Princess Principal Episode 5: (case 7) Bullet and Blade’s Ballad

We have gotten to Chise’s proper intro and to put it bluntly, it was a bit of a typical samurai showdown. Not too surprising, and it was an okay watch. The episode opens up with Princess greeting Lord Horikawa at the port in which they arrived in. Some racism and culture clash later, Chise lands on the moving train and fights a mini duel with Ange until one of Lord Horikawa’s men stops them and explains that Chise is not Todo Jubei, the famed assassin everyone is on the look out for.

There are rumors of a man named Todo Jubei, and Chise explains that she wants to stay aboard the train so she can find and kill him herself. Later on she tells Ange (after Princess assigned them as “buddies”) that Todo killed her father, making their feud personal. Throughout the episode we see Chise speak warmly about her father and the little “spells” he would chant for her when she was a child, and as it turns out when Todo and his men successfully hijack the train temporarily, we find out that Todo is actually Chise’s father. The warm-hearted and kind father from two years before that she knew had died, and instead became a traitorous assassin, and she felt it was her duty to end it all. She said in the end that she was proud but of course there was a lot of pain for her. Killing your own father, who was a traitor to his own country, is not an easy thing to do. Her resolve was true, but I’m sure at one point she may have had doubts. Her conflicted feelings showed when she was at his grave after the other girls left. In the end, Dorothy (while seducing…again, though off screen) had introduced Lord Horikawa to their majors and struck a deal (which we already know the details of) where now Chise is a part of Operation: Changeling.

It seems the Duke of Normandy is going to be the recurring character/villain of the show because he was the one that sent Todo to assassinate Princess. He said that even though she’s only fourth in line to the throne, it seems like he wants to get rid of anyone of the royal family. Seems someone wants the throne himself, or whatever. These type of actions happen a lot.

The episode was fine, but I suppose I wasn’t totally affected by the plot this episode because I still can’t say I know much about Chise. She’s hardly been in the show, and the few times she has she’s been very fun to watch, but I couldn’t totally be emotional. Still, Chise is adorable.


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