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Note: I want to apologize for my sudden disappearance. I’ve finally graduated from university, but the last month of school was horrifyingly busy for me that I fell completely behind on all of my shows. I had to take a little hiatus for the rest of the season, as I did not have the time or energy to make double posts catching up as I was preoccupied with other things. However, I didn’t want to leave these shows undone so I opted to make Overall Reviews to make up for it. I’m sorry, but now I’m sure to be here. 🙂

Is it just me or was nothing accomplished in this anime? 😐

I had actually marathoned episodes 8-10 after finishing school so that was only a couple weeks ago, and let me tell you that I don’t even remembered what happened. More Momo and romance drama I bet. I know I said before that I liked the anime but after the while the same drama kept repeating that the second half until the last episode all kind of melded together because the same thing kept happening over and over again.

Why do I think this anime accomplished nothing? No one confessed their love for anyone. Momo is gone again, Nino still won’t give up on him, and Yuzu won’t give up on her. It’s the same as it was in the first episode. Nothing was resolved, nothing was made clear among the characters, and I feel like all of them didn’t really change, especially Nino.

In the end, I felt like Nino still stayed selfish. One of the lessons she learned in the second half was that she was only playing music for herself and not for the band, and she learned to play with them. But she still put her own emotions into her music playing and they all had to do with Momo. Everyone about her character was about reaching Momo, getting his approval, and wanting to properly confess to him. Except none of that really happened. Momo never became too likeable to me either. And Yuzu…oh poor Yuzu. It really sucks to be him.

The last two episodes were pretty bad. The actual performances were exciting to watch, though it was disappointing that we saw nothing of Momo’s kitty band. But the drama that arose with the boys’ mothers were strange. With Yuzu, we learned that music killed his dad? And that’s why his mother doesn’t want him to be around music. Now, we don’t know what the hell any of them are talking about because this was the first we heard of it. What happened to Yuzu’s dad? But what was worse was Momo’s mother. We knew she was a pretty shitty mother because she asked her son for money and never sounded grateful for it and she sounded pretty abusive. In the second to last episode she comes out of nowhere and somehow knows Nino is in the music business and threatens Momo to come back home or she’ll hurt Nino. Again, what the hell is she talking about? How does she know all this and how would she hurt Nino? What’s up with her in general? And Momo just left and we never learned why! Because he knew his mother was serious? But WHAT DID SHE MEAN? He just…left. And then that created more drama and crying and “Nino’s mine!” and ehhh. Nino is so sad she wants to give up (…again) but then she learns that Momo really did “hear her voice” at the concert. I call bull but this is shoujo. And then everything in the end is happy, sort of.

Everything pretty much stayed the same, the story and the characters. And that makes me pretty mad. The show started off pretty good, got a more interesting with in no hurry to shout, then it got repetitive and then the ending pissed me off. Animation also wasn’t the best but that’s not a big reason why I was left disappointed.

But, since this was a music anime I really have to criticize the music. It was okay. Noise was catchy, High School is pretty good, Allegro was okay, and the best song of the batch was Canary. That one I can honestly say I loved, but the rest of the songs were only okay. There weren’t many songs, two of those being the intro and outro songs so they kind of don’t count so we’re only left with Canary and Noise and honestly that’s just sad. A music anime and we barely have any music. So in that respect that’s another minus. And while Nino’s voice was a controversial one, I thought Saori Hayami did a great job. I can’t even imagine how exhausted she must have been doing all that screaming and yelling. I can’t really say I liked the singing, but she was able to channel Nino’s anger.

I don’t have much more to say because there isn’t more to discuss. I doubt there’s going to be another season even though we got an open-ended unsatisfying ending. If there were to be one I would pass on reviewing, but I’d probably still watch it. This wasn’t the best of shoujos, unfortunately. It made me just feel kind of empty, mostly because of the anime bringing us back to square one.

5/10, I don’t want to repeat myself but: repetitive and overly dramatic, shoujo tropes x3, lack of music, nothing accomplished. Mildly entertaining. Yuzu still suffers too wtf.


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  1. I’m totally confused with what this anime wants to be, and what it wants us to think of it at the end of the day. Like you said, it claimed to be a music anime, but the amount of musical aspects we got was relatively disturbing. It had romance on it, but none was actually happening nor resolved. It had drama, but the way they executed it was just not good for my head and stomach. Shoujo is not my most favorite genre, and this anime unfortunately keeps that status quo in check.

    A 4 from me, and I was being generous.

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