri. Both of them decided to team up. Sora meets up with Barrett, trying to mislead him with false information so he cannot find Serena and Yuzu. However, Yuri then arrive and informs them that Leo has sent an army of Academia soldiers, receiving orders for an all out attack on City. Seeing Yuri’s apathy and how far he would do even if it means sacrificing one of their own, Sora made up his mind to cut his ties with Academia completely. After giving them false locations of where Serena and Yuzu are, Sora leaves to look for Serena under pretext that he is going to assist in the subjugation. On his way, he meets Yuya and Yugo. Reira and Serena started to get exhausted and injured by the OF who come one after another, but they are saved by Yuya, Sora, and Yugo. Serena is skeptical of Sora, but decides to trust Yuya’s words. It turns out that Yuri, with a team of OF have been following Sora, already suspicious of Sora’s information. Yugo takes on Yuri while Yuya takes the OF. During the Duel, Yuya, Yugo, and Yuri awakened and get glimpses of Zarc. They are interrupted by Yuzu’s arrival, which followed by Tsukikage, teleporting Yugo and Yuri.
    Yuya defeats the OF and the four of them make their way to where the other Lancers are while escaping from OF and Securities. Things doesn’t go well when the City soon turned into battlefield as the Commons started their rebellion that interrupted by an army of OF that cards both Tops and Commons, which includes Tony and Damon. Despite trying to stay together, Yuya and co unfortunately got separated into two groups by the mobs: Yuya with Tsukikage and Yuzu, while Serena with Sora and Reira. Yuya and the others encounter Sergey who defeats Yuya and Tsukikage and captures Yuzu. Reiji leaves the council building, deciding to directly help the other Lancers, deeming the Executive Council as unreliable and only want to save their own skin. He defeats the securities and make his way to regroup with the others. The OF succeeded in entering the Council Building, carding the Executive Council.
    Serena and the others encounters Barrett with Sora challenging him to a Duel. The duel ends with a draw with the two sustaining injuries. Barrett is forced to retreat when he is outnumbered by the other Lancers (Reiji, Shun, Sawatari, Gongenzaka, with addition of Crow and Chojiro)’s arrival. Shun and Sawatari immediately voiced their suspicion towards Sora despite Serena and Reira vouching for him. Both of them still not believing Sora, but hearing that the OF has launched a full-scale attack, they begrudgingly relented with Reiji’s order who allow Sora to be with them as now they need to handle the OF first. Yuya and Tsukikage soon meets up with the others, informing them of Yuzu’s capture. While Reiji has Sora and Tsukikage to save Yuzu, the remaining Lancers proceeds to the stadium to prevent further advance of OF and warn the citizens of City. En route, Yuya meets Sam who delivers Jack’s message to him and Yuya decides to challenge Jack once the OF are handled. After saving Shinji from OF and convinced him of the greater danger, Shinji agrees to put on hold his revolution and allow Reiji to take command of the commons to fight together with Lancers against the OF army.
    After repelling the OF army, Reiji showed the footage he has taken before leaving the council building to make the citizens realize the need for Tops and Commons to unite. Despite this, both side still have reservations of the idea of uniting considering the rebellion just a while ago, and Yuya decides to challenge Jack at that moment. Like the anime, Yuya and Jack’s Entertainment Duel succeeded in uniting Tops and Commons, and Yuya and the others goes to save Yuzu following Sora’s warning, meeting Yugo who turns out to have only been transported to the other side of City. In front of the building, they are stopped by Sergey, and Yugo decides to take him on while Yuya and the others go to save Yuzu. On their way to the dimension transfer device, Roget and Yuzu are confronted by Yuri who also got transported to the other side of City. Not caring for Roget’s attempt to win back Leo after finding out his attempted betrayal, Yuri duels and defeats Roget just as Yuya and the others arrived to witness it from above (they arrived but still at quite distance, so Yuzu’s bracelet only blinking and doesn transport Yuri away just like when Yuzu and Yugo watching the exhibition match).
    The impact of their Duel cause Roget’s device to malfunction and creates a wormhole. Roget is hanging by the bridge and plead Yuri for help, but Yuri instead kicks him so he is sucked into the wormhole. Before he can advance to Yuzu, Yuya jumps to save her, causing her bracelet to glow and transport Yuri away. They shared a happy moment of reunion until another wormhole appear. Yuya, Gongenzaka, Shun, Serena, and Shingo got sent to Xyz Dimension, while Yuzu and Sora got sent to Fusion Dimension.
    I think it would be better if Serena wasn’t recaptured. She could do more than she was shown to be. I said I prefer seeing Roget got carded by Yuri rather than him being sucked into a wormhole, but then I think again… if Roget got carded, logically, he’ll eventually be revived, which don’t sit well with me. If he is trapped in the void between dimensions, he’ll permanently disappear, but just got sucked into wormhole like that was quite lae. So I thought what if Yuri did it? Not only it will be more memorable but it will also show more of Yuri’s dark character.

