Room Mate – Episodes 4 & 5

Episode 4

As I figured, this was Shinya’s episode. And I know he’s meant to be the edgy, sadistic “type”, but honestly I think he’s just an asshole. He’s rude and demeaning, like some cruel school kid who tries to push everyone’s buttons to see what he can get away with.

You make Shinya a cup of coffee but he rejects it after one sip, saying it’s too watery. Later as he relaxes on the couch after a busy day, you give him another cup of coffee. But Shinya is distrustful of you and questions your hidden motives for doing something nice for him.  Then right in front of you he takes his shirts off in preparation for a shower, teases you with his body, and accuses you of being too unguarded and too trusting.

Just at that moment Aoi and Takumi walk in and they restrain Shinya, telling him his actions are sexual harassment and he could be arrested. Afterwards Shinya comes by your room with a grocery list and drags you along with him, saying it’s “partially your fault” that he, you know, was half-naked and spiteful to your face. :/

The next day you give Shinya another cup of coffee and he says it’s ok. You’re happy with his reaction and he calls you a “stupid dog” because god forbid you be happy that he is slightly less of a dick for five seconds. Ugh I hate how condescending and arrogant he is.



Episode 5

Today is your roommates’ day off, so they’re all relaxing around the house in their own ways. Takumi is lifting himself on the wall…? Aoi is sleeping in, and Shinya is… haha, Shinya is crying over a movie about Hachi the dog. Ok he gets a pass on that one; reading Hachi’s story makes me cry too.

The owner stops by with some cake for everyone and a note. So you go around to everyone’s rooms to tell them about the cake. Takumi is deliciously sweaty and says he’ll come down to eat after he has a shower. Aoi is still half-asleep when he comes to the door, and gets super embarrassed when he realizes he’s miming how to make a cake in front of you. Lastly is Shinya and you ask him if he’s crying, so he hides his face and swears up and down that no, he’s not crying, not at all. xD

Everyone comes down for cake and agrees that it’s delicious. Especially Takumi, who apparently has a sweet tooth. Shinya gets all irritated that Aoi and Takumi are siding with you more in conversations now. You tell your roommates that you also have a letter from the owner: it’s a letter stating that there’s a ban on romantic relationships between tenants and the building manager.

My thoughts:
Shinya’s a rude fucker eh? I don’t care much for his personality at all, aside from that small soft spot buried very deep inside. Aoi’s cute but he reminds me of Honey from Ouran, so he’s not very interesting to me. Takumi is, I think, meant to be the generic all-around nice guy, and he’s definitely my favourite character.

I like that each guy has had their own episode, and then we had a group episode right after. Hopefully that pattern will continue. But now that there’s an open ban on romantic relationships in the house, hormones are gonna fly… mmm I can’t wait. ;D

(P.S – gotta love the different vanishing clothes sequences during the ending theme!)


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