Kakegurui Episode 11: Life-Wagering Woman

Just like with the game with Midari, when the main character (or in this case the character working with the main character) bets their own life then you know they’re going to win. It’s one thing to continually bet more and more money but when it comes to betting your own life then it just goes over the top. This anime doesn’t really take risks with its characters, not wanting anything too majorly awful to happen to Yumeko so by now we should know that nothing awful would become of her or Itsuki, as she’s on Yumeko’s side. So that just leaves for the anime to make the rest of the episode entertaining to us.

It was okay. As Itsuki raises the stakes with more chips, she and Manyuda go back and forth with each of them raising more and more money, making it less about gambling and more a game of who has the most money, making Yumeko get more and more excited. It’s then that Manyuda ends up having more money and Itsuki running out of it. It’s then she gets goaded by Yumeko to bet something even greater: her own life. Just as before she had a Life Plan that gave her life a worth, she suggests the same to her. Itsuki is terrified at first because she would literally bet everything on this silly little game but not wanting her ambition to be half-assed, she rips out her nails (which was totally unnecessary by the way, but at least she goes hard) she bets her life. After making this declaration, Manyuda retorts that the bet is null as the game only works with money and the only reason Yumeko got a Life Plan in the first place was to pay off her large debt from before. However, it’s the dealer that decides whether this is okay or not. And when she removes her mask…

The vice president actually turned out to be the president herself! Which makes me wonder, was that her sister in the beginning in the room with her family members? Or was that a flashback? It makes me wonder if these two are twins and they just switch places but it’s crazy to me that they speak the same way, act the same way, and have the exact same goals where it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. Usually with twins there’s something about one twin that’s different from the other, so these two are a strange case. Everyone in the room was shocked to see her and it just made the stakes of the game even higher.

We learn a bit about Manyuda’s past, having a large goal set before him as a child and if he fails to make his father proud then he would just be seen as worthless. That’s why betting his own life would be insane but he does it anyway. Seeing as how Yumeko switched out two Queens, he deducted that she would try to go for a “weaker” hand but with him having the choice as he has the higher amount now, and with Itsuki breaking down into tears, Manyuda confidently chooses “higher” but then is made to look like a fool as he loses. They basically just fooled him with acting and raising the stakes as Manyuda always did and he gets his comeuppance.

He loses everything.

And then he becomes beautiful.

It was kind of a dumb loss because he got overconfident, so now his loss is literally in Itsuki’s hands but I don’t think he should worry too much. From the little flashbacks we’ve seen it looks like she has a soft spot for him, as she was happy that they were alike and the way she happily showed him her cute new nails. There might be something between them, romantic or not, and while there’s no way Itsuki is going to let him underestimate and look down on her anymore, I don’t think she’ll make his life a living hell.

As we move on, we also see another pair of people that are alike: Yumeko and the President. It looks like we’re going to get a gamble between them in the finale I think but there are serious problems with that that makes me think we probably won’t. There’s no way we’ll get a gamble this big in just one episode. So what will we get and what will happen? We’ll see!


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  1. Can’t be helped about the original ending- the anime’s not even finished yet.

    But well, they are shooting themselves in the foot going in the direction like Seraph of the End.

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