    1. Williamallen222

      What I like the most about your version is how Yuri is responsible for Roget’s demise and I wish I’d thought of it for mine, maybe have him kick Roget into a wormhole after Reiji beats him, which could also be the cause for the other Lancers getting teleported to the Xyz Dimension. A very entertaining version, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to your thoughts on the Xyz and Fusion Arcs.

      1. aramire77

        Thank you, Williamallen222 (^_^)
        Continuing from before, here is my version of Xyz Arc:
        Things happen just like in the anime (with addition of Serena): While Shun goes looking for Resistance, Yuya and co meets Kaito. Sawatari and Gongenzaka duel Kaito, but got defeated so Yuya joined in. Before doing so, Yuya convinced Serena not to Duel since she is a former Academia Duelist and revealing her former affiliation would only worsen Kaito who was already overwhelm by his anger. Serena reluctantly agreed to observe the Duel, knowing the truth in Yuya’s words. Shun interfered and Kaito disappeared like in the anime. Back at duel lodge, while the Resistance and Lancers exchanged their knowledges and such, Serena ponders of what Academia had done, feeling terrible about herself after directly seeing the ruined Heartland and the refugees, and she feels she doesn’t have the right to be there. She is also awkward with Sayaka, who feels quite uncomfortable with Serena’s resemblance with Ruri as she keeps reminding her of her inability to help Ruri. After hearing about his father, Yuya goes out to look for him and encounter Edo and everything happened like in the anime. Shun and co confronts Kaito and then the same thing happened like in the anime, but this time, Serena defended Shun before Kaito is about to card him and she reveals her former affiliation with Academia, which enrages Kaito and the two begins a duel. Serena is cornered by Kaito until Yuya intruded the Duel, wishing to once again open up Kaito’s heart. During the Duel, Yuya and Yuto switch places (both mentally and physically), revealing to everyone that Yuto has been inside Yuya all this time. The duel ended with a draw, and while Kaito still refuse to return, a part of his heart is moved by the duel.
        At Fusion Dimension, Yuzu and Sora meets Asuka and Yusho. Everything happened like in the anime, but instead of Yuri, Dennis was the one confronting the You Show Students. After defeating the students, Dennis is challenged by Sora before he could card them. During their duel, both clashes regarding Academia’s goal and also their respective bond with Yuya. Dennis momentarily hesitated as he is reminded with the times he spent with Lancers, but that moment was enough for Sora to defeat Dennis, forcing the latter to retreat and Sora and co escort the escaped student back to You Show school. Hearing that Lancers have arrived in Heartland, Leo deploys Yuri, Dennis, Tyler Sisters, and several OF. Dennis was about to reveal that Yuzu is in Fusion Dimension, but Dennis begins to have second thoughts and couldn’t bring himself to say it, and instead follow Leo’s new order to go to Heartland without a word. At Heartland, Yuri and co meets up with Edo and arranges a plan to capture Serena and annihilate Lancers. Hearing from Dennis that Yusho is at Fusion Dimension, Edo specifically ordered for Yuya to be captured as well so he can use him as a bait to lure out Yusho. They eventually comes up with a plan to separate Serena from the group by making some distractions. While Dennis, Tyler Sisters, and OF are the ones doing the distraction, Yuri and Edo handles their own respective mission.
