Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 9

UHHHHHHHHHHHHH….. How the hell is Yuusaku going to get out of this one?! He really took a beating this fight, and Revolver is about to finish him, sooooo… Okay I’m trying to figure this out.

I suspect what might happen – is that Yuusaku might actually lose, but he is cast into the Center of the Datastorm, and he might just try to make a run for it. Forget following through with the deal, you can’t let the guy get his hands on Ignis! (I mean, he can freaking manipulate data storms, not just summoning them on the whim, but changing their forms and such!)

But then again, there’s the plot-armor device, and that shit makes characters invincible.

As mentioned last week, there is a lot riding on this duel. We can all agree that it’s way too early for Yuusaku to defeat Revolver – especially if he is meant to be one of the main villains in this arc. However the fate of Ignis, Cyberse, and Aoi heavily depends on the outcome of this duel, and frankly speaking, there’s a good chance at this point they are all in jeopardy. At this stage, for the sake of the plot, it is probably necessary for Yuusaku to lose. No matter what, the protagonist has to lose at some point in the beginning, their loss being the catalyst for the following developments. And we know, one way or another, it is bound to happen because it’s a pattern that exists in previous series. While is sounds horribly grim to lose Ignis, Cyberse and Aoi, I suppose there is a bit of a hope, in particular for Aoi’s case (but I’m not hold my breath for it given the horrible track record for female characters in comas), since it’s a virus is is the problem, there is a hope that Yuusaku, Kusanagi, Ghost Girl, or whoever else is well versed with these type of things, or all of them combined can figure out a way to counter it. But like i said, I highly… highly doubt they would even take this path – regardless, the option does exist.

Revolver has certainly impressed me with his crafty ways in a sense that he is not pushover. In fact it’s within this duel that he obtains a new Link ace monster within the data storm (which he can summon) that is wrecking havoc at this point. He used the same tatics as Yuusaku, deliberately lowering his health to the point he can use his Skill to access the data storm. Ignis is was super upset about this because this is supposed to be his program, exclusively. (Tough luck buddy – also being cocky is what got you into this situation in the first place). But while we did not get some inside look on some plot points, we did learn a couple of new…err, interesting things about Revolver, as well as how its connected to his motives.
So get this, though Revolver is a hacker, he hates the internet so he wants to destroy it, and he doesn’t trust AI either (so he doesn’t use one). Scratch the surface, and yes he does sound “Anti-Modern”, as Ignis likes to put it. But when you dig a little deeper, keeping in mind what we do know about him, his reasoning does not sound as bizarre and eccentrics as it does for Ignis.

We know that Revolver has someone who is currently bedridden. Taking into consideration how he hates how the internet is the world of fiction, and people are being mislead by fake friendships, entrusting their souls into the system, it appears to me there’s a chance whoever this individual is, decided to live in this world of fiction instead of reality. That is why Revolver preaches about the importance of breath and life. But by devoting so much time to the “world of fiction”, it could be that it affects one’s health. Or worse case, players either could be addicted or trapped in it. It could also be that the individual who is bedridden who be still be a victim of the event which Yuusaku was caught up in the past. But considering how little we know, there’s a good chance I am completely off the mark about all of this! Hahahahahaha!

Honestly there is not much to discuss since the episode was exclusively devoted to the duel. Looks like next week’s episode will get crazier with it entitled; Impact! Cyberse vanishes! (YIKES!)


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  1. Kazanova says:

    Well, Revolver’s reasoning makes some points in some ways, considering there are many people in this time and age becoming reliant or even obsessed with internet and such. Putting that aside, Ai/Ignis’ comments about himself is hilarious! Especially when he said “I used to be super handsome!” Sorry Ai/Ignis, but Yusaku is more handsome than you! Not to mention Revolver is also cool with the expressions he made! XD
    The preview mentioned Master Duel, so my guess would be either the Speed Duel get interrupted that it has to be stopped or end in a draw, so whichever the reason is they decide to proceed/restart the Duel through Master Duel in the next episode.

    • Eva says:

      It will feel like a cop out if Yuusaku is suddenly spared from a loss and forced a rematch if he falls into/throws himself into the DATA STORM before he is struck.
      Regardless, I’m looking forward to the return of Master Duels, bring it on.

      • elior1 says:

        the big question is how yusako can summon link monster during master dual? meybe since they in the data storm itself which is allow this summons they can do it during master dual

    • il-Palazzo says:

      “Sorry Ai/Ignis, but Yusaku is more handsome than you! ”
      I don’t know. I really like Ignis’ permanent smiley face. It makes him look so carefree. Ignis’ face is my favorite part of the ED.

  2. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

    Am I the only one who facepalmed when Revolver gifted Playmaker two Tokens for a measly 400 burn because he gave him free Link fodders? And Revolver’s also into the Data Storm asspull to add Topologic Bomber Dragon to his arsenal which also annoyed me to no end when that Continuous Spell was the exact trigger of Bomber Dragon’s effect. Not to mention Data Storm looks more like Data “Waves”…
    These issues aside, at least Links VRAINS is now a scorching hell and we’re now into a Master Duel next episode which I’m hoping to witness because I’m getting real tired of Speed Duels.

  3. starqo says:

    Okay, with how they managed to get Revolver down to 100 Life and Playmaker down to 300, I was wondering how they were going to continue for as long as the “spoilers” implied. But that preview pretty much says that Playmaker is going to get swept up in the Data Storm and forcibly thrown into the center, forcing them to restart with a Master Duel (funny how the norm for previous series is now a big moment for this one).
    I’m a little surprised with Revolver’s apparent motivations, and I can’t entirely disagree with it (even if I’m against his extremism), especially since Aoi could serve as potential evidence to the negative consequences of the online world’s inherent falsehood (how ironic that she would end up his hostage.
    P.S. Leave it to the leader to use their mook’s card far more efficiently than them.

    • starqo says:

      P.P.S. Did you notice how, in contrast to Playmaker’s Storm Access involving a tornado, Revolver’s involved a tsunami?

      • Eva says:

        Yes, I even mentioned it. It seems Revolver is able to manipulate their forms as we have seen him summon Data Storms as Twisters as well. It just goes to show that it can come into many forms.

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