Little Witch Academia Episodes 19 & 20

Finally, what I’ve been wanting for awhile now. A tiny two-parter all about Diana. We learn a lot about Diana in these two episodes, from her family history, to her childhood, to her dreams, everything. And through all of this family feud, Akko was also able to learn the fifth word. And in the end, was able to form a little friendship with Diana.

Diana’s parents passed when she was young and there is no family head of the Cavendish family. The crisis the family is having mentioned before is this, and Diana received a letter to return home. And so she has decided to leave Luna Nova for good and Akko won’t accept this, no matter what. We know how stubborn and a little selfish Akko is, so of course Akko marches her way to Diana’s home but with the help of Andrew! He and his father were invited by the Cavendish family for something and it turns out that Diana’s aunt wanted to sell Andrew’s father some magical items of the family, which infuriates Diana.

The reason why Diana had to immediately leave the school was because the one night for the ritual to become head of the family only comes once in several years with the Venusian Eclipse, and that night happened to be that very night. There’s no time left and in order to save the family, Diana has agreed to become head right then and there, but her evil aunt and cousins try to stop her later on. Akko isn’t happy with that because she knows that Diana isn’t happy about leaving Luna Nova halfway, and she tells this all to Andrew. And while Diana does have dreams she wants to accomplish, she also loves her family so much and wants to bring the Cavendish family back on its feet and make it flourish once more. It’s a prestigious family, which has its roots all the way back to one of the Nine Olde Witches, Beatrix. We learn that the family was a very kind and supportive one that ran a private hospital created by Diana’s mother. During wars they would treat the injured, rich or poor, friend or enemy. Many family members didn’t agree with her mother but she never stopped and Diana looked up to her until her death. We also get hints of what Diana’s childhood dream could possibly be, and we see that she has a Chariot card in her little treasure chest and her maid, Anna, tells her to leave so she can accomplish that dream. Just like the first Little Witch movie, Diana seems to be a fan of Shiny Chariot and I’m also going to guess that she somewhat has the same kind of dream as Akko, such as having the world filled with magic and making people happy by it. Which is why she was studying up on the Words and the Grand Triskelion. Even though Diana has a cold exterior, Diana has a good heart. It was also interesting to learn from Andrew that there was a time in her childhood that she couldn’t even use magic. It adds more realism to her, which I like. After these two episodes, Diana’s character is a lot more fleshed out. A little late but it also added to the main plot of looking for the Words because one of them was related to Diana and Beatrix. Oh, and she has the cutest smile.

Andrew was in this episode as well and that makes me happy because I like him. He’s gotten much kinder towards Akko, and he’s always taking her side such as making Diana listen to Akko and convincing Anna the maid to let Akko go inside the room to help Diana who was in danger. Now that I’ve got my Diana episode(s), I really need one for Andrew. I mean ahhh he has Akko’s witch hat! I don’t know whether he’s going to keep it, or he’s going to go to Luna Nova to bring it back to her and I hope that’s the case because then we can get an Andrew episode. Please!

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