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Anime. It’s Anime. Ha! Sorry, I’m not good at keeping people in…

suspense. See? I’m just not cut out for it.

I’ll be joining AngryAnimeBitches in doing what they do best. Writing about anime. I’m excited to be a part of the team and even more excited to write and talk to all of you.

I’ve been a fan of anime for almost 7 years but my game back then was weak. I only began watching seasonal anime around 2 years ago and have been keeping up since then while also trying to hit some recommended shows in my downtime. I watched whatever was on Toonami as a youngin but, and I’m not particularly proud to admit this, the first show I purposefully sought out was Rosario + A Vampire. Somehow, I was convinced to keep watching anime. It also planted the first of many seeds of negative feelings towards unresolved harems, but that’s another story.

I am easily excitable about this type of stuff and my friends (who watch anime too) have only been enabling my ever-growing queue. I want to watch everything, even if I’m 99% sure I won’t like it.

My favorite part of anime, aside from the content itself, is the connection I get to other people who are fans as well. I once argued for 1.5 hours about a difference in opinion of a single scene and, when it was over, we both realized how ridiculous and how much fun it was to be able to do that kind of thing.

Apart from anime, I enjoy video games when I can afford them and pretending that I’ll one day read the manga for Berserk. More often than not I can’t afford the video games and, for that, I blame the economy. I’m not bitter or anything though.

The last game I got my hands on was Nier: Automata so, if you count all the endings, it’s kind of like I got to play 26 games. Aside from that, I like rhythm games because I have not a rhythmic bone in my body and RPGs so I can pretend I’m someone else who isn’t me. It’s a vicious cycle.

I don’t have any favorite genres per-say. I generally shy away from Slice of Life and Harem but I have watched series in both of those genres that have blown me away so I’m open to anything. I typically watch a lot of shounen, sci-fi/fantasy, psychological, and action series every season. The most recent ‘finished airing’ show I watched was A Certain Scientific Railgun season’s 1 and 2 and I just recently started Baccano! too. If anyone has any recommendations, my plan to watch list is currently expanding at the same rate as the universe so feel free to throw them out into the ether (or in the comments).

I look forward to working with everyone, team members and readers alike!

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  1. MoonNyte

    OMG rosario + vampire xD that was a beautiful intro sir! Good job! *gives cookie* here’s a cookie~

  2. Nikolita

    You should definitely read the Berserk manga. It’s long but better than the anime in some ways, just… much more gore. And violence. But a good series! If you read the scanlations online the plot is *finally* getting good and stuff is happening.

    1. APlus

      I really do want to! It’s like a grand ambition. Griffith wants his kingdom, I want the manga, haha. It just looks so much more put together and the details are gorgeous, in a sick, demented way.

      1. Nikolita

        Dark Horse Comics is publishing the English volumes, but the scanlations are a bit ahead of that I think. It goes on hiatus a few times a year; currently it’s set to resume in the winter sometime, nothing specific mentioned.

        Have you seen any of the Berserk anime?

        1. APlus

          I watched a fan-made redux which combined the 1997 series and the 3 movies into a 4 part series with each episode being 2-4 hours long. Apparently, that was supposed to more accurately resemble the manga’s story line. I also watched Berserk (2016) and was thoroughly disappointed for the most part.

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