Aliceteria and Selesia continue to fight while Blitz takes on Mamika. However the magical girl puts herself between Aliceteria and Selesia and says that if they can’t all talk things over, then they should just walk away from each other. Otherwise she’s going to drop her Magical Splash Flare attack on everyone and shit will get real, yo.

While the police and Officer Kikuchihara create a fake story about a bomb going off along the river, the creations continue to argue. Yuuya shows up for added fun and attacks Blitz. The two seem to have some kind of history together that hasn’t been shown on screen yet, and I wonder what their ties are. Mamika puts herself between both men and tries to stop their fight as well.

Selesia and Meteora try to talk the psycho schoolgirl into going along with them, but she refuses. She says that Selesia should stop the battle as soon as possible, and Meteora actually agrees with her. The two women appear to give up on corraling the schoolgirl for the time being and instead focus on reigning in the fighting between all the creations, while the schoolgirl fucks off due to everyone being distracted.

Rui shows up with his giant mecha, and Aliceteria wastes no time scooping up Mamika and flying them both to safety. Blitz also flies off, hinting that “time is running short”. Could this be in reference to his own plans, or Altair’s?

Back at the police station, it’s been decided that Selesia or Meteora will be keeping an eye on Yuuya. He can’t be allowed to run wild. He and Rui eat some snacks while watching TV. We learn that the purple-haired schoolgirl is the villain character Magane Chikujoin, from the novel Yasoukiroku. Her ability is called “Infinite Deception of Words”, and by using lies she’s able to bend reality. Kikuchihara says that the police will move to protect Magane’s creator, but as we see shortly it’s too late.

An interesting point is made by Yuuya, who observes that he’s changed since coming to the human world. Or rather, now is appears that certain parts of the creations’ character descriptions that were hidden by plot have started to emerge because those components have lost their original purpose or constraints. Neat, no? Yuuya goes on to suggest that perhaps Magane is changing, and that she could be looking for a new purpose now that she’s in the world of her creator. Maybe she’s planning to overtake Altair?

Sure enough, Magane has already found her creator and killed them. She sits down at his computer, which seems to have Magane’s world on the screen. Near the computer is one of Magane’s novels. She flips through it and muses about changing her world so that she could fly, or do something else. She also references her “Miracle Great Emperor” plan, but doesn’t go into detail about what it is.

Back at Takashi’s apartment, Takashi, Maasaki and Marine discuss how they’re asking their colleagues if they’ve had any of their characters appear, and how they’re trying to find out who Altair is. Souta just sulks and doesn’t contribute, and his mood worsens when the conversation turns to how he doesn’t draw anymore. Souta is clearly uncomfortable with the entire situation and just leaves to go home.

Takashi gets a call from Meteora saying that Magane’s creator has been killed, and warns him and Masaaki to be careful just in case. There might be other creations who appear later and try to hurt their creators too.

While traveling home, Souta meets Mamika in disguise. They travel to a cafe together where Mamika asks him to answer some of her questions. Neither of them knows that Magane has spotted them and is following them from afar. Mamika asks Souta if he knows who the Military Uniform Princess is, and he admits that he does. Mamika says that Meteora told her that Altair is setting out to do something very bad, something far worse than what everyone has theorized up to this point; Souta confirms that Altair is probably the kind of character who would do something that evil. From a corner of the cafe, Magane is listening in…

Meanwhile Masaaki has called everyone together to show them what he learned about the MUP. In a nutshell, he’s figured out that her name is Altair, but doesn’t mention that Setsuna is her creator.

So by the time the episode is over, everyone finally knows that Altair is the Military Uniform Princess. Some characters, like Souta and Meteora, seem to be holding some of their cards to their chest. Time will tell how explosive those secrets will be.