        Sayaka goes out to look for Kaito, prompting Yuya and co to look for her by splitting up. Sayaka unluckily runs into Edo, but before they can commence a duel, Yuya duel in Sayaka’s stead. Despite Yuya’s efforts, he is defeated by Edo and is taken back to the base by the commander-in-chief while Sayaka once again frozen unable to do anything to help, making her feel guilty again like with Ruri. She is found by Shun and the others and taken back to the lodge. Hearing what happened, Shun and co quickly arranges a plan to save Yuya. Before they can set their plan into motion, the Academia attacks. Sayaka, Allen, and the Resistance face off against OF, Gongenzaka and Sawatari facing against Tyler Sisters, while Dennis challenges Shun for a rematch. Before Serena could interfere, Yuri appears before her and challenge her to a Duel, making sure they duel separately from her comrades while Dennis and co are preoccupying them. Meanwhile, at Academia Heartland base, since Edo is not allowed to leave his post until the subjugation of Xyz Dimension is completed, Edo imprisons Yuya for the time being, with Yuya and Yuto trying to find a way to escape. Things doesn’t go well for the Resistance and Lancers who slowly got cornered with many of Resistance and refugees got carded. In the middle of their Duel, Yuri experienced flashes of images in his head and for several times seeing Serena as Ray. Just as they began to lose hope of winning, Reiji arrived with other Lancers, Crow, Jack, Kaito, Yugo, and several security reinforcement from Synchro Dimension. Yugo intruded into Yuri vs Serena Duel, and the two awakened after Yugo summoned his dragon. Yuri able to gain more power higher than both Yugo and Serena and defeat them both. To save Yugo, Serena unexpectedly grabs Yuri’s Duel Disk and activated the force return program, transporting herself and Yuri back to Academia, much to Yugo’s dismay. Reiji and co able to defeat the majority of their enemies. Since their goal to retrieve Serena has been fulfilled, Dennis convinces the Tyler Sisters and co to retreat back to the base. After helping all of the survivors and relocated them, the group going to Academia base to save Yuya.
        Dennis has a brief talk with the imprisoned Yuya. Dennis informs him that his father, Yuzu, and Sora are at Fusion Dimension and how he used to be Yusho’s student. Yuya starts to question Dennis what is the Entertainment Dueling his father have taught them meant to him as well as the times they have spent together, reminding him of their tag duel. Even though Dennis answered nonchalantly that his loyalty for Academia is greater, inside, Dennis is actually started to get thorn between his loyalty and his own feelings that he refused to admit. Dennis forces himself to cast aside his doubt and return to Academia to report to Leo about Serena and Yuzu.
        Not long afterwards, Reiji and co ambushed the Academia Heartland base. At the same time, Yuto, momentarily possessing Yuya’s body, takes the opportunity to escape by using the same way as Shun when he escaped from the Facility. Yugo, the Lancers, and Resistance beat the Academia students with Kaito refrains from carding any of them. Yuya duels Edo again (in front of everyone) and is able to convince him and other students that Academia is in the wrong. Edo and Academia, like in the anime, vowed to rebuild Heartland. Reiji decides that only the Lancers, Crow, Jack, Kaito, Yugo, and Edo go to Academia, while rest stayed to help in rebuilding Heartland. While making their preparations, Reiji reveals the Revival Zero part of Leo’s plan, making Yuya, Yuto, and Yugo to wonder about the connection between them.
        Serena is the only bracelet girl that Yuri didn’t duel, and it’s kind of too bad. Plus, I want to see at least a little bit more interaction between them just like how other boys and girls are. I include several Securities because after Lancers all came their way to Synchro to get allies, Crow is seemingly the only one who fully supported the Lancers. That’s why at the very least I thought they could’ve assisted Lancers in a way like this. Fusion and Final arcs will be quite different and long one to write. I think I’ll save it for later or maybe tomorrow after the last episode.

