Kakegurui – Episode 4 [The Woman Who Became Livestock]

The episode opens with Ryouta trying to help Yumeko with a gift of 1 million yet, but she politely declines it saying that the Student Council hasn’t tried to collect on her debt yet. Yumko was given a Life Contract form by the Student Council, however, and she shows it to Ryota.  

We learn exactly what this Life Contract Form is when Mary goes to see the Student Council president, only to be met by Runa Yomozuki, another member of the council who wears a dog costume. She clearly can’t be bothered by Mary’s freak out over the form, and when Mary is on the verge of completely losing control, Runa gets right in her face and tells her to pay basically her debt or shut the hell up.  

In the halls Kiwatari from the Camellia class approaches Yumeko and, once outside, he tells her to strip. Yumeko removes her jacket but stops there, saying she doesn’t want to bare her skin for strangers. Kiwatari grabs Yumeko by the throat and slams her against a wall, and Ryouta is preventing from helping because of the sidekicks blocking his way.  

Then Midari Ikishima shows up, and holy crap this bitch is fucking crazy. She pulls out a gun and points it at Kiwatari, telling him she’ll try to shoot him and if nothing happens he can violate Yumeko. Obviously if there is a bullet, he’s dead. When he doesn’t take her offer, Midari turns the gun around and offers it to Kiwatari. If no bullet is fired from the gun, he could violate her and she won’t protest. Ryouta and the two sidekicks watch with a mix of what looks like amazement and horror – surely no one could be this unstable?? Kiwatari and his peers fuck off at that point, and Yumeko thanks Midari for intervening and saving her.  

Alone in a bathroom stall afterwards, Midari holds the gun to her head and pulls the trigger. Thankfully no bullet comes out, and the rush Midari gets afterwards looks pretty close to an orgasm. O_o   WEIRD.  

Yumeko gets a notice for a Debt Assembly Meeting of some kind, and evidently so does Mary. Everyone with a “Mike” debt tag gets a notice. At the meeting the Student Council’s secretary makes the announcement that debt holders can participate in a gambling game for the chance to switch their debt with someone else’s. And if someone with the lowest debt in the group wins, their debt will be erased completely. The game will be played in groups of four, so naturally Mary is stuck in Yumeko’s group.  

Unfortunately the two ladies are also part of Kiwatari’s group, and he’s happy to see them (happy in a sadistic sense of course). There’s a fourth girl in the group whom I don’t recognize, and she doesn’t seem to be of much importance. Everyone in the group takes turns winning a round, and things are running more or less smoothly. Mary keeps feeling more and more pressure because she’s got the Life Contract form weighing heavily on her mind. She tries to make a move and place a high bet, but Kiwatari attempts to call her bluff by saying she’s much too obvious with her reactions. However, in the final moments of the episode, Mary reveals her cards to show that she has a “pig” after all. Kiwatari fucked up big time, hah! 

My thoughts: Those life contract forms are creepy as fuck. Planning out someone’s life, down to who they’ll marry and how many kids they’ll have? Ew. Especially when these are high school students in question.  *shudder*   Hopefully Mary will be able to pay back her debt in time.  

I’m looking forward to the next episode! I love seeing all the psychology and mind-fuckery playing out in the actions of the students, and how they all deal with all of the debt hanging over them. I’m also still trying to figure out Yumeko’s schtick – is she really just a compulsive gambler? Is that why she never freaks out over owing a ton of money?? Weird girl. But at least she’s a nice person. :3  

Also, small side note – I really like learning about all these new gambling games. Maybe I’ll have to try turning some of them into drinking games one day. ;D


Author’s Note: I apologize for this review’s delay. This week was the second of two “weeks from hell” in regards to my two work schedules overlapping. Starting from next week my work schedules should be better laid out, so this hopefully won’t happen again. Thank you for your patience with me.  


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  1. This anime gets creepier and creepier, and I worry about MY mental health for enjoying it..

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