My thoughts:
Maaya Sakamoto-san is voicing Magane?? Really?! I’ve never heard her voice a villain character before. (If she has, it’s not from a series I’ve seen.)  Wow! Now that I’ve learned that, when I go back and listen to some of Magane’s lines, I can hear a smidge of Hitomi (from Escaflowne) in them. Sigh ~ <3    (I’ve been a huge fan of Sakamoto-san’s for many years, since I was able to first hear Escaflowne in Japanese, and she’s voiced characters from some of my favourite series. I think she’s an amazingly talented seiyuu and singer, and if I ever had the chance to meet her one day I’d just die of happiness. But I digress. #fangirlingover  )

The scene with Magane in her creator’s home while his dead body hung from the ceiling was actually pretty creepy. It was unnerving to see her move around his dwelling while his lifeless body was just… there, and the flickering light definitely contributed that extra touch of eeriness.

Souta doesn’t flat out admit that Altair is his character, but if it’s true, then how does Setsuna factor in? Or is Altair Setsuna’s creation and Souta ripped her off? Souta and Setsuna are tied together somehow, I’m just not sure in what way yet. I haven’t read the manga so I apologize if I’m overlooking something.I wish my Japanese was fluent enough that I could understand the words on Souta’s computer screen from a couple of episodes ago when he was scrolling through links on forums.


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  1. zztop

    Japanese-fluent viewers say the scrolling computer text are forum hate posts, aimed at Altair’s creator. They accuse the creator of plagiarizing the design, music, telling them to go die, they’re worthless, etc. There’s even a wiki link detailing the controversy’s origins.

    The text written out on Magane’s creator’s PC basically detail Magane getting new powers such as flying and summoning monsters at will. It talks about Magane using her new powers to escape her story’s MC, while swearing vengeance on him.
    I think Magane forced her creator to write in new abilities for her, and when that didn’t work, she killed him. (O_o)

    Also, during Souta’s conversation with Mamika, he almost says that Altair seems to specifically hate him, before correcting himself to say she hates the world. Hopefully we’ll get a reveal on the Souta-Setsuna relationship very soon.

    On the topic of voice actors, Takahashi Rie (Konosuba’s Megumin, Re: Zero’s Emilia) will be voicing the MC of next season’s magitech mecha fantasy series, Knights and Magic. I thought the source novels were pretty fun, even moreso if you’re a mecha fan.
    And yes, that’s a boy.

    1. Nikolita

      Ah, thank you for all the extra info about the forum posts, and the text on Magane’s creator’s computer! Much appreciated. Your theory about the story edits makes sense to me.

      Thanks for correcting me on Souta’s conversation with Mamika. I too hope more is revealed about the Souta-Setsuna relationship soon.

      And nope I’m not a mecha fan. I will tolerate shows like Hundred or Re:Creators that have mecha in them (Escaflowne is usually the example I’ll cite), but I don’t like hardcore mecha shows (Gundam, etc).

      1. zztop

        You may not like Knights in that case – it’s a pretty hardcore mecha series. Unlike say Hundred, the mechs are front and focus in this show.
        Other then plenty of big mecha fights, the series is quite heavily focused on mech upgrading, research and development. MC’s a reincarnated corporate programmer/longtime mech otaku who uses his previous life’s knowledge to introduce new concepts and improvements to his new world’s mecha designs (granted he did study his @$$ off since young) . One hallmark of his character is that he’s CRAZY for all things mecha (like a pint-sized mad scientist), so much that others need to pull him down to earth at times.

        1. Nikolita

          Nope definitely doesn’t sound like my kind of series. Thank you for sharing though! 🙂

  2. Virginia

    Isn’t this an anime-first type? I don’t think the manga caught up that quick or that a manga for this show exists…

    I don’t know if they are being intentional or what but if each episode keeps on ending in a cliffhanger I’m gonna get tired of that trope really soon.

    I have faith that they can draw in more viewers without cliffhangers.

    1. Nikolita

      I personally don’t mind the cliffhangers, but that’s just me. It helps keep me interested in a show that’s going to span many months.

      According to Wikipedia, the manga started back in Feb 2017 but is based off the anime. So maybe I got the order wrong, but there definitely is a manga for the series. 🙂

        1. Nikolita

          Damn I love good manga. Thank you for the link!

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