Mahoutsukai no Yome Episode 4: Everything must have a beginning.

Chise and Elias travel to the Kingdom of Cats to deal with a problem they have there, which follows a bloody and cruel story. Elias gives Chise the task to cleanse the black sludge-like abomination as he is not suited to do it himself. But while Chise is about to start, a woman she had trouble with before shows up to stop her along with a man Elias knows, leaving us with a shocking cliffhanger.

Well, shocking to Chise at least because a Sleigh Beggy’s lifespan was briefly mentioned to us last time.

Molly, the King (Queen?) of Cats tells Chise the story of a man that killed their kind. The cats banded together along with the first King to attack and kill the man, but ever since that caused a black sludge to appear on a little island in a lake, which is now slowly trying to spread to the village where the rest of the cats and people are. Unsurprisingly, the one who most likely murdered the cats was the man named Matthew who we saw in Mina’s flashback. I’m going to guess, since Mina was always a sickly woman, Matthew heard about cats having nine lives and tried to “take” the cats’ lives by killing them all and making a medicine or something. Meeting Mina’s spirit underwater, Chise was asked to kill her and her husband so things can finally be fixed. It’s all very straightforward but we still don’t have all the answers. The most interesting part of the episode was that blonde woman and the man in the end stopping Chise from cleansing the mass. Apparently they want to use it for something, and they also drop a bombshell on Chise and making us question Elias. It could just be the “villains” relaying false information, but then again we really don’t know anything about Elias and at this point anything anyone says about him can be taken as the truth. But I have a good feeling that Elias isn’t the way they make him out to be. But still, we just don’t know.

I mean, what he said to Chise:

Chise, love the world. The world you lived in may not have been your ally. But it wasn’t your enemy, either.

I love that. How can that be from a man that’s using Chise as a test subject? How will Elias respond to these accusations and how is Chise going to react to the truth these two villains dropped? And what will happen to the mass that is both Mina and Matthew?

I liked the visual of a little kitty with a crown on its head <3


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