        1. Williamallen222

          I absolutely adore your version, especially the parts with Serena and Dennis, I couldn’t have thought it out better myself. I await your thoughts on the Fusion/Final Arcs with great anticipation.

          1. aramire77

            I return those words to you, I’ll be looking forward for your version as well 😀

  12. Yugioh Fan

    Now here is my personal ideas on how to improve the Xyz Arc. From episode 100 to 108 things are relatively the same, except Zuzu(Yuzu) didn’t get sent to the Fusion Dimension in my version, so we don’t have to cut to her in episode 103 and 106. Because I agree with Williamallen222 the Xyz arc would have been better if we spent the entire time in Xyz and not flip between Fusion and Xyz, except for that scene where Leo sends the Tyler Sisters to Xyz. Now things start changing by episode 109.
    It’s mostly the same, except in my version Shay(Shun) isn’t injured nearly as bad, also Yuya and the others escape after Kite(Kaito) beats the Obelisk Force, but before Aster(Edo) shows up with reinforcements, also Grace decides to go with them and defect having been impressed with Yuya’s entertainment dueling and wishing to learn more. Back at the shrine Shay fully recovers, but Grace informs them that because of these last two failures, Aster will most likely launch an all out assault on them to card the remaining survivors. So Kite takes everyone to Heartland tower, because in my version his father was still Dr. Faker who was working on dimensional travel, so theirs a dimensional portal at the tower operated by Orbital 7. Unfortunately, because of the attacks the portal has been damaged, so it can only teleport a certain number of people at one time, then it needs a few minutes to recharge before it can teleport again, and they need it to teleport 5 groups back to Standard, 4 groups of survivors and the last group consisting of the Lancers, what’s left of the Resistances, Grace and Orbital. So Kite remains inside to oversee the teleporting and protect the survivors, while Yuya, Shay, Silvio(Shingo), Gong, Allen, Sayaka, Grace and the remaining Resistances duelist go outside to face Gloria and an army of Duel Academy students, including Obelisk Force. The battle begins and Yuya and the others manage to push the Academy’s forces back for the most part, while Grace and Gloria duel each other, each trying to convince each other to switch sides. While at the same time in the tower after Orbital teleports the 3rd group of survivors, Aster infiltrates the tower and duels Kite, it’s just like Yuya’s 2nd duel with Aster, where Aster barley loses any life points and is mostly in control of the duel until the end. During the duel Orbital teleports the final group of survivors to safety. Back outside the Academy students start busting out the heavy artillery, in other words several Ancient Gear Chaos Gaint’s and start pushing Yuya and our heroes back, and Gloria also beats Grace telling her sister she was always the more skilled one, also a few of the surviving Resistances duelist get carded. So Yuya and the others retreat back inside by creating some cover with Yuya and Silvio’s flashy moves and Shay’s destructive power. Once inside they see Kite beat Aster, then all the remaining duelists and Orbital teleport back to Standard, with everyone in Xyz either carded or in Standard, Aster orders everyone to return to Duel Academy to prepare for a possible invasion by the Lancers and there allies. Back in Standard Yuya and the others introduce everyone from Xyz, and Zuzu is jealous of how interested Grace is in Yuya. Declan(Reiji) has the plan of attack already, but we won’t learn that exact plan until the Fusion arc. However, before they leave Yuya has a duel with Jack, since they never got there rematch in my version, because the city was completely destroyed by Duel Academy interrupting the tournament. Yuya inspired that he and the others were able to get through to people like Kite and Grace has a great duel with Jack, one he wins, that also boosts the moral of the troops and the survivors and innocent people of Standard. After that all the duelists decide to head to Fusion to finally take down Leo, with Orbital staying behind to monitor the mission with Himika and the rest of LDS’s staff. Thus leading us into the Fusion/Final arc.
    Which I’ll talk about in episode 148, but this arc unlike Synchro and Xyz will be greatly different in my version, instead of entire episodes being the same only some concepts will be the same. Not that I didn’t like the Fusion arc most of it’s episodes were good(BB stuff not withstanding) but the problem was when you considered all the episodes as a whole invasion arc, it was really a lack luster invasion story.

