I really wish I had more brainpower at the time of this writing, because I feel like Re:CREATORS is powered by a really neat concept, but that I temporarily lack the adequate linguistic ability to describe it. That being said this is a review so I shall try.  *clears throat*

Souta Mizushino is a high school student who is one day pulled into the world of his favourite anime via his tablet. Sucked into the universe of the fictional anime “Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier” (yes people, this is anime within anime!), he is caught up in a battle between the ginger Selejai Yupitiria and a mysterious girl with long grey hair. Both wield magical weapons of sorts and launch all sorts of powerful spells at each other, yadda yadda. Selejai ends up protecting Souta at one point, and then the tablet sucks them both back to the human world.

Selejia, naturally, has some initial trouble believing that she is no longer in her own world, nor is she “real.” She is a character from a fictional show. Selejia is just beginning to wrap her head around these facts when the grey-haired girl returns and suggests that Selejia come with her, promising her the truth about herself and this “world of the gods” if she does. She refuses, and a battle ensues between the two fictional beings.

As the world around them takes notice, Souta watches Selejia fight against the grey-haired girl. However the battle ends prematurely when another magical person named Meteora shows up and launches some spells at Miss Grey Hair. The latter leaves, saying she still needs to find some more people before she can lead a riot against human society. And before Meteora leaves, Selejia manages to get confirmation that they are both the same – beings from another world who were transported to the human world. Selejia leaves, giving Souta the impression that they won’t meet again.

…Except they do, when he returns home from school the next day to find both Selejia and Meteora waiting for him in his bedroom. The three of them go to a local convenience store to buy some snacks and have a rather existentialist conversation, which is where the episode ends.

Oh and there’s a blue-haired girl who commits suicide by stepping in front of a moving train at the very beginning of the episode, but both her identity and her actions haven’t yet been explained.

My thoughts: Although I’m a little braindead at the moment, I think that this is a neat concept for a show. It’s literally an anime within an anime, except some characters from this second anime have achieved sentience and are questioning their existence. Where are they from? Are their world(s) real? And most importantly, who created them? Humans, as creation gods? I think it’s a fascinating idea.

However Wikipedia tells me that this is going to be a two-cour show, and I honest to god don’t know if I can handle another after the mess that was Endride. Re:CREATORS will have to really impress me in order for me to stick with it until the end. I’m happy with its first episode, but I’ll watch the next few to decide whether or not I’ll continue to review it.


Possibility of Blogging: Maybe
Possibility of Watching: Only if I’m covering it


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  1. zztop

    The anime’s original concept and character designs are by Hiroe Rei, mangaka of Black Lagoon (which resumes publication this May 19th).

    1. Nikolita

      Sweet, thanks for the heads up!

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