Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Episode 2

Songs to listen as this unfolds: God is a Girl( Nightcore Remix) by Groove Coverage, Absolutely(Story of a Girl) by Nine Day, Sweet Dreams(Are Made of These) by Eurythmics, Betcha You Don’t Know( What’s Going On) by Najee, Autumn Shine by Manox, Around the World by ATC, Heaven by DJ Sammy feat Do, and Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO

Background episode!! It’s nice to see how the characters were a couple years ago and how they ended up. We know enough about the other characters due to the background story to understand them, by what about the MC, Itsuki? We still know nothing and something at the same time, but we have 10 more episodes to figure that out.

The beginning of the episode was hilarious. I feel like they are going to keep on doing that, having an outrageous beginning. First, we have a little sister story with dank panties and now we have him figuring out his story by acting it out( making everything weird..of course):

The funny part is when Nayu takes pictures of him naked and then Miyako comes in here.. I started laughing.. They both look so innocent, Miyako because she is seeing him naked and Nayu because she thinks she did nothing wrong.

Then the episode goes to their backstories. We learn:

  • Nayu was bullied as a child, and reading Itsuki’s books “saved” her. She also only writes when she is naked     ( why tho?)

  • Itsuki dropped out of college because he thought it was of time and he needed to work on his novels. He also didn’t have that many friends during college and Miyako was his only friend. How does he have friends now, since he was such a bitch to Miyako? He must’ve have changed to a better person.

  • Haruto was called a bland writer and was told his writing wasn’t good. We also learn he has a little sister who is semi-mean to him, and is not Itsuki’s dream little sister.

Get roasted, Prince Manwh*re.

  • We also learn Miyako is jealous of them at little. They know what they are doing and are good writers and she wishes that she could be successful like them.

And that whole stripping part.

” I’m writing a book, can I touch your boobs for research?” Where have we heard that one before? Let me think….wait! It’s Jiriaya( my favorite character from Naruto). Ah, the connections.

At this moment, she realized she f***ked up.

Then the ending of show had a really good deep quote.

What you want, someone else always has.

And usually it means nothing to the person who actually has it.

It’s pretty much a miracle when you have what you want.

And most comedies and tragedies happen due to the absence of that miracle.

That’s how the world works.

I’m not going to forget that cute hug to distract you from that ridiculously deep quote: