Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken Episode 5( She thought they were snacks..)

Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken Episode 5( She thought they were snacks..)

Songs: Take on Me by aHa, Hands Up by The Black Eye Peas, That Drop by Surilla, Swerve by ILoveMakonen, and You Guessed It by OC Maco

This show really took a Seitokai Yakuindomo turn. After they added the lesbian rich girl, I totally realized it. The characters in BokuBitch could be compared to Seitokai Yakuindomo in a minute.

Akiko is the student council president(Shino).

Rina is the treasurer(Aria).

Shinozaki is the vice president(Tsuda).

That’s all I can come so far for matches. And that nurse could be compared to the student council advisor. She is outta control.

This episode was funny. Pretty gold comedy. The cats ears part in the beginning of the show made me laugh really hard. They tried to act like cats and dogs.” A female cat does what she pleases..”

Don’t touch me…swerved in style

The Rina coming out of the boys bathroom. Why? I just..

Then Rina getting a new phone and calling Akiko, which then they proceed to have a conversation about panties in the middle of the classroom.

Haruko and Rina taking a selfie with the phone and then she yells that she got a facial. Almost died, I couldn’t stop laughing after that misunderstanding.

In middle of day, it gets humid and they are talking about it normally, for a few minutes and then it gets weird. Rina says the hair down there is sticking up. Bruh.


Then there was the Class Rep meeting and Akiko( of, course) makes it sexual as possible and everyone expect Class Rep Leader gets on board the ship.

When the Class Rep is trying to practice on her saxophone, but gets accused on sexual tonguing.( I used to play the clarinet. I understand the struggle.)

Then after that whole conversation about after school sex, that kid says how much? Oh. My. God. Best moment in the episode so far.

Then the thing about pleasing your man. She definitely went overboard with that, which was funny. I wonder what his classmates think about him during this school year. They probably honestly think he is cheating, sex-obsessed manic that is bossy and forces people to do things for him( and has a harem of girls). That’s what I would think as a classmate, but watching the show makes from mostly his point of view makes him not look like that. Then when the other girls try to figure out what he is thinking, that when it really got funny.

The hiccups. A problem. That, of course can be solved sexually!( not really)

Not you didn’t. Probably an entirely different hole.

Then the Shizuku in the locker misunderstanding the whole situation. Then, I didn’t even understand what he was doing like she did. What was he even doing?

Last, but least. The caption in the title: ” She thought they were snacks..”

The girl thought chocolate condoms were snacks. Repeat.The girl thought chocolate condoms were snacks.

Please do not share those with your classmates. Please.

Anyways pretty good episode. I’ll be back again next week.


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  1. XMetalWolf says:

    In case you didn’t see it, the last girl does share the chocolate condoms with her classmates in an after ED scene. Her realization was great XD

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