Kakegurui Episode 7: Refusing Woman

What the fuck.

I think it was the fact that this episode made me extremely uncomfortable and disgusted that I didn’t really care for it. I’ve seen a lot of bizarre and over the top things, but I think this was a little too much. I’ve looked around and I’ve found it surprising and rather hilarious that people actually don’t like Suzui, where I actually like him. Sure he’s not the main character (Yumeko is), but he’s literally the only sane person in this cast of characters that it’s really refreshing to have him around. Because after all of the craziness that ensued in this episode, seeing Suzui on screen is a nice breather.

Thank you for being normal.

I agree with Nikolita that Midari is a pretty unique character in how fucking crazy she is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I like her either. There’s nothing too deep about her. She’s literally a psychotic maniacal masochist to a T and it really showed what lengths she’d go to through her little backstory. Before she had joined the Student Council, Midari had been in a huge debt. With Miss Prez talking random shit about not knowing what the dark side of the moon looks like, she grabs Midari’s face and questions what the other side of an eyeball looks like. She then asks her to sell her left eye for the 300,000,000 yen she owed. She plans to have Midari have a surgical procedure to get it removed but Midari grabs a pen and jams it into her left eye. At this point we know that Midari doesn’t fuck around, so when we learn what this game entails, it should give us nerves.

But with real guns being used, I just knew from the beginning that Yumeko was going to win because, since she’s the main character, she can’t die or Midari either. But, in the end the result was not very satisfying and I’d like to think that was the point.

From the beginning the end result of the game was going to be a draw and Yumeko knew it. She knew that Suzui is right handed but when his hand was shown on the TV screen it was his left hand. It really was his right hand but what Yumeko saw was a mirrored projection. The simple little trick was just the screens being mirrored with the screens going back to normal in the third round. What Midari wanted in the beginning was to get shot and/or killed because that’s literally what she gets off to, proving it as she squirmed and screamed obscenities. But once Yumeko found out about this, she was pissed. She went into this gamble excited that they would both experience pleasure and pain from the unknown, but Yumeko talked down at Midari for hogging all the pain to herself as just a way to get off, treating this gambling session with disrespect. At first Midari looks torn but then she gets a little too excited (by wetting herself) and calling Yumeko a Goddess. And Yumeko just walks out on her, which was nice to see. In the end Yumeko gets a little happier when she finds out that Suzui hadn’t really known what he was doing and had just put his trust in her, bringing back the thrill of the unknown back to her. Also, they went out to a desserts buffet. Yay!

Back with Mary and the President, before Mary answers she asks about the livestock system in the school and how cruel it is. Why go that far? The president answers simply as she walks over to the aquarium in the room, talking about how beautiful the fish are. But even the big ones can lose their prey to the small ones, creating a world of survival of the fittest. To which she basically says is the same thing as the system in school, which angers Mary. Mary again refuses her request to join the council and leaves, angry at her. I’ve really started liking Mary but now I’m worried about if her decision is going to bite her in the ass later on. I would NOT want to be on the President’s bad side…or even her good side! She’s scary.

This gambling game wasn’t the most exciting for me simply because I just knew that Yumeko wasn’t going to get hurt, or even Midari. The anime has proved itself to be cruel but not enough that it would cause physical harm to the characters (no shots this episode/no nails ripped out). Midari gouging out her eye was because she wanted to. The episode was predictable and plus having to be grossed out and uncomfortable with Midari around didn’t help. Not the best episode unfortunately.

I get that the characters increase in craziness but Midari was just over the top. It just makes me wonder how crazy the video game girl is, or that cute idol, or even the normal looking guy in the council. We’ll see how the rest of the council reacts to Yumeko and Midari’s game.


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  1. Berry I think you hit the nail on the head with your description of Midari. I think that’s why I don’t like her too: she’s completely psycho and she makes me really uncomfortable.

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