In this episode, the backstory and relationship between Ange and Princess is finally revealed for us. This episode mostly served for that purpose, with their little mission just there to entertain us.

Ange, whose real name is Charlotte, is actually the real princess. And Princess, whose real name is Ange, was the pickpocket girl who became princess.

Not exactly a surprising reveal since it was heavily hinted at in episode 2. The real Ange (Princess) was a girl that poked her head through the castle’s opening and saw a girl (the real princess/Charlotte) and was surprised to see a girl that looked like her. The girls soon become fast friends and played together every day and played jokes on those in the palace by dressing up in the same clothes. One day, Princess Charlotte asks Ange to switch for a day as Charlotte wanted to experience the world on the outside and see what was there. They did and she was incredibly excited but saw a scary world of poor people on the brink of death. That very same day, the revolution took place and the girls reunited. As fire rose and cannons were shot, Princess Charlotte vowed that she would become Queen and tear down the walls keeping people away, make everyone happy, etc. However, as a cannon shot at the palace wall where they stood, the ground gave out beneath Princess Charlotte and separated her from Ange. Guards came over to rescue the “Princess” but mistakenly take Ange instead, who we now know as Princess. The revolution separated them, and the girls grew up in entirely different lives.

We sort of already knew about this but we never really knew the circumstances. I felt pretty bad for Princess (I’m going to switch back to the names we’re more familiar with) as she was a girl that didn’t even know how to read or write, or do anything a princess was supposed to know and excel at. She was suddenly dropped into a world full of malicious adults, a world of manners and subjects she was unfamiliar with. She had to study as much as she could so she could properly play the role of a princess, because if she were to be found out that she was another girl, who knows what would happen to her. Seeing how Princess kept a calm and royal exterior, while hiding her anxiety from the rest of the world, so bad that she would vomit from her nerves, was extremely sad to watch. She’s been through so much. You would think that suddenly living the life of a princess would be a dream, like the little orphan girl Ange helped thought, but was instead an even tougher world for her.

We saw the struggles that Princess went through, but they never mentioned the obstacles Ange faced. She grew up as a rich princess, so how did she handle living the life of a poor orphan?

I don’t know what else to say since the girls switching places as children was a pre-established fact. I just thought there would be more such as, again, the sister theory. Why do they look so similar? Well, two people meeting who just happen to look like each other isn’t such an impossible thing, but what are the odds? Still, it was fine and I liked the episode.

At least we now know the girls exceptionally well. At this point the show has been at a halt regarding plot, so after this episode I expect the plot to start picking up soon.


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