Ousama Game The Animation Episode 2: Friendship

There ain’t friendship in this shit.

I never thought I would find a horror anime worse than Mayoiga but holy shit I found it you guys. Pupa counts I guess, but it’s a TV short and even the idea of adapting a horror manga in three-minute episodes, you know it’s going to crash and burn. But when it comes to full-length TV shows, Ousama Game has sunk a new low. I’ve never seen a bigger group of idiots in one show with writing without direction, nonsensical decisions, and just plain stupidity.

The first problem is that they’re trying to adapt two manga in one show. I was actually pretty lost when the show suddenly switched to a flashback until I realized that we were seeing a different classroom with different students. Goes to show how boring these characters are that I don’t even recognize them. We see the same orders going around the classroom where a guy has to touch a girl’s chest, and two people have to have sex. In the present time Natsuki has this exact order and we see what happens with the characters that got this order in the flashback. There’s lots of yelling and crying, Daisuke and the other girl deciding to have sex after learning their two classmates hung themselves after not listening to the boob groping order. The thing is that the girl already has a boyfriend, who is an extremely shitty guy, and unfortunately it’s this shitty guy that gets the order of being allowed to give his own command to someone in front of the entire class. After learning Daisuke slept with his girlfriend, he orders Daisuke to hang himself and die. Nobuaki gets pissed and Daisuke runs off to the roof, and Nobuaki goes after him and they strike up a conversation.

The thing is that they all treat the Ousama Game as a joke, which at that point is pretty silly and Daisuke brings up the obvious point that two of their classmates, who were both ordered to do something, didn’t do it, and happened to kill themselves on the same night like the King told them to do. Isn’t that suspicious? Well of course it fucking is, but Nobuaki keeps saying it’s bullshit. But then they get to talking and they both find out that they both aspire to be musicians so they agree that Nobu and his best friend will come over to his place and jam the whole night until midnight to make sure Daisuke won’t kill himself. And, that’s what they did but…

Apparently the clock in Daisuke’s living room or whatever was a minute ahead and when he went out to get drinks for the guys he ended up killing himself. Great.

Nobuaki explains this to everyone and this is when things go really stupid. I found the flashback awkward, but I have to admit that it was pretty interesting to see how Nobuaki was before. He was a pretty normal guy, had friends, was sociable, and he played guitar and wanted to start a band. He was a pretty cool dude. And now he’s a nervous wreck who keeps getting his ass beat.

It’s at this moment that we go back to the present time and Natsuki is freaking out about having sex with Teruaki or whatever his name is. She begs that she wants to have sex with Nobu because she loves him but he won’t and Teruaki practically tries to rape her in front of everyone but then all of a sudden Natsuki’s personality takes a 180 just like I predicted and she suddenly kicks him, takes off her shirt, and tries to rape him in front of everyone. And then Nobuaki is like “Wait no stop!” Which is what I don’t get? Because a few minutes ago he wanted everyone to work together?

  • Nobuaki: Wait guys, we need to work together and help each other out.
  • Natsuki: Nobu have sex with me, take my virginity!
  • Nobuaki: I can’t help you with that.
  • Natsuki: *at Teruaki* Ok let’s fuck, bitch.
  • Nobuaki: Wait you can’t!


He wants her to have sex so they won’t die, but then he doesn’t want her to have sex? And then after this she calls him over to talk, in front of everyone, they go to talk, she roasts him, then she suddenly screams that he’s trying to rape her and calls attention, everyone comes over and a girl protects Natsuki and the guys beat the shit out of Nobuaki AND THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVED HER??? And after “crying” she suddenly stands up like nothing happened and turns to a girl that got the command to send a text with the word “die” to anyone in class, and tries to convince her to send it to Nobuaki. And the episode ends.

I am absolutely…appalled at how stupid these characters are. The whole class literally saw how Natsuki changed personality in two seconds, they all saw and heard her as she dragged Nobuaki to talk, and they believe her when she says he was trying to rape her? And they continue to beat up the only guy that knows what’s going on, the guy helping them? I’m sorry but it’s beyond idiotic. This episode was so terrible that it almost made me vomit. No joke, I got sick of watching this. All the characters are just so stupid and so awful, even the classmates in his other school were stupid and shitty. The character’s decisions don’t make any sense and the writing is just awful. Natsuki’s psycho nature completely came out of nowhere with no hints, and my god the EDGE!

Also why is the King such a fucking pervert? Also I bet Natsuki is behind this stupid game. But I don’t give enough shits to care and keep watching. I absolutely can’t, my heart can’t take this. I am absolutely done with this shit because I’m not making the same dumb mistake I did with Mayoiga, though in Mayoiga’s defense it actually started off good then went to shit later. Bye, Ousama you bitch.



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4 thoughts on “Ousama Game The Animation Episode 2: Friendship

  1. Apparently there’s 5 King’s Game novels in Japan right now.

    The 1st is a prequel explaining how the Game started. (Something something intelligent virus that can control entire body functions something…)
    The 2nd is the one where Nobuaki has his 1st Game, and which forms the anime’s flashbacks. (Something something digitised intelligent virus from prequel something…)
    The 3rd is what the anime’s covering.
    The 4th involves all highschoolers across Japan.
    The 5th is set on an island, where students from Japan, Korea and China have gathered for a friendship building programme.

    1. That is fascinating but it just makes me wish more and more that they just animated the prequels instead. Ugh.

  2. Ok, hearing that there are more King’s Game novels, that’s pretty cool..and pretty creepy. I read the manga which covered the first game, and it was kind of gruesome. The ending didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it was in a way, hard to put down. Hearing that there was a sequel made me interested.

    I understand why you’re dropping it. I haven’t seen the first episode yet, but reading about the episodes, it seems like a “dumb kids making dumb choices in dumb situations” type of series, and while this is a little displeasing, I feel like sticking with it out of curiosity having read the first story. It’s like a trainwreck where you can’t help but watch.

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