Room Mate – Episodes 10 & 11

Episode 10

The guys have decided they’re going to compete amongst themselves to see who will be the one to date you, and you get to pick the winner.

Shinya starts the competition out by challenging both Aoi and Takumi to a round of video games. (Shout out to Room Mate for using a Playstation – good taste Shinya. ;D )  Shinya has spent a lot of time playing this game and so he easily beats his friends.

Aoi is determined to pick the next activity, and he challenges Shinya and Takumi to a stilt-walking contest. The person who can make the tallest stilts and successfully walk in them is the winner. Naturally because Aoi picked the activity, he’s the winner. Poor Takumi can’t even stand up straight on his. ^^;;

Last is Takumi’s turn, and it seems like he gets two activities? The guys all participate in some kind of group wrestling, and there’s a lot of, uh, interesting noises that come out of it. Afterwards the guys all try to scale a stone wall, and both Aoi and Shinya can’t even get off the ground.

After the competition is over, you’re expected to pick a winner but you are unable to. Shinya tells you to prepare yourself because the guys aren’t going to let you remain naive to their feelings for forever.

(If you’re wondering why I didn’t touch on Takumi’s travel notice, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten.)



Episode 11

When you come down to breakfast in the morning, it’s clear something major has happened. Much to Shinya’s annoyance, Aoi and Takumi chatter nervously at you. Aoi tells you that there’s a fireworks festival this upcoming Sunday, and Shinya tells you that the three of them are inviting you to go with them. He also gives you a heads up that each of them will want to talk to you privately at some point.

The sun is starting to set and you’re wearing your yukata when you bump into Shinya outside the apartment building first. He tells you that you look pretty, in a somewhat backhanded compliment of course. Shinya also tells you that he’s heading out of town for a bit due to work because he’s a salaryman and it’s just part of the job, but he also admits that he’s trying to give you space so you can figure out who you want to date.

Aoi is next, and you meet him inside as he’s coming out of his room. He tells you that you look cute in your yukata in his typically cute fashion, and admits he feels shy about going to the festival with you.

Aoi also says somewhat regretfully that he’s leaving town next month to participate in some projects with his acting troupe for awhile. It turns out he, Takumi and Shinya all made a promise to vacate their apartments for awhile so you’d have some time alone to think about who you have the most feelings for.

When you encounter Takumi afterwards up on the balcony, the fireworks are about to start. He too tells you that your yukata looks nice on you, and seems a little shy around you.

The fireworks show is beautiful and spectacular, and you watch it from a balcony with the guys. Aoi, Shinya and Takumi ask you to wait for their return.

My thoughts:
Holy implied fanservice in the first episode. Whew! *fans self*  Haha, this whole episode’s theme was like “Ban on romantic relationships? What ban? 0:-) ”

I think it’d be kinda funny (yet kind of mean at the same time) if the guys return to the apartment building only to find out that you’re no longer going to be the building manager. Maybe the building owner finds out that the guy is trying to date you. Maybe you decide you can’t break anyone’s heart by picking one guy over the other two? I’m really curious to see how this show is going to end.

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