Little Witch Academia Episode 13

Just like I had suspected, Akko wanted to change the sacrifice ritual a bit and make it more into a fun type of show. Akko wanted to help Vajarois be happy instead of sad all the time, and she thought everyone would rather much see a fun type of show, like Chariot had done. She asked Ursula for help, and thought Lotte and Sucy would help out too, but they rather wanted to do things how they were always done. But that didn’t stop Akko from practicing her metamorphosis magic by herself.

As usual, Akko kinda messes up but steals the show. She always does things in unconventional ways and what she did shocked everyone, but it was a hit. Lotte and Sucy decided to help Akko out after all after hearing Diana’s dumb friends make fun of them, but because they also admire Akko’s attitude. So while Akko handled all of the metamorphosis magic while they help with her mistakes. Akko did her best to make Varajois happy by turning into cute animals and making things silly, but it did no good. We saw Ursula do research on the sad princess and found out that she had swallowed the seed of sorrow to remember her past friends. Ursula tells Akko about this, and while Akko and the girls are swallowed by Varajois, they find the seed and Akko mutters the third word.

Of course, when Ursula heard Akko’s plan, she knew that Akko wanted to say the exact spell she had said when she was younger. And since she’s aiding Akko into saying all the seven words, she helped quite a bit.

But will Akko become the Moonlit Witch like she dreamed of being? No, unfortunately. Even though her little show was a success, she broke the rules so she’s been disqualified. Which I think is stupid. So that means Diana is probably going to be chosen as the Moonlit Witch, as we saw that none of the other girls did anything impressive. Again, Akko is the unsung hero while Diana is taking the spotlight. Like how we saw her in the end of the second episode, Diana looks a little guilty and uncomfortable. She knows Akko is amazing because she’s done many wild things. Diana knows there’s something about Akko that’s incredible, and after that whole spectacle in the festival, she probably feels like she doesn’t deserve to be the Moonlit Witch. I mean, she summoned a water unicorn. Akko freed the princess from eternal sorrow and helped her pass on. You compare the two things and I think you know which one is more impressive. But Akko broke the rules, and the professors pretty much hate Akko so she’s not going to achieve the Moonlit Witch title. Don’t know if we’ll see that next time.

In the end we got a mysterious cube thing flying in the air, and a…hand! Who is that?! I don’t know, but it seems like things will start going sour soon.


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