SukaSuka Episode 7: home, sweet home

Oh my, I really like Rhan. She looks very cool, and I know all the stuff she was reading was really important but I was distracted by how pretty she is. Maybe it’s her character design, I just like her!

As usual, this was a more tame and calm episode but there were tense and worrying moments about it. First off, what exactly Rhan was reading. Some hints were dropped but I can’t really figure anything out yet. Who on earth are these “visitors”? To me it just sounds like they’re aliens, and the aliens made humans, or did Gods make humans? We just keep getting hints but no answer, but there really is something else to the beasts. I watched that scene repeatedly a few times and I still can’t come up with anything but I know it has to be serious. So serious that it’ll change how we see the world in the anime.

Also, I find it hard to believe that they would not tell Willem about the two other fairies. I know they’re not under his care but that’s something he should at least know.

Chtholly finally had her butter cake! What a sweet and heartwarming scene. I’m glad they were able to keep each others promises. However, as sweet and nice as that was, I’m still worried about Chtholly. Her hair is slowly turning red, and now she’s not even a fairy anymore. That’s good because now she doesn’t even have to fight anymore, I think. I say I think because Willem and his friends wielded the dug weapons before, and Willem is human. It’s strange what’s happened to her body and I think Nygglatho is mistaken to tell Chtholly not to worry about it. I don’t think there’s ever been a case like hers before so they should really keep supervising her in case something bad will happen. Did she turn into a human, or something else, because she’s somehow fused with Elq? Is that good or bad? The characters seem to make it out as a good thing, and now marriage is a topic. This would be adorable if Chtholly wasn’t 15 and Willem wasn’t an adult. :/ They brought up marriage because they want Willem to stay in the house with everyone, but after all the experiences and friendships he’s made with the girls, even going so far as considering them as his own children, I don’t think Nygglatho and Chtholly ever had to worry about Willem ever leaving. I’m sure he considers the fairy lodge his home, and the rest of the girls as his family. Very sweet.

I feel like we’re going to learn some answers pretty soon, and I know they won’t be good. For now, I’m just going to appreciate Chtholly eating her butter cake and Lizard-san’s fashion sense.


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