    1. aramire77

      The Duel between the Tyler Sisters!? Why didn’t I thought about it before?! True, compared to Grace, Gloria doesn’t look so easily swayed. And having the residents of Xyz being transported to Standard is a reasonable decision. If they take refugee in Standard, their safety will more ensured rather than staying in their ruined hometown. They can stay there for a while until their hometown is rebuild 😀

  13. 75chaosflare

    In all honestly, I don’t care about any sort of retelling, as long as it fully adapts/develops the characters as well as the story rightfully which honestly this series does not do.
    Lastly new involving whose in charge of VRAINS:
    Yuusaku is voiced by Ishige Shouya (http://www.stardust.co.jp/profile/ishigesyouya.html)
    Opening “With The Wind” is going to be performed by TOMMY (who did Jojo’s SONO CHI NO SADAME)
    Director: Masahiro Hosoda
    Series compositor: Shin Yoshida
    Original Idea: Takahashi Kazuki & Studio Dice (Weekly Shonen Jump)
    Director: 細田雅弘 Masahiro Hosoda (Directed “Virgin Fleet” and “Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods”)
    Series Direction: 吉田伸 Yoshida Shin (Season 4 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Season 4 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s 27 onwards and Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL)
    Duel Compositon: 彦久保雅博 Masahiro Hikokubo (All previous Yu-Gi-Oh! series)
    Character Design: 原憲一 Hara Kenichi
    Sound Director: 松岡裕紀 Matsuoka Hiroki (Sound Director for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions)
    Music: 光宗信吉 Mitsumune Shikichi (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters)
    Animation Studio: ぎゃろっぷ Gallop
    Production: テレビ東京 NAS (TV Tokyo) / (Nihon Ad Systems)[/spoiler]

  14. Becs

    I would’ve enjoyed this episode if it wasn’t for ONE big major plot hole… WHERE THE FUCK IS YUZU!!!?? She didn’t get so much as a whisper in here and its the penultimate episode! What? is she just going to appear the fuck out of nowhere with professor who says ‘have her Yuya’ and they kiss or something!? I mean that would be quite cute and be the only good thing in this pile of rubbish! But I want to know what is happening to Yuzu.
    It makes sense why Reiji is Yuya’s final duel in the series. He is the default rival of the series, so carrying on Yugioh tradition means they must duel… HOWEVER, the two are the worst rivals I have ever seen. They have NO conflict throughout the entire series except Reiji lied or omitted things to Yuya at some points and Yuya disagreed with Reira being a lancer. But Yuya still went allong with him for the most part despite his protests which weren’t much to begin with. The only time they really fought was when Yuya blamed Reiji for Yuzu being taken and that was more an irrational emotional reaction that Yuya had that involved a third party rather than it being a personal attack on Yuya. So this ‘resolution’ feels entirely pointless. I can’t believe I’m bringing this series up again considering my dislike of it… but Kaito was a better rival than Reiji in Zexal! At least he actually duelled and got shit done. Even if it took him ages to acknowledge Yuma, he was still a good rival! He was one of the better characters of that series.
    I’m going to also say this just because I want to piss off people who like Zexal (1 mainly cos 2 was good, however the series overall wasn’t great). I don’t like Astral! He’s a ghostly a-hole! From beginning to end i never liked him. Sure Yuma was annoying but he had his good points, one being that he was more sensitive, caring, considerate, and did try his best despite how utterly stupid he was. Astral is just a blunt know it all that pisses me off with how we’re meant to sympathise with him, but I can’t sympathise with a character whose only purpose is to criticise. I don’t blame Yuma early on for getting pissed off at him and ignoring his advice. I would as well!!
    I also feel that if they wanted Jack to duel Yuya, they should’ve cut off the synchro tournament before the finals and then gone after Roger when the invasion began. Get the plot rolling faster and then they would’ve had more time to move the fiinals to here where Jack can go ‘It’s time for the final match that we never got to have’. I mean it would’ve tied Jack further in and less of the original characters… but if they MUST keep him in at least his development with Jack would’ve stretched over a longer period!

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