Anime-Gataris Episode 6(“I’m sorry everyone!!” Minoa and me, also HA! GAY!)

Anime-Gataris Episode 6 ( Ha! Gay!)

Songs: Nightcore-Work Hard Party Harder,  Lookin’ Boy by Hotstylez, and Bad Day by Daniel Powter

The best stuff always happens at the end of episodes, so I feel I need to start from the end….( I’m not going to do that)

They go on a trip to the anime mecca of Oara to collect Tank Girl stickers(reference to Girls und Panzer, I believe).  For some reason the Tank Girls reminded me of Upotte( a show about girls who are guns) because I felt they were both weird.

Then Minoa has a bad day, she almost loses the sticker sheet, she knocks over stuff, and then she gets lost in the woods at the episode. She gets depressed in the middle of the episode because she can’t do anything.

Everyone else notices she is depressed and they think about ways to cheer her up. While everyone thinks about ways to cheer her up, she goes to take a bath and gets lost in forest because she didn’t read the signs correctly. (really, my boy.)

Literally, what is that rescue position?

While that top story is happening, KaiKai is wondering if Miko likes him and is having a battle in his head with her against love.

They had the best stereotypical anime plot going on. KaiKai looks away when he confesses and actually confesses to Koukai, making Miko think he’s gay. Ha, Gay!( my favorite meme and Community is one of my favorite comedy shows).

Then the God Light…I almost died. I could not stop laughing on the bus.

Also I’m going to drop this show. I’m sorry everyone. I have exams, applying to college, and work. It’s a lot, so I’m going to drop this show.

If anyone would like to talk to me about the show, my anime list account is tcpcat.

Thanks everyone for reading so